Title: Evasively

Rating: PG-13 (Eventually will turn NC-17 for future chapters)

Pairing: NaruGaa/GaaNaru

AN: Now, let's all pretend Gaara and Naruto never had a demon stuck inside their bodies, and even though they are social outcast (for God-only-knows what reason) they're leading a pretty-much normal lifestyle. Also, Naruto is not an orphan, he has a father. Details in later chapters. Please enjoy.

Long slender ivory colored fingers stroked the super soft spiked hair, curling around bright strands. Gaara smiled in satisfaction as the body underneath his hand shifted slightly, leaning in to the touch. He traced the cheeks, the whiskers, with calculated gentleness, his eyes never leaving the male that was lying lazily on the couch, big eyes half lidded, begging for more.

Gaara firmed the strokes on the belly, gaining a loud purr of gratification in return.

Naruto peeped through the kitchen door with a broad smile, and after a few hesitating seconds entered the living room, placing a small dish on the floor near the wall.

"You have a nice cat", Gaara said to the blond young man with a calm voice.

"He's not mine", Naruto said, coming to sit beside Gaara on the sofa, viewing the cat enjoying Gaara's caress. Gaara raised what was supposed to be his eyebrow. "Oh?"

"He's Shikamaru's. His parents took him on a trip outside of town for a week and he asked me to take care of him till he'll return"

Gaara smiled softly. "Figures. The cat is lazy as his owner."

"Yeah, well. You know how Shika is..." Naruto crossed his arms behind his neck, closing his eyes.

Gaara was talking again. "And your dad allows you to keep him?" Naruto opened one electrical blue eye to look at the redhead who was still petting the satisfied, lazy cat. "What do you mean? Of course he lets me keep him. In fact he wished he would stay more. My dad loves animals."

Gaara sighed in sadness beside him. "I wish my dad allowed me to have a pet" he said with a downcast tone. "Why, doesn't he likes animals?" Naruto asked. Gaara shook his head slightly. "I think he won't mind about a pet in the house, seeing as he is barely at home anyway. Work, you know."

"Then?" Naruto persisted, "What's the problem?"

"Kankuro" Gaara said with dead, emotionless voice. Naruto closed his eyes to thin slits and raised one eyebrow "Eeh?"

Gaara explained. "He gets into a four feet radius of anything with fur and turns blue. The fur chokes him. Once, when he was eight he had almost died because Temari let a stray dog in the house. Dad had to take him to the hospital".

"That sounds quiet a good reason", the blond said with a roll of his eyes. Beside him, on the sofa, Gaara sighed again.

"Once I had fish in a nice aquarium". Naruto straightened on the couch and looked at pale green eyes that seemed misted as if he could part the curtains of time by starring at the opposite wall. "They died. All of them".


"I forgot to feed them."

Naruto squinted at Gaara when he turned to look at him, a look of slight sadness playing on his pale complexion and Naruto couldn't refuse offering him a small look of petty. "I was five," he said with a small shrug. Naruto chuckled. "Reasonable enough". Gaara's lips curved into a tiny smile that Naruto knew was real while tilting his head slightly to the side, leaning forward. Naruto did the same, closing his eyes.


"Ouch!" Wait, wasn't he supposed to feel the other teen's lips now? Naruto's eyes opened in a flash of impatiens and anger crossing his features to find a frowning Gaara looking at the cat, hugging his right hand to his chest. "That damn thing bit me!" he accused the cat, who's fangs were showing, an evil flash gleaming in its green-yellow eyes. It no longer lay on the sofa but stood on all four, softly hissing at the redhead, back arched upward. Gaara in return glared at it with all his might.

"What did you do?" the blond asked in exasperation, eyeing Gaara from the corner of his blue eyes as he got up from the couch, went around the coffee table and picked up the pissed off cat, hugging it to his chest. "Nothing!" Gaara was trying to defend himself and was sounding disturbingly like a child being accused of picking on to his little sister.

Naruto lowered his eyes to the cat that still looked quite upset but somewhat calmed down, even if it wasn't purring anymore. "Vicious bastard" he said softly. Gaara was on his feet in a nanosecond after that exclamation from the blond. "What did you just say?" He was trying to be cool but his voice was seething from anger and surprise. No one called him something so...so... offensive and got away with it so easily. Not even someone who was important to him like air itself, and especially not because of a stupid cat!

"Eeh?" Naruto drawled out with a tired voice. "What did I just say what?" He asked as he started walking toward the small dish he placed earlier by the wall and placed the cat on the floor. The cat approached the dish with long confident strides and sniffed at the small meat cubes that lay in the plate and started eating with a great appetite. Gaara crossed his arms over his long-sleeved black t-shirt-clad chest.

"You said 'vicious bastard'". The anger evaporated from his voice, replaced by such cold, emotionless tone that stung like venom in the living flesh. Complete with a deathly glare. Unfortunately for Gaara, Naruto was immune to that sort of treatment.

Naruto blinked and after a moment of silence and began chuckling to Gaara's dismay and utter confusion. Yes, Gaara though, Naruto finally lost it.

"You idiot!" Naruto had to lean on the wall behind him so he wouldn't fall on the floor laughing. Gaara frowned at the second insult in less than two minutes. He started approaching the by-now frenetically laughing blond with fists clenched by his sides. Oh, he'll show him how much of a 'vicious bastard' he really is...

Naruto, if anything, continued to laugh even harder, holding his stomach while doing so, but between his gasps for air he managed to say "Theā€”the cat's name is--Vi-Vicious Bastard--". Gaara just stopped mid-stride.

His brain was screaming all kinds of commands (and in the back of his head he could hear a faint sound of a siren) but his body never complied. He was in such a profound state of shock that he didn't even feel his mouth hanging slack open like a landed fish, forming a 'Wha--?' around the edges of his lips.

All he did was stand there, in the middle of the living room, rigid like a statue. And then a single thought happened to escape the blend that went currently in his mind. It went something like this: 'Wait a sec, something is off'. He blinked once and when he found his voice again (that went on a vacation without his owner knowing anything about it) he formed one syllable:


After few more seconds of Naruto getting cramps in his stomach and Gaara doing absolutely nothing but trying to figure out what went wrong, the laugher died, although a broad smile remained. "You're such a funny guy, Gaara. Even if you don't intend to be". Gaara blinked again. Naruto continued. "In fact I think that's what makes you even funnier!" He chuckled one last time and propped him self on one palm using the wall as leverage to stand straight again. Gaara remained standing in his place when Naruto came to stand before him face-to-face. That was convenient sometimes that both were the same height. That way neither had to look up or down to see the other's face.

With a small smile Naruto placed his lips to the redhead's cheek in a quick peck. That, finally, seemed to wake Gaara up from his shock with a barely noticeable pink blush on his pale cheeks and the bridge of his nose.

"Go, put on your shoes. We're going out." Naruto said.

"Where?" Oh, good, his voice came back. About time.

"To the mall. Vicious Bastard needs more food."

AN(2): Vicious Bastard is strongly based on an actual cat. Need I say more?