Ice of Death
By Elle

The chill of the room seeped into him. He had always hated the cold, and now he was forced to endure its icy touch until his death.

The bloodied chains that imprisoned him were lined with a power that he could not break... Power from the Labyrinth itself. He smiled grimly into the darkened obuilette, the irony of this situation was not lost on him...

Snowflakes fell from above... drifting peacefully downwards. Jareth watched them with malice in his eyes... To be frozen to death had to be one of the absolute worst ways to go about dying. Had he magic, he would have blasted the damn snow out of existence, let alone the manacles that held him.

The spirit in his eyes simmered to a halt as his shoulders slumped. Without magic what was he but another lost soul claimed by the Labyrinth?

What was he except for one of the Unwanted and Forgotten?

A/N) I had so much trouble with this challenge! It's as if my brain just would NOT connect to my fingers! Yes, it's extremely short... But considering the circumstances? Well, shrugs I'm lucky to have gotten anything written to begin with.

Addie's challenge: A winter fic, take it anywhere...