This is my first Smallville fanfic. I own four characters only.

Summary: What if the Jonathan and Martha had kids before they found Clark? They had their sons Nick and Pat with them when the meteor shower happened. Martha is expecting another kid. They adopt one kid.

Disclaimer: The characters are name friends of mine. They are my own creation.

They are only characters I own. The other two are made up.

Character and Birthdays: Clark 15 Nick 15 Pat 13 Jonathan 10 Denise 7

Chapter 6 Talking of adopting another kid

All the Kent Family sat down at kitchen table. The two elder look at the youngest of the three boys. They aren't how they should tell them that they want to adopt another kid.

Jonathan look at each of the boys and back at his wife. "Boys your mom and I have been talking about adopting another kid." He looked at his three oldest sons first and than his little boy. Martha and him all the boys faces light with delight, but younger son got up from the table and head up stairs into his room. Jonathan sent the older ones outside to play. Martha and he want up stairs to little Jon room. They saw little Jonathan lying face down on his pillow crying. Jonathan picks little Jon up and place him on his lap. Son what wrong.

Mama and papa I am afraid when we adopt another kid that I will not be the baby anymore and everyone stop loving me.

"Do not be silly angel none will not stop love do not be afraid that you will not be the baby anymore." Martha reassures little has hugs him. "You will also be my baby boy."

"I have to tell you also love son because my namesake. That why I care about you like crazy." Little Jon says has he runs the steps.

"You know there only three bedroo m in the will we adopt the kid you going to have to share a room with your older brothers."

"I am ok sharing room with Clark, Nick, and Pat. That's cool with me." Little Jon says has he runs the steps.

The family want to orphanage an ask about a little the girl around the of age one. The Kent's were luck they got little girl name Denise Michelle.

It has been two months since the adoption. Everyone in the family is happy.

Martha is trying getting boys off to school. Clark is given her a hard time. "Now, Clark your brothers are waiting for you."

"Mommy I am afraid when I get home you and dad won't be here."

She reassure him that her and Jon will also be in house for himwhen, he comes from school.