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I know I'm already working on another story. I just wanted to submit this one becuase it's only one chapter.

Ash, May, Brock, and Max are on their way to Fallarbor Town so May can enter a contest and Ash can win a badge. It is getting late so they decide to rest at a Pokemon Center for the night. As they walk in May is thinking about something. "Should I tell Ash how I feel? I've liked him ever since I met him. I guess I should tell him. I've put it off long enough. I'll tell him how I feel.... tomorrow." May was exhausted. Between all the traveling and the constant battles she was having with herself about Ash. It really wore her out. They walked in and approached Nurse Joy.

"Oh Nurse Joy please take me with you. You're my one true love." Brock said going into his "girl mode." Max came up and dragged him away. "Come on Brock get away and get a life." he said angrily. "Sorry about that. Do you have any rooms left?" Ash asked. "Yes we have two rooms. One room has a bunk bed and the other has only one bed." Nurse Joy replied. "We'll take them." May said excitedly. "I'll just sleep on the floor in the room with Max, and Brock." Ash said. "No Ash you don't have to. You can sleep on the floor in my room." May replied desperately. "You have the room May. You need your rest and I snore really loud." Ash replied laughing slightly. He walked off towards the room. "Oh out of luck." May thought sadly. "I guess I'll just tell him in the morning when Max and Brock are gone." May thought.

The next morning May woke up to find Ash in the lobby eating. "Perfect. Max and Brock are still asleep. Now is my chance." May thought happily. She went over and sat down across from Ash. "Hey May why are you up so early?" Ash asked surprised. He picked up a glass of milk and began drinking it. "Never mind that Ash. I" Nurse Joy came over by Ash. "Excuse me sir but you just won the lottery." she said happily. Ash was so surprised he forgot he was drinking milk. He began to reply but only spit out milk right in May's face. "I really won?" "Yes now come with me." Nurse Joy replied. Ash followed her to get his money. May wiped the milk off her face. "Well that went well." she said sarcastically.

Ten minutes later Ash came back with a sack full of money and sat down across from May again. "Ash I have to tell you something." May began. Suddenly Max came out excited. "Ash come quick! A new Pokemon is roaming around in the back of the center. Hurry!" Ash grabbed a Pokeball and quickly rushed out. May hit the table in anger. "I swear Max is the first to go if I ever go crazy." she said angrily.

A little later Ash came back holding a Pokeball. "That was so awesome. I caught some kind of new Fire type Pokemon. Since it's undiscovered I get to name it. I think I'll call it Flamechu because it kind of looks like a fire Pikachu." Ash said happily. "Third time's a charm." May thought hopefully. "Oh I'm sorry. Did you have something to say May?" Ash asked. "Yes. Ash I" Brock raced out jumping in joy. "Ash I got a date with Officer Jenny!" he said excited. "Way to go Brock." Ash ran over to congratulate him. "Love You!" May yelled just quietly enough so Ash couldn't hear it.

"That does it. This has gone on long enough." May said out loud. Ash was heading back to the table. May came up to him grabbed his face and kissed him right on the lips. Ash's eyes went wide in shock as he tried to pull away. After a good minute May pulled back winked at Ash and walked off happily. Ash just watched her walk off in shock. His face soon got a disgusted look and he wiped his lips on his sleeve. "Ew cooties!" Ash said in disgust.

The End

Alright tell me what you think. I'm not going to update on this. I know I made Ash a little immature at the end but we never did know what he felt when he got kissed by Melody and Latias.

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