Heyaz again amigos! I have another ficcy for posting! I should learn to try to finish the fics that I've already made but new ideas keep on coming! Rest assured that I will soon be completing Ancient Lust and Assassinate the CEO as soon as possible.

Ok, anywayz, this is a crossover fic of Yu-Gi-Oh and the movie Evil Dead. Actually me and a friend, her name is Jyde on ffnet, worked on this together but we're kinda posting our own versions. And like in Evil Dead, the majority Yu-Gi-Oh characters WILL die in this... cries at thought of Yu-Gi-Oh chars dying

Oh yeah before anyone kills me or my friend, Mai and Ishizu are kinda sluts in this story. Don't ask why, my friend thought it would be funny. There is quite a bit of sex and rape in this sotry but I'm not going to describe every one.

Ahem, anywayz, now that's off my chest, time for the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Yu-Gi-Oh characters or anything belonging to Kazuki Takahashi and the makers of Evil Dead. The only characters that belong to me are my OC's... well one of them actually... the other belongs to my friend... and yeah, I own the booze!

It was finally March Break for the students at Domino High. Everyone was excited for their well deserved two weeks off from school. Some students were going to see their relatives, others go skiing and some just chilling at home.

However, for Yugi, Yami, Joey, Tristan, Tea, Seto, Serenity, Ryou, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu, Duke, Mai, Asha and Jodi, they were doing something quite different.

For the past month the gang have decided on where to spend the March Break holidays and soon their decision was made for them as Maximillion Pegasus sent Yugi a letter inviting him and a few friends to stay in a very nice large cabin up in Trivalry Woods for a week, to which everyone agreed.

That night they were all going to pack and leave for Trivalry Woods the next morning and party like crazy. If only they knew of the troubles that would be ahead...

Around 10:30 a.m. everyone left for Trivalry Woods in multiple cars. Yugi, Yami and Tea were in one car, Joey, Serenity, Tristan and Jodi in another, Marik, Ishizu, Bakura, Ryou, Mai and Duke in one and Seto and Asha in the last one.

Around 2:30 p.m. both Joey's car and Seto's drove through the trail and across the wooden bridge and through Trivalry Woods till they came to a large, yet slightly run down wooden cabin, thus being the cabin they were staying in.

Both Joey and Seto got out of the cars after they had parked them and looked at each other for a moment before turning back to their cars.

Seto helped his girlfriend Asha out as Joey helped his own girlfriend Jodi out before both rivals turned back around and glared at each other, wrapping their arms around their girlfriend's waists and showing with their eyes that their girlfriend was better then the other.

However both girls pulled free from the guys grps and ran forwards to each other, giving one another a hug.

"Oh wow Jodi! I didn't know you'd be here!" Asha exclaimed after releasing her friend.

"Neither did I Asha though I'm glad you are! Oh and this must be your new boyfriend, Seto Kaiba! He's pretty good looking!" Jodi said, giving a wink to her friend who giggled.

"Totally eh? Oh and that must be your boyfriend, the famous Joey Wheeler! He's not so bad looking himself either!" Asha added herself.

Both Joey and Seto stared at their girlfriends. It was just their luck that the two girls were friends. Jodi meanwhile went back to the car and helped Serenity out, taking her over to Asha to introduce one another as Tristan came out as well, also saying his hellos.

Joey meanwhile was looking at the list of the 'few friends' Yugi invited. Joey swore that Yugi did not know the meaning of 'a few'. He also didn't know how the little guy could consider Bakura, Marik, Yami Marik, even though he declined on coming, muttering that he had to abduct George Bush for personal reasons to rule the world, and Seto friends. Joey, as much as he liked Yugi, thought he was a little crazy in the head sometimes.

Five minutes later two more vehicles, one being a van, rumbled into the path way and neared the cabin before the drivers, that being Yami and Bakura (I don't even know HOW he passed his driving exam) parked.

Inside Bakura's van, at the very backseat, Mai and Duke were making out. Marik was watching intently as Ishizu was just not paying attention as was Ryou. Bakura turned around in his seat and glared at the makingout couple.

"Guys, we're here" he said. Both Mai and Duke stopped and looked up.

"Oh we are? My we sure didn't have enough time..." Mai muttered as she and the others got out while Duke and Marik went to get the bags... though Duke was mainly carrying Mai's, which was over ten pieces of luggage.

"Mai... what do you have in here?" Duke asked. Mai shrugged.

"Oh you know, clothes, extra warm blankets, my make up and other certain stuff" she said, the last part with a wink towards Duke in which he immediately turned red.

"Man... whoever built this place didn't do a very good job... this place looks like that a gust of wind might knock it down" Joey commented as the others finally neared him and Seto while he looked the place up and down.

"Yeah, I know what ya mean. But at least when we party no one will complain" Tristan said as he pulled out the boom box he brought from the trunk.

"Yeah! This will be so cool!" Serenity said, grinning as she grabbed her bag from the backseat of her brother's car.

