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The next morning, everyone in the cabin seemed a little more at ease. Of course the deaths of Ryou, Yugi and Tea ran through their minds and what made them become so evil, but otherwise everything was pretty much normal.

Joey, Jodi, Tristan, Serenity, Asha and Seto were the first people to wake up quite easily and without any remaining sleepiness since they didn't have an eight hour sex marathon unlike the others.

When they finally woke up, everyone had a pretty quiet breakfast, all of them thinking their own thoughts. For the ones who had a nice sex run, they were only thinking of when they could have another go at it. Seto was thinking of how his company was going along and if Mokuba was alright. Also that the next time he'd choose the next location for a holiday.

But as for the rest, and this included Yami as well, all they could think of is who might be the next to turn evil and if they can leave sooner before it happens...

For the rest of the morning, everyone thought it might be best to stay in doors. Besides outside it was fairly cloudy and gloomy looking so there was no real point to go out yet.

But as lunch time neared around and Serenity was looking through the coolers full of food and drinks they brought, she soon realised that their weren't any knives, forks or spoons. The ones they had already used were still pretty dirty since so no dared to clean a utensil that someone else ate off of.

Now some of the gang didn't mind eating with their hands but some people, such as Seto, would not even touch the food until they get the proper utensils for it.

Since Yami and Yugi were suppose to bring the extra cutlery, this stated that it was probably left in the car outside. Seeing as no one really wanted to go outside just yet, Yami offered he would and did so.

As Yami neared his car and was pulling out the keys from his pocket, a horrible smell was wafting around outside, coming mostly from the forest. It was the smell of rotten flesh... decaying things... and most of all, death.

Yami looked towards the direction of the forest and noticed how foggy with smoke it became. Did someone maybe have an accident out here and died tragically? But how? They're the only ones here... or maybe the warden had decided to come after Joey and Seto had finally contacted him during Tea's return from the forest and maybe he had driven off course and crashed into the woods along the way. Perhaps he was hurt and maybe unconscious that he couldn't get out and search for help...

Yami looked back at the cabin and to the forest before finally making his decision and started to head into the forest, following the ever thick fog of smoke... and the smell of something evil and dead...

Further and further he trekked into the mysterious forest, following the wispy smoke as it became thicker and thicker. The smell of death increased, ten fold. The sinking feeling that he might come upon a dead body writhed more within Yami's soul.

Soon enough he came to a clearing surrounded by a ring of warped, large trees with knot holes along its twisted frame. The dark, gnarled branches rose high up into the sky to the point where Yami could see no more. And in the middle of the clearing stood none other than Maximillion Pegasus.

"Pegasus! What are you doing here?" Yami asked as he neared him. The creator of Duel monsters just gave a small smile and opened his arms somewhat.

"Oh just to talk with you Pharaoh... I presume you and your friends two days ago listened to my tape as I translated the inscriptures in the Book of the Dead?" Yami nodded, though was puzzled.

"Book of the Dead? Isn't that a book from Egypt?" Pegasus nodded in agreement.

"True... but this is a different type then from your time Pharaoh... you shouldn't have listened to that tape..."

"Why not?" Yami queried.

"Don't tell me you hadn't figured out what's been going on lately? Your friends and hikari going somewhat strange and then turning into warped monsters? In the end you had to kill them... remember?" Soon it dawned on the Pharaoh.

"You mean... that book made Tea, Ryou and Yugi evil?"

"Yes... of course Tea was the first that the evil of the book claimed upon... well... that's not entirely true... but nevertheless, Tea was the one who passed on the evil to Ryou and Yugi".

"But-but how!" Pegasus once again opened his arms, indicating the land and trees around them.

"This area of which you and your friends are standing upon is cursed Pharaoh... and after listening to the tape it released the curse, making the forest come alive..."

"So Tea was right when she said it was alive..." Yami murmured. "But then... was she evil then?"

"Not yet... when she warned you the seed of evil that was implanted in her from the forest had no activated yet... its only when you left her alone with Ryou that it did..."

"But how did the forest curse Tea?" Yami then asked. Pegasus smirked darkly.

"By raping her... and all she had to do was rape Ryou and Yugi to make them evil".

Yami nearly choked in surprise. Tea was raped... by trees? But something else soon invaded into his mind... how did Pegasus know EXACTLY what happened? And why was it that he wanted them to come to this cabin in the first place?

"Pegasus... why did you bring us here?" he finally asked to which Pegasus grinned darkly.

"As much as I liked toying with all of you, there was no point to keep the game up, seeing as I am growing very bored... and I already have three out of the way... one being Yugi most importantly... so all that's left is the others and yourself and then I'll be free to never think about any of you again... though of course this is my last game I am playing... and this game I'll definetly win..."

Yami backed up slightly, shocked yet somewhat relieved to know the answer. If he hurries back now he can warn the others and maybe they can get out of this cursed place and back to Domino... and maybe even think of a way to bring Yugi, Ryou and Tea back to life... if it's at all possible. However, it seems that Pegasus was thinking along the same lines for when he spoke, there was no worry in his voice.

"I can see right through you Pharaoh... you want to warn the others... but do you think I'm stupid enough to let you do that?" he asked with a sneer. Yami's eyes narrowed slightly an he stood his ground.

"You don't have the power to kill me Pegasus" he said firmly. But to his surprise, Pegasus nodded in agreement.

"True... but I do have the power to corrupt you".

Just then rustling sounds erupted around them. Loud crashing noises grew closer and closer. Before Yami even knew it, he was brought into the air by thick, gnarled branches wrapped around his arms and legs, holding him tightly above Pegasus. As he struggled, the medium lengthed silver haired man only laughed.

