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Van Helsing looked at Tragedy's sleeping form, not wanting to wake her. She looked so relaxed, so peaceful. He brushed his fingers across her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at him,"Good morning," he said to her, running his hands through her hair.

"Good morning, Gabriel; you watched over like an angel, didn't you?"

"Yes, because you mean so much to me."

"Wow, last night was amazing!" she giggled.

He laughed with her,"Yes, it was! How long has it been since we've seen each other though?"

"Quite awhile," she answered,"so where do we start looking for the jewelry set?"

"I don't know, quite honestly. I guess we'll start ing Translyvainia."

"Jinette won't approve, you know that."

"Who says he has to? I'll still do his work, I just want to do my own as well. I won't be on his assignments 24/7 anymore," he smiled," and neither will you."

The two rose and got dressed, when they had washed they went to Carl's room to wake him. When they arrived they got the surprise of their mortal lives. When they opened the door, they found the friar and the barmaid in each other's arms, fast asleep. Tragedy quietly shut it again," Maybe we should leave this evening," she said and winked.

"Yes, I think that sounds great," he answered.

After they'd left, Carl opened his eyes," They're gone now, love," he told the girl.

"Oh good," she said," I just knew I was going to whimper if they didn't leave soon.

"Shall we continue?" he asked her, she answered with the most passionate, rough, deep kiss the friar had ever known.

That evening Jinette called them into his quarters," Allright, I have decided you can go. The first piece to the set lies in China. You'd better hurry."

Van Helsing and Tragedy (as well as Carl and the barmaid) locked hands,"We'll unlock this secret and kill any demons that get in our way," Tragedy said.

Van Helsing smiled,"With all of us together, I know we'll make it back alive."

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