Chapter 2

Motoko went into her room to think. She was pacing around, trying to understand these feelings. They weren't love, but it wasn't just a normal feeling. Maybe it was just a small crush...

She began to dress into some different clothes. She started to talk, but was unaware that she was shouting.

"I hate this! Why can't I just be normal? I can't smile! And I don't have a clue what is up with me! Yah! Keitaru Urashima!"

Keitaru ran to her room, thinking she needed something.

"Yes?" he opened the door. He immediately shut the door when he saw Motoko dressing.

"URASHIMA!" she screamed. She quickly finished dressing and ran down the hall, chasing Keitaru with her sword. She finally cornered him. Her sword was touching his neck while he panted.

"Urashima, you have crossed the line. Once a pervert always a pervert. I have put up with your nonsense enough and I will now END MY MISERY! KYA!" she bellowed. She pulled back her sword, ready to swing it at Keitaru's neck. She almost sliced his head off, but she heard someone coming. She quickly retreated and simply pulled him up by the hair. He saw Naru come in.

"Motoko, what's going on?"

"This man has crossed the line! He has touched us and peeked on us while we are in the bath! I will not tolerate this any longer! I cannot believe that you, yes YOU Naru, are letting him stay here! He lied to us and now thinks it is okay to make it one step further! If he truly wants to stay here, he will stay IN PIECES!" She began to unsheathe her sword.

"Motoko, no!" Motoko had never felt more rage. He was her first love and he was horrible to her. Keitaru, she knew, also had a big crush on Naru. She couldn't cope with it any longer. She drew back her sword and was about to pierce him when... Su got in the way. She growled with impatientence.

"Su, get out of the way!"

"But Motoko... dinner's ready!"

"I'll be there in a minute, just wait for me at the table!"

"Okay! Yay!" she said, as she walked off, completely oblivious to the fact that Keitaru was trying to run away.

"Now...where were we? Ah yes... HYA!" She drew he blade back once more. Keitaru didn't know what to do. Tears were streaming down Motoko's face. She didn't know why she was crying. She sliced at him and...missed.

Instead, she hit the wooden board behind him. The board was loose, so it knocked Keitaru's head straight forward into Motoko's face. Before she noticed it, they were in a lip lock. Naru gasped. Kitsune came in with Shinobou and Su. They were at the dinner table, but they came to check on Keitaru (he was usually the first one there). When they saw what was happening...

Motoko had never been more embarrassed him her life. She wanted to pull away, but at the same time she liked it. Never had she felt like this before.

Sorry it ended kinda weird (for this chapter anyway), but that's how it is! I'll update soon!