This is the first session of what would be the Cowboy Bebop Anime Season II for me at least

There´s two chapters for this one, I already have the idea for the second one and I´m writing it so I hope you enjoy it!


Rain pouring down the graveyard, a red rose lies on a puddle next to him.

A tall slim woman with long golden locks and lifeless deep blue eyes standing a few steps away is pointing a gun at him.
"It was raining that day as-well" she said

"You didn't come because of the rain?"

"I was supposed to kill you. That day if I had I would have been free" she looked down

"So why didn't you? Why did you choose to be pursued?"

"Why did you love me?"

A shot is heard

"Julia..." he screamed as he woke up scared from another of those... dreams?

Eye catch
Session #1 Broken Angel

Wasted and wounded with a bottle of vodka still in his right hand he groaned as he realized he was awake. He clapped his fist and fought to stay lying in that cheap motel bed he had been living at for the past three weeks after leaving the hospital.

He had grown thinner and weary looking, his mind seemed blank and the sun over his eyes was starting to piss him off. Yet, those birds were still flying inside his head.


The woman lied on the floor. He was bleeding himself dry and yet he couldn't move.

He was scared.

The rain transformed the puddles into ponds then to a pool that rapidly covered him.

The blond woman was being pulled up by the strength of the water and was moving above him.

"Julia!!!" he screamed, but the water was getting inside his lungs, he still didn't care.

He could now swim, and tried desperately to reach her.

He took hold of her arm and pulled her up, when they reached the surface Julia was no longer there.

"Did you miss me?"

His eyes became angry and hopeless when he heard his voice.

There was no more water, and they were now standing in front of each other.

Vicious approached him.

"Did you miss me?" he repeated

He looked up and saw Julia standing behind Vicious.

His eyes wide opened terrified as Vicious grabbed him by the collar and stabbed him with his katana.

"Come on Vicious, it's time we go" she said gingerly

He could feel the taste of blood coming out of his mouth.

Vicious let go, and gave two steps backwards.

"Sweet dreams Spike", he said with a grin on his face as walking away.

His sight faded.


He turned and seized his head with both hands placing it between his knees; he fell on his back to bed, once again memories consumed him like opening the wounds...

He groaned enraged shoving the sheets off him and jumping out the litter.

He leaned on the frame of the guillotine window resting his head on his right arm and looked to the streets. The red craft was still parked outside de motel.

Oil less

"I need to get that thing to Doohan´s", he sighed and took another sip of whatever there was left in his bottle.

He sat on his bed and grabbed his pack of cigs, placed the last one on his mouth and lit it.

"I need to get more of you two as well", he took a deep gasp of his cigarette and closed his eyes as he leaned his head back taking hold of his lap.

He cracked his neck...

How was he going to buy anything? he had sold his guns and the couple of grenades he had left to live in that lousy hotel room and he was running out of cash. His wound still ached, and his memories too.

He grinned at the remembrance of two crooks that tried to rob him on the way back from the store about a week earlier. He cracked his back and rested on the framework of the bed closing his eyes...


A guy pushed him from behind and made him drop his bag

"Damn you! -He sighed- you broke a bottle and ruined my cigarettes" he took a deep breath and looked lifelessly at the man who was now pointing a gun at him.

He was about his height black wavy hair black eyes, in his early twenties, wearing a green t-shirt and worn out black jeans and sneakers. Then he glanced at another that had just run pass them and stopped not sure if to keep running or take part on what was happening. He was about 6, 5.8 feet tall, brown haired with green eyes, skinny, wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans with sneakers too, he did not seem older that 20.

"How are you going to pay for it?"

The two boys arched an eyebrow at him looked at each other and smirked.

"Placing a bullet on your head sounds good to you?" said the green-eyed boy who was now walking towards him.

"I would like to see you try" he answered with an ear to ear evil smile on his face as he kicked the gun to the air and punched who was holding it straight on the face and took it as the shocked burnet fell backwards to the ground.

The other one ran furiously towards him with a burning desire to kill him, but he buried his right fist into his stomach and fell on the ground too.

"Were you saying?" he grinned

The one lying behind him took a knife from his ankle but before he could do anything he shot his arm.

"Don't even think about it buddy" and glanced towards the other one pointing the gun at him. He rolled his eyes and shook his head to his thoughts, but it was the most convenient thing to do after all...

"I'll take you two to the authorities" he sighed as he bent to them, "Let's see if you are worth anything".


As he thought of the lame sight of his beloved Swordfish II he remembered the episode, though he tried to keep it away.

"It's a good way of getting some money," he mumbled to himself with the cigarette still in his mouth

Earth was not so far away after all, and he could use the gates to get there faster if he got enough money.

He sighed

Besides he could force the ship to Doohan´s hanger and if he couldn't actually get there, his assistant would pick him up.

He shut his eyes as a sudden sharped pain needled his head

"Arrrrgh, what the hell..." he sighed, grabbed his clothes and left.

The sound of a door closing is heard.

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