There was a soft click as Epona placed her hoof on the earth, shook her mane.

A quiet snap as the Gerudo messenger unbound the great battle horn.

Aloarn set her eyes on the King, running her fingers through the sun-warmed piles of desert sand.

Esai k'or metu l'ia.

The earth will deliver me.

The horns blew.

The catapults snapped.

Ganon roared.

The desert flew beneath their feet, torn up with a sudden onslaught of bodies and blood; hell broke through the earth and lighted into the eyes of possessed Gerudo. Women leapt from cliffs and scattered poison across the field and Gorons fell, wheezing for air but drinking sand. Zora slipped between spears and cut into the helms of Gerudo who screamed and slid to the earth; bombs exploded in the midst of the field and both Hyalins and Gerudo were thrown aside. Nabooru slipped her blade through horses necks and the great beasts fell, crushing their own riders; Impa's mace found the neck of a Tya'toi and she pulled her off her horse with it, saddled and continued her siege. Goron Link rallied a group of larger Goron soldiers and they rolled themselves into plated boulders, sliding down the slope and crushing all who came in their path.

From the edges of the River the second onslaught crawled forth. Zora climbed up the cliff sides and fell on the rear of the Gerudo withouit warning. Women screamed and fell to their spears as others sent electric currents straight through the army and paralyzed soldiers. Sheikah moved like snakes and sped beneath horses, slaying them with an assassin's precision and moving on until they were knocked down by the sudden flash of a curved blade.

Link spurred Epona and she leapt clear of several Gerudo before halting in the sand, face-to face with Ganon, whose great mace curled around the Master Sword as it struggled to contact his face. The Gerudo King laughed and pulled Link from Epona's back with a mighty heave of his great shoulders; Link let go of his sword, pulled his bow and launched an arrow as he fell, rolling over in the earth and snatching up the hallowed blade. The arrow grazed off Ganon's iron-clad shoulder and he too sprang from his steed onto the bloody earth, where women screamed and soldiers fell in the dust.

"Take revenge, Hero!" he yelled as he drew his sword and blades clashed. The deadly dance began and Link rolled to his feet and launched himself towards Ganon.

"I can see it, boy!" yelled Ganon again as he swung and missed Link's side by inches. "That will blind you!"

The Master Sword was glowing with fury and the holy light of it blinded the evil in Ganon's eyes. He stumbled back, barely able to hold off the onslaught of the furious Hero. The blade grazed the green outline of his face and he struggled to open his eyes to the blinding light. The names of the dead were on the tip of his tongue, the faces of those long dead glaring in his gaze. There was a momentary glimmer of a mustached man, bent double, hacking up blood.

"Ingo!" screamed Link, and a bleeding gash was torn down Ganon's side. He roared and tried again, but the Hero's fury was overwhelming. The death mist fell into the dark eyes of the Goron Lord and he lay limp.

"Darunia!" The blade tore through the King's leg and he stumbled back into the sand. Around them, the battle slowed and hushed. The final face was unbearable; the vision of a tortured body, barely as big as his hand, with no light, no comforting words, her friendship torn from him, despair...


He was raging, lost to reason, striving to hack him into pieces, make him bleed and burn and choke -

He felt a searing pain across his forehead and knew Ganon had hit a mark; then another stab came to his side and he yelled, toppling over in the dust. The battle around them froze as the Hero fell, bleeding, to the earth.

"You forgot one, boy."

The blood was dripping down over his eyelids as he looked up...the same way it had when he had looked into her eyes for the first time, seen the glittering gold ring at her ear. The crescent moon was still hanging against his chest, blood-soaked, gleaming...


His horrible bleeding hand was gripped on her throat, her eyelashes fluttering as he drained the life from her, slowly, painfully...Link couldn't bear to watch. Is reason had left him long ago; emotions surged over him and he gave in to the words of the Lady, realized what she had meant, realized the was him, or the woman he loved.

There was a loud ring as the Master Sword hit the ground, and the entire battle stopped.

There was another ring and the black blade of the Gerudo King found home in the chest of the Hero of Time.

Aloarn screamed. There was a long, silent moment, as Ganon still held the blade in his chest, his greedy gaze laughing in victory. Aloarn was crying, sobbing, her world falling apart as she gazed into the wide, astonished blue eyes of the Hyrule's defeated Hero.

The pain wasn't there anymore, wasn't real. Feeling became a memory as his heart gaze out, as his brain began to slow. Everything happened so timed, so perfectly, as he slumped forward to the earth. And even without seeing he felt the rage in Aloarn's heart as she drew the blade, leapt, and hacked off the cursed King's head.

It was raining. A very gentle rain...a very soothing rain. A rain that washed away the blood around Ganon's corpse and haunted the footsteps of the Gerudo traitors, who fled from the sight, their blood boiling with curses, their bones falling to the earth in disfigured piles.

Aloarn held him very gently as the rain slid down his cold face. She struggled to keep him warm, though the light inside of him had already gone out. Her voice was quiet and broken. He mouthed words to him that meant nothing. Words he could not hear, an embrace he could no longer feel.

Aloarn lifted her head slowly and the rain fell into her eyes. She cradled him to her chest, unwilling to let him slip through her fingers. She was covered in his blood, full of his matted hair and torn clothes, but she did not care. She gazed into the clouds, angry yet full of unmatchable grief. Silently, she whispered ne name.


The Triforce of Wisdom glowed faintly on her hand. Nabooru approached her, swallowing at the sight, but stopped short.

He is dead, Frarore.

We owe him much.

He has fallen and his soul will come to you, as well as the Triforce.

It is not what he has that I seek. He should not have died.

Both of you silent. The life of this Hero did not unfold as was planned.

Din, your child has fallen also.

He was evil, Nayru. The evil deserve to fall. The Hero is another matter.

Then you agree with me, Din?

It is to be seen. Your child, Nayru. The one who called us. She too is pained.

It is not wise to meddle in the affairs of death.

Is it also unwise to send your child into the realms of Din's children?

That was not my choice. If I could, I would bring the Hero back. But it is dangerous.

There is much danger in the world. We have faced it before.

It depends on the prayer of the girl. She would trade her life for his.

That is not acceptable. The only reason to bring back the Hero would be for the child.

Whose child shall it be? For it is between children of mine and Nayru's - yours then, Din?

Yes, it shall be my child.

Then we must bring the Hero back.

Such is seen. Aloarn, open your eyes. The Hero stirs.

When Aloarn looked upon the face of her Hero it was in tears. Link lived, by the grace of the Goddesses alone; though for what purpose he would serve would be unknown for long ages. When news of the miracle had been spread throughout Hyrule the Kingdom cheered in celebration and a day of Honor was held. Nabooru took charge of the fortress and the last faithful Gerudo were summoned to her. Goron Link became Lord of the Mountain and ruled the rock-eaters with kindness. A shrine was put up for Darunia in Kakariko Village, where Impa trained young men and women in the ways of the Sheikah. Princess Ruto lost hold of her crush on Link and married a Zora Captain; Saria returned to the forest and it regrew beneath her care. The Sages returned to their homes, at peace now that Ganon had fallen to the pits.

And Link and Aloarn lived in their own way, apart from the cheers of the Hylains. They choose a small home on the edge of hyrule where none yet had been; a wooded place with a river, where they stayed for long years, until their name began to fade on the tongues of Hyrule. And in the quiet serenity of that hallowed place, Aloarn gave birth. To a child the belonged to Din, red-haired, and by all manner, a Gerudo.

A beautiful, bouncing, baby boy.

The End

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