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This is slashy Sparrington just in case you missed that part in the first chapter somehow.

Constellations- chapter two

Jack pours a small quantity of the floral scented oil onto his hand. He strokes it onto Norrington's cock which hardens again immediately. He bends forward and licks the head. It reminds him of time Gibbs tried to brew up ale at sea by letting seaweed rot in a barrel. Of course, having run out of rum, they'd all drank Gibbsie's brew anyway. Jack makes a face. "This stuff smells better than it tastes. Trust me on that one."

"I will keep that in mind the next time I tempted to enjoy a glass of after-dinner bath oil."

"Right, there you go then. Are you ready, James?"

"What is it that you want me to do, Jack?"

"I want you to fuck me, James. In fact, I want you to bugger me silly, love."

James, still regarding his well oiled member, does not look up.

Jack senses some reticence on Norrington's part. "I promise you'll like it, at least a little bit. I'll wager you any amount, James, that you're going to like it a lot."

The everchanging green eyes meet his finally. Moral objections? Anger? Possibly. Oh no! Not the 'you dirty little sodomite' speech! Please, not that, not now.

"Jack, I would not have the vaguest notion as to what to do. I will not risk harming you."

Jack smiles and memorizes the expression written there on Norrington's face and in his turbulent eyes. "Not to worry, love. Tell you what, I'll do everything."

"Thank you, Jack."

Jack intends to sit astride Norrington and ride him into oblivion like the wild thing Jack is. He looks forward to it. But, Norrington reaches across him, takes some oil, and lubricates Jack's cock. This certainly is not Jack's first pleasant surprise of the evening. Jack thinks that it may not be the last. Never had Jack suspected that James would offer himself up. Oh, Jack had hoped to work up to that at some point, to earn the privilege, but realistically expected that it would take a while. That's all providing tonight isn't just a one time thing, of course. In the meantime, he had planned to give and give and give, in dim hope of getting in some imagined, magical, distant future. Now it appears he can take all he wants, take and give nothing back, even. But really now, where's the fun in that?

"I'll get you ready, shall I?"

Jack pours more oil, spreads it onto his fingers, and suggests James get on hands and knees. Jack strokes Norrington's cock slowly with his free hand while working his fingers in gently as he tries to distract James with kisses and pretty words.

"How is that, love? Is it too much?"

"No, I'm fine."

Jack curls his fingers and tries stimulating Norrington's prostate. Some men don't care for this much. Most of them never become notorious for taking it up the arse. However, a few of those men, and a good number of women too, find they enjoy the act anyway. Norrington's response is to fall face first onto his pillow, moaning. Jack smiles beatifically up at the gods. "Three guesses what really hits the spot," Jack whispers from low in his throat.

"Do it."

"How's about on your back, love, so I can kiss you, and watch your pretty face, hmm?"

James rolls over and pulls Jack into a kiss. What a kiss it is, too. Nothing like Norrington's first attempt, the stiff, passionless kiss on the beach. Nothing like their last kisses, even. This one burns through Jack from the tip of his tongue to the tip of his penis spreading a kind of dizzying warmth that Jack's body had almost, but not quite, forgotten. Jack hears his little voice say, 'Watch out, mate. You could lose your bleedin' head over this one.'

Jack gazes down into those green eyes that now look so much less like the chilly Northern Atlantic and so much more like the finest spread velvet, and wonders, from where, all of this beautiful trust comes. Jack likes Elizabeth, thinks she's a good lass, but knows she never deserved this! Goes without saying that old Jack's getting his sweets when he should be getting coal in his stocking. Coal? Rocks more like.

As far as Jack's concerned, virgins take a good bit of proper deflowering like pulling bloody angels down to earth by the wings an inch at a time. Jack knows his responsibility as a pirate is to take this beautiful man's virginity in every single way his filthy mind can conjure. Now, just off the top of his head, could take some time, that. "May need years."

"What did you say?"

Jack smiles dreamily, kisses him on the forehead, and grabs up a pillow, the one not currently under Norrington's head. "Said, raise your rear a bit, love."

James lifts with his lovely long legs. Jack positions the pillow under him. Jack strokes both of their cocks as he maneuvers himself between Norrington's knees.

"First time hurts. Worse, it's going to feel strange, most unpleasantly so. Just like sailing, James. Gets better the more you do it, yeah? Relax as much as you can, which isn't going to be easy. Shout ahoy, if you need me to stop to let you catch your breath. Shout man overboard, I'll ease out. We could try something else, or try this again some other time. Now, what ever happens, we'll both know we gave this our best, ey?"

"Jack, I can do this. I want it."

Jack starts slowly pushing his way into Norrington's crushing heat. "Green as England, love."

"What is?"

"Your eyes, James. Your eyes are ever so beautiful."