"Oh don't bother struggling Yami... I assure you, you won't be killed... but how you may feel later... that depends... I've made sure that the forest will give you some treatment that you'll never forget" and with a grin upon his face, the creator of Duel Monsters stalked away.

"Pegasus! PEGASUS!" Yami yelled after him, still struggling and writhing to get free but those branches that held his limbs were as tight as ever.

Just then more branches, thinner though, wound up around his legs and started clawing at his tight leather pants, ripping them to shreds, making the pieces of fabric fall to the ground. That soon was followed by the fabric of his boxers, leaving him naked from the waist down.

The branches then moves Yami towards a very large warped tree with a very large and dark knot upon its bark. As he was closer to it, it actually opened, revealing some thing red and slimy inside but got darker too since he couldn't see to far. The Pharaoh had no idea what was going to happen to him. He knew that he wasn't going to be killed... but then what?

Soon the answer came upon him as he was thrusted against the tree and his dick slipping into the dark knot into which it closed around him, suckling hard within its sliminess, causing Yami to yell out in digust and fear.

But that wasn't all. Another large branch, out of no where, thrusted deep into his ass, shredding it and writhing within it, causing Yami to shriek out more. Now he knew what was happening... the forest was raping him and thus was planning to implant him with pure evil...

His arms and legs were forced to wrap around the large tree as much as he could and were thus pinned so he could not move them. Smaller, thinner branches wound up under his shirt, lightly wrapping around his nipples and squeezing. Another thin branch wrapped lightly around his neck, forcing his head up as Yami was looking at other branches that were swaying in the wind.

On and on the sucking of his length continued within the knot of the tree and on and on did the other large branch thrust into his rear. And as much as Yami felt the pain and disgust from it both... he also started to feel turned on by it. Was this what Tea had to go through when she was raped? Was she liking it as well during this time?

The knot continued to tug and pull at Yami's length, making it very slimy and wet. Smaller, spindly like branches were wrapping around his balls, squeezing and tugging at them roughly, making it harder for Yami to breath, trying to pull away so he could try to get free, but he couldn't since the slamming of the branch within his anus forced him back against the tree, making a rocking movement of the Pharaoh's dick trying to slide out while he was forced back in by the other branch in his ass.

Soon Yami could feel the peak of ejaculation rise and rise, more painfully and arousingly with every passing moment. And as it rose, his good heart soon started to fall as it soon was consumed by a darkness... a darkness that would soon consume everyone else.

Finally he soon released his seed within the tree, letting out a very loud cry of ecstacy that others would think was the cry of soon wounded, dangerous animal.

The branch in his ass removed itself and the other branches around his neck, chest and balls released him as well. The branches around his limbs pulled him away from the tree that he was resting against, his cock also slipped out of the slimy knot hole, in which it closed once he was out.

The branches then settled him on the ground and unravelled themselves from his limbs, letting him rest as the forest resumed the form of innocence, that they were nothing more then roots, branches and leaves.

Pegasus soon returned as Yami was released and was smiling as the change within the Pharaoh was complete.

His deadlike transformation was almost the same as it was for Yugi, except that his eyes were violent red and green mucus type of colour and that he looked slightly more disguting. Also the claws on his hands were longer then Yugi's was.

"Ah, wonderful! You are now one with the evil and not even a simple card game could save you now. You know my friend, when I found this book and deciphered the ancient texts, I opened the doorway to true evil itself. Not that of the Shadow Realm or the Orichalcos that you and your friends faced when you were in America. No... this is the true evil that lies dormant or even alive within everyone... and after reading the book, I soon made it alive... I am controlling it as I am also controlling you so you can help me in destroying the rest of your friends... now come" Pegasus said, turning away and started to walk out of the clearing.

"You may control the darkness Pegasus... but you don't control me" came Yami's dark and evil voice behind him as the Pharaoh rose from his seated place upon the ground and approached Pegasus slowly, who turned around to face him, being fairly bewildered.

"W-What? But you must obey me!" he retorted, trying to stand his ground though slight fear went through him.

"I obey no one" Yami hissed and brought his clawed hand high into the air. Before Pegasus could do anything, he drove th claws right into Pegasus' chest. He reached it and found the pumping mass of his heart within and his hand closed around it, crushing it. And as he did, blood spurted out of Pegasus skin, mouth, nose and eyes before he slumped dead to the ground after Yami removed his hand, licking off the blood and juices from the once alive heart.

He then knelt down by Pegasus' corpse and with his claws, sliced off the creator of Duel Monster's head, quite neatly as well. Yami studied the face, observing the empty eye socket that once contained the Millennium Eye. Smirking he tore the eye socket open as more blood poured out. He lapped it off before chucking the head behind his shoulder.

His eyes then landed on Pegasus' red pants. He then glanced over to where his own shredded leather pants lay. Smirking to himself he started to pry off the red pants from Pegasus' lifeless legs.


When Yami returned with the cutlery, everyone was asking what took him so long. Some were worried while others, like Seto, were very hungry and pissed off that he took forever to get the utensils. Yami explained that there were some weird noises coming from the woods and when he decided to check it out, he discovered some wounded elks. And thus, wanting to put them out of their misery, killed them.

Everyone pretty much believed the tale, to Yami's own personal delight and all had their very late lunch, except for the Phraoh himself, who said he was hungry.

Later that night everyone went to sleep... well except for Bakura, Mai, Marik, Duke and Ishizu who all had a big fivesome.

Yami himself remained in his room, fingering his new pants. He had sewed the fabric pieces onto Pegasus' pants, though he had to make the pants smaller and tighter for his frame. How was he able to sew with no string? By using the thin muscle ligaments from Pegasus' limbs with a stick.

The evil Pharaoh knew it was far too early to possess the others but he would do so, soon enough. And then after his friends are one with the dead, so will the world.