Because I need another GaaNaru epic eating my life right now. Really.

Anyways, this was inspired by a lovely piece of Japanese fanart that someone posted over on the GaaNaru LJ community. I've got it as my background and it took an old fic idea of mine and began merge and warp it. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite as distrubing as seeing plot bunnies merge into each other.

Anyways, enjoy.

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It was late in the Hokage Tower and Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage of the Village of Hidden Leaf, was to the point where if she had to look at one more scroll after this she was going to shred it with her finely manicured nails.

Giving a hefty sigh, she turned to the Chunin next to her. Iruka gave her a smile that looked as tired as she felt.

"One more team to sort out and then we can both call it a night, Hokage-sama."

She nodded and returned to the task before them, sorting the lastest academy graduates into teams to be trained together. If she didn't know better, she'd almost say the man next to her was more anxious to leave than she. Well, of course he was anxious to leave, who wouldn't be? But for different reasons, she suspected. Then she remembered that Team 7 had returned home this evening.

With a sly smile she turned to her subordinate. "So is it the brat or Kakashi you're so eager to run off to?"

"Hokage-sama!" Came the strained reply with a stain of pink across the chunin's cheeks.

Ah. Kakashi then.

Waving a dismissing hand, she turned back to the task at hand. "Well, let's get this done so you can go give your scarecrow a proper homecoming."

Really, it was just so amusing to watch Iruka sputter and turn colors. However, there was work to be done, so she put her fun aside for the moment and returned to a more serious state. And then, there was a knock on the door.

She called out with a weary "Enter.", expecting Shizune or some other clerk to come in with more scrolls.

The figure that entered the room was neither Shizune, nor a clerk. In fact, he wasn't even a resident of Konoha at all. It was a man, perhaps about Iruka's height with a slightly bulkier build. He wore an impeccable grey suit and had slicked back black hair. Tsunade smelled a bureaucrat. Iruka shifted closer beside her, instantly as wary of the man as she was.

He approached her desk and bowed graciously before speaking.

"Godaime-sama, I am honored to meet with you."

Oh, yes. Definitely a bureaucrat.

He then continued. "I am Sato, and I represent a particular organization that has gained the support of the Lord of Fire Country in recent months."

Tsunade arched an eyebrow at this. "How may I help you, Sato-san?"

"Sixteen years ago, the most respected Yondaime sealed Kyubi no Kitsune who had attacked the village into a child. A host. My organization is dedicated to finding and helping individuals such as the host to Kyuubi no Kitsune. We help them to live normal lives and to learn to use the powers they are cursed with for the good of all."

Beside her, Iruka had drawn a sucking breath and gone quite still. She had to agree with the teacher. There was something about the way the man had said 'cursed' that she didn't like.

"I appreciate your offer, Sato-san. But I assure you, the host of Kyubi no Kitsune is living as normal a life as he will get and has used to protect the village and the greater good a number of times." It was a clear dismissal.

Sato smiled as smile akin to that of a piranha. "You misunderstand me, Hokage-sama. I am not offering. I have here an order from the Lord of Fire Country stating that you will turn over Kyubi no Kitsune's host to us. For the greater good and safety of the country, of course." He reached into a pocket within his suit jacket and pulled forth a very official looking document. Placing it on the desk, he allowed Tsunade to read it, her brown eyes narrowing with every sentence.

"The Lord of Fire Country does not hold that type of power over the ninjas of Konoha. And since the Host has been a ninja of Konoha for the past several years, that applies to him. I will not turn over one of my ninjas."

"Ah. We figured you would say as much. That is why I must inform you that we already have Uzumaki Naruto within our possession. And since he is now outside of Konoha borders, this edict holds a good deal of power, so I must ask you to not send a team out after him. Good evening, Hokage-sama."

Sato returned the document to his jacket pocket and calmly exited the room through the large double doors. Tsunade watched him leave with hard eyes. She turned to Iruka who had slight tremors running through his lanky frame.


"Go. And report back to me immediately if what he says is true."

The chunin nodded and disappeared into the night.

Ten minutes later he was racing up the stairs to Naruto's apartment, his feeling of foreboding increasing with each step. Upon reaching the door, he saw that it was off its hinges and the main room of the apartment was a mess. Furniture was scattered and knocked over everywhere. Scorch marks littered the walls.

"Naruto!" he called out running through the apartment, checking each room. But there was no answer. Only the signs of a great struggle, and there in the middle of the living room floor a scrap of paper. He picked it up and examined it. It was an Ofuda.

Whoever had kidnapped Naruto had known how to subdue a demon.

And suddenly, Iruka knew exactly how any parent who had ever lost a child felt.

Uzumaki Naruto woke up in a great deal of pain. Which was odd because he generally healed quickly, but it seemed this time that Kyuubi wasn't doing his job.


It all came rushing back. He had walked into his apartment last night, dead tired from a month long mission and was looking forward to nothing but sleep. But there had already been people in his apartment. Masked people, who where apparently waiting for him.

He had busted in and they had fought. They had been good. They had known how to avoid his own chakra moves and makes sure that Kyuubi's power was minimally tapped. One had gotten him in a hold long enough for another to pull out some weird paper strips. The paper! The paper had been excruciating when they placed it on his body. So much that he had passed out from the pain.

Which led to the question, where was he now?

Giving a small groan, he tried to lift and arm and found it was attached to something. Opening his eyes, he found it was attached to an arm. Well, actually a wrist. His own tan arm and another paler arm were linked together by two bracelets of iron with a length of chain connecting them. Handcuffs. And on the handcuffs were engraved many symbols that made his hand a little tingly.

Blue eyes widened at the handcuffs and followed the pale arm up to a body that was wearing red and brown clothing, up the neck and directly up to a pale face with dark circles around mint green eyes, blood red hair and an 'ai' tattoo on the forehead.

The scowling face of Gaara of the Desert.

He was handcuffed to Gaara of the Desert.

"Oh, shit."