Twisted Fate
By Ellie

She hadn't even the common decency to say his name once.

Not once in nearly five months. Her deliberate snub of him ordinarily would have been amusing, her eyes, staring for hours at a worn red book with "Labyrinth" sketched into the cover would have had him smiling at her stupidity. If she had been like the others.

Sarah Williams, he had learned, was nothing like the other girls that succumbed to his whispered promises or the subtle romance of his songs.... She had confused him, outraged him, and in the end defied the very fiber of his being... His magic.

Now he was trapped like a shadow to be constantly ruled by the sun. His owl form was regal while flying throughout his Labyrinth, and when given access to the power that now lay curled within his breast like a subdued beast. But here, in her world he was utterly trapped.

His magic, much like the beast he had named it, left signs of it's presence but remained wholly untouchable by him in his current state. It lingered maddeningly beyond his grasp; the elusive song of freedom even more potent as he listened to the triumphant calls of his mortal counterparts.

The owls didn't accept him.. He was something other and they did not know quite what to make of him. He was utterly alone, and dependent on a girl that refused to acknowledge his presence, though he haunted the branches outside her window every night...

He was filthy, without his most rudimentary of powers, and utterly hopeless without the aid of the one person in over a hundred years to have beaten him. Heaven help him, if he wanted to escape he was going to have to simply convince her of his presence.

Hellfire and damnation, if these past months were any indication of Sarah's stubbornness it was going to take quite a bit of convincing.

All she had to do was say his name, and he would be free.

Cursing in the screeching tones of the owl he now was, he flew into the rising light of the sun.

A/N) Addie's challenge: What if Jareth stayed an owl?