Jack leans forward and kisses Norrington's chest. He works his way up from there, tongue tickles, sucking, licks, lip kisses, nuzzles, hot breath, love bites, all the while stroking Norrington's cock slowly, and all the while pushing slowly but surely into James' most personal of spaces. 'Good good good so good' is the little mantra playing in Jack head. Well! It bloody is!

Soon, Jack is kissing James, sheathed in James, then grinding himself, with each long stroke against the virgin prostate inside, and with his washboard stomach, against the lovely proud cock between them.


Jack smiles. Certainly can't fault the man's enthusiasm. "Best to go easy this first time, love."

Norrington eyes flash cold as emerald, "Harder, I say!"

Jack feels a fit of good humor coming on, but tries to look fierce instead. "Yeah well, I don't take orders from the Navy. However, since I'm feeling generous, you have my permission to move around a bit, Commodore."

Norrington's left hand smacks Jack's right buttock hard and grabs hold. Norrington's legs wrap Jack tightly. His right hand grabs hold of Jack's waist, just under his ribs. James lurches up, wriggles, pulls against him. Jack finds he is no longer setting the pace. Norrington in a show of sheer strength has commandeered his body and is harshly pleasuring himself using Jack's own cock to do it.

Suddenly Jack is not on dry land. Norrington's furious pitch and roll is too much like a storm at sea. Some storms you fight. Some storms you ride. Jack had done his share of each. Sure of the outcome this time, he settles for a little bit of both. Jack grips Norrington's cock and pulls. James moans and writhes, pushing himself into Jack's hand. Jack uses the distraction to take charge again, plunging into James hard, as hard as he wants to, as hard as James wants. Jack's hand strokes twice for every deep hard thrust of his cock.


"Give me everything. Come for a pirate, James."

James is wracked with tremors, his muscles constrict involuntarily. He howls and arches into his release taking Jack along with him over the edge. Both of them crumple into a boneless mass.

Jack recovers first. He strokes Norrington's hair back from his sweaty face, leans in and kisses him sweetly. He pulls out, still partially erect. As he moves to get out of bed, James catches his arm.

"Don't go, Jack."

"Not going anywhere, love, just to clean up a bit, for the sake of your sheets, aye?"

"Blast the sheets. The world is full of them." He pulls Jack into the sticky puddle on his stomach, kissing him fiercely and tangling his fingers in Jack's hair.

"Why do you do this?" Norrington says, after a while. Norrington holds up a braid.

Jack grins. "I'll not ruin it for you, James. You seem to like me all mysterious."

"You could tell me every single thing about you, Jack. You would still be a complete mystery to me."

"Only because you wouldn't believe a bloody word of it, love."

"I think that you are being most unfair to me, Pirate."

"What would you like to know, James?"

James looks like a kid picking a puppy as he considers all his options. "Is Sparrow your real name?"

"One of them."

"One of them? Do you have a real name?"

"Of course! Got lots of em!"

"Lots of 'real' names?"

"What makes a name 'real,' James?"

"Name one other 'real' name."

"John Smith, or Jack Smith, or Smithy, if you like!"

"Three is not one."

"Ah. Catholics would disagree with you there. So might the right pair of twins come to think of it."

"John Smith?"

"Aye, not as memorable as Sparrow. Is it?"

"Why Sparrow?"

"Well, someone asked me what my name was and Sparrow popped into me head. Been Jack Sparrow ever since. Mostly."


"Oh aye, I just can't go around impersonating myself all the time."

"You are making my head hurt, Jack."

"You're the one asking the questions, love."

"What name did your family give you?"

"Don't know. Never knew my family."

"You are an orphan?"

"More like a foundling."

"I'm sorry, Jack."

"Don't be. I'm not bothered. Never harmed Moses or Arthur."

"So you really do not have a name."

"Don't need a family for a name, James. A man can make quite a name for himself in this old world."

"Or even more than one?"

"Aye, if he's a mind to, love."

Norrington pulls him closer, nestling against him.

"Go to sleep, Jack."

"Don't you want to know about my braids, James?"


"How about my other names, love?"

"No." Norrington rolls away taking the covers with him. Jack taps him on the shoulder.

"How about how I got the name John Smith, then?"

Norrington whacks him with a pillow.

"Should I take that as yet another no, Commodore?"

"If you do not allow me sleep, I shall tie and gag you."

"No you won't, James, for that would break both the spirit and the letter of our accord."

"Just what would you suggest?"

"You'll have to hold me down and kiss me instead, love."

James rolls on top of him and holds Jack's wrists captive over his head. Norrington's mouth covers Jack's mischievous grin. Jack writhes and struggles in mock protest.

Then just like that, the Commodore doesn't seem the least bit sleepy anymore.

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