Epilogue – Look out for the sequel!

"He is indeed D'Kar's Padawan, Lord Braxta."

The speaker was Eroth Ra. He stood opposite a greying, sinuous man, who's slightly sharpened teeth showed from between his thin, parched lips. His eyes glittered gold and red from beneath his thin, straight hair. He had a slight stoop as he leant over the chair in which a shaking figure lay, head turned into her thick red hair.

Darth Braxta may not have looked terrifying, but what he lacked in appearance, he well made up in power. Ranzel D'Kar was the focus of this power.

"And D'Kar…? What news do you have on him?" Braxta's voice was deep, and grainy. His eyes, now fixed on Darth Ra sent a shiver of fear through the Ex-Jedi.

"He's…suffering, my Lord. The Jedi Council will punish him for taking on Black as his Padawan against their will."

"You mean they will send him to an Undisclosed Location." It was clear that the undisclosed location was a particular place. "Very well, that sounds satisfactory. But he will not stay there, I have no doubt. D'Kar is far too crafty to be caught by such a thing."

"My Lord…?"

"You understand me, Ra. Now…how about this woman? Why is she here?"

"She is the Padawan's mother, Lord Braxta. Her name is Manila Black."

"Then she must die…" Braxta mused, coldly.

"My Lord…the Padawan will seek her out. He is on the run from the Jedi Council. If you kill her, then he will not find her."

"So you mean to bring him all the way to Coruscant? Do you believe he will survive that long?"

"The Bounty Hunters will protect him. His Bounty is massive, but only if he is alive. And the prizes that might be given to any Empire member who catches him will be substantial, in rank and honours. No one will harm him inadvertently."

Braxta nodded in agreement. "Very well…and why, Eroth Ra, is this Padawan so special to you?"

"He has an incredible power, my Lord. His potential is enormous, and he has a flaw which gives only a great weakness to the Dark Side. Beyond that, he is capable of invisibility."

"You want him as your own?"

"I would love nothing more," Darth Ra said boldly, regarding Braxta with his smouldering eyes.

"Very well…we shall see, we shall see."

Eroth Ra bowed, and then turned and then sped away, leaving the other man behind him. Braxta gave a little call to the closed door mirroring the one that Ra had just left through.

Another being whispered through from the closed door; his eyes glittered like polished copper, and he stopped just aside of Darth Braxta, lifting his hand to run through his thin, blonde hair. Two blood red streaks ran through his hair on either side, from patches of crimson skin that led around his eyes in coloured scales. The red hair trickled back down over the blonde, like something beautiful set aflame.

"You, however, want him dead; do you not, Darth Sako?"

"He killed my Master, Lord Braxta. I should care less for my existence until that upstart has been entirely destroyed." His voice was pure coldness.

"You do not want him captured?"

"I will submit to his presence as Sith Apprentice only in death, my Lord."

Darth Braxta looked impressed; he raised his eyes to the burnished orange glow of Sako's.

"Very well then," Braxta said, after a long moment of deliberation. "You have my permission to pursue him as you like. Kill him, if that will settle your desires. But if he is captured first, he will be trained as Apprentice to Darth Ra."

"He is not a real Sith.." Sako growled, narrowing his eyes.

"No, he is a Dark Jedi. Their understanding of the Force sometimes goes beyond ours, and they have the ability to break it from others. If you would rather have the chance yourself, I would willingly offer it to you above him. You are superior in years, and power…"

Sako almost snapped, but managed to control himself. "I can break any Jedi I wish…but I would rather kill that one."

"As you wish... I will discuss it with the Elders." Braxta replied, with a slight smirk tainting his thin lips.

Sako bowed, and then wheeled away, following in the wake of the Dark Jedi.

Braxta turned back to the woman in the chair and moved back towards her, narrowing his eyes just slightly. She, he decided, would have to be submitted to the total hospitality of the Sith, and of the Intergalactic Empire. Such an introduction would certainly be fun…