Seto observed the cabin with a smirk. Being one who lived in class, this wasn't what he called 'home away from home'. But yet it was a good place to party. Mokuba had wanted to come but the older Kaiba brother wouldn't let him for he didn't need the Social Aid Services coming to his home taking Mokuba away from him if his brother got drunk. And speaking of drunk...

"I sense some dark presence here..." Ishizu commented to which Yami, Yugi, Ryou and Tea all looked fearful at.

"You and the dark presences again... just give it a rest Ishizu!" Seto snapped. Yami turned to Yugi, who was still pale looking.

"Do not worry aibou, if anyone tries to harm you and the others I will challenge them to a duel and banish them to the Shadow Realm!" Marik groaned.

"Pharaoh, every time there is a problem you always have to challenge them to a duel then banish them to the Shadow Realm... get a new job!" Yami just scowled but decided to say nothing.

"Hey Yug! Did ya bring da drinks?" Joey called as he locked the trunk of his car, now empty of its luggage. The spiky haired teen grinned as he reached inside the car he came in and held up three large bottles in his hands and nodded to Yami, who now held at least 5 large bottles in his arms.

"Sure did Joey!" Yugi said as everyone cheered.

They all headed to the wooden front door of the cabin as Yugi pulled out a silver key and unlocked the door, pushing it open as everyone stepped inside.

Inside it was fairly roomy in the main room. Heads of various animals lined the walls and there was a huge grandfather clock in the corner. Various other doorways led to other bedrooms, the kitchen and other unknown rooms. There was a door on the floor that was now closed, probably leading to the basement.

Everyone chose rooms and the who they were sharing with. Yami and Yugi were sharing a room; Bakura and Marik were sharing a room; Joey and Tristan were sharing one; Mai and Ishizu were in one; Duke and Ryou were in one; Tea and Serenity were in one; Jodi and Asha were in one and Seto had one to himself.


Later on that night everyone was listening to music, dancing and getting drunk... well mostly everyone that is.

Mai and Marik were starting to get bored, just leaning against a wal and drinking whatever was left in their glasses.

"Are you getting bored yet?" Mai had asked him.

"Yeah... and besides all the good drinks were gonna hours ago..." Marik muttered.

"Well wanna do something to pass the time?" Mai asked slyly.

"Like what?"

"Like sex" was the reply.

Marik's eyes lit up when he heard 'sex' and grabbed a wine bottle, following Mai who pulled him into her own room, where Ishizu was sleeping and the two started making out on Mai's bed.

Ishizu then woke up to the noises of moaning and nearly shrieked at what she saw.

"I don't need to see this! Especially with someone screwing my brother!" she said as she raced out of the room, meeting Bakura and Duke in the hall who had heard everything.

"Why don't you come with us Ishizu?" Duke asked.

"Yeah, we'll keep you safe..." Bakura added also with a glint in his eye. Ishizu, getting the meaning, went with them into another room.

Tea, meanwhile, grabbed both Yami and Yugi before anyone could take them, not that anyone wanted too anyway, and the three of them left to go into a room.

Tristan and Serenity also managed to sneak away but they were fairly too tired to do 'anything' so they went to sleep.

The others left at the party were too afraid to turn off the music, in fear that they'd hear something much louder, so they kept it on.

Joey, after a while, was now drunk and was trying to dance with Jodi. And Jodi, as much as she loved her Joey, was trying to get away.

Seto, with the help of Asha forcing him to come to the dance floor and we have no idea how that happened, was actually having abit of fun, though he didn't admit it.

Meanwhile Joey, who was trying to catch Jodi crashed into Seto, causing them both to fall down into the basement hatchway, whcih was left open from earlier when Ryou and Tristan went to get some matches to light some candles upstairs.

After a few seconds a huge crash sound was heard and a yell followed right after.

"DAMN IT MUTT!!! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DANCING!!!" Seto roared as he chased Joey in the basement, who was of now not drunk and running for his life.

They soon stopped as they came to another room in the basement where there were various didn't rifles, ammunition and other stuff. In one corner there was a tape player and some weird looking old book with a face on it. Joey grabbed both items and brought them back upstairs with Seto following behind.

"Look what we found" Joey said as Asha, Jodi and Ryou came closer to inspect it.

"Looks interesting" Ryou said as he took the book from Joey and flipped through the pages, seeing ancient writings and some weird, gruesome looking pictures.

"Why don't you play the tape and let's see what it says" Jodi suggested.

"Yeah, it might be the translation to the book" Asha added as she took looked through the book's pages.

"Ok" Joey said as they all sat down in a circle and he pressed play on the tape.

To their surprise Pegasus' voice came through as he did an introduction before he started speaking in some weird language, probably to which the writings in the book were. They all listened, intrigued for a while till after Seto suggested they turn it off as it was getting fairly late and they should go to sleep, to which everyone agreed.

However, unknown to the group as of yet, some dark gases were forming amongst the dark forest of Trivalry woods and something else was moving amongst the winding warped looking trees... perhaps the forest itself even...