Story: Demonic Angel

Chapter: Prologue

Author: Lady of Enchantment

Summary: Abandoned by family, scorned by community, he had only one soft spot- and that was for Serena. Only she's his brother, the perfection of the family. There was no chance in hell that he would have her, so he watched from a distance, watched as she married. Now siblings by law, and in constant contact with her, keeping his control might be that much harder.

Disclaimer: If I owned Sailor Moon, Darien would be begging at my front door now.

Warnings: Story contains use of mild language

Author's Note: Yeah... new story... please don't hate me!! I know I'm supposed to be busy with my other stories... and I am. I just need a taste of something different before I give up Eternal Flame forever. Editing is damn hard!!

Hell's Lie

The audible click of the loaded pistol nearly had the man wetting himself. He was shit scared. He had a right to be. The two were seated in the parlor, one sitting rod straight in the chair while the other lounged with legs crossed.

Nervously pulling at his collar, he stuttered on, "Perhaps we c-can come to some sort of a-arr-"

His voice trailed off, as the pistol was lowered and aimed toward him. Perspiration was trailing down every part of his body now, and he almost welcomed it. He wasn't dead yet.

"Mr. Kni-Knightly... please..."



"Please," the younger man gave a gracious smile, "call me Darien."

"Yes, D-Darien... I'm sure an a-arrangement could be worked out..." he gulped, "Could... could you please lower the gun...?"

Darien gave a surprised glance toward the object in his hand, "This? Why, it's no harm at all-"

"My god...Darien..."

At his whispered name, he spun around, still keeping the gun carefully aimed, "Serena! I was simply entertaining out guest while you guys were out," his voice had lowered to a husky tone and the smile he gave the new arrival was sensuous. "In fact, I was insisting on a outdoors wedding by the beach for you, instead of in that stuffy little church."

Serena squeaked, shaken thoroughly to see her wedding planner's heart one trigger away from being blasted. Without thinking, she lunged for the gun. Surprised, Darien allowed her to pry it from his grasp.

Her voice still shaking from shock, she called out, "Seiya, please take Mr. Corper to the dining table. I'll be right there?"

"Are you sure you will be ok?" he asked, shooting his own accusing glance toward his brother.

"Yes, I'll be fine," smiling charmingly, she took hold of both men and escorted them out the room. Once they disappeared from sight, she whirled to face Darien.

"What on earth were you doing? That poor man was about to have a heart attack!"

He shrugged indifferently, "I was just polishing my gun. Wasn't my fault he got the wrong message."

As an afterthought, he added, "Are you alright?"

"Of course," she lied, "Why do you ask?"

"Your hands on trembling," he relieved her of the gun, "You've never handled a weapon before, have you?"

"No," wearily, she watched him unload it with the ease of many years of practice, "Have-have you ever killed with that gun?"

"Of course," came the bald reply.

"Oh," unconsciously, she took a step back. Suddenly shy, she whispered brokenly, "You don't like me, do you? Are you mad?"

Darien nearly dropped his gun in surprise, "Why would you even ask that?"

"Well, you always avoid being with me... and... and since we are going to be family soon..." she stopped, not sure how she was going to put this. Her nerves had always been frayed when she was near her fianc's brother. It was no surprise, really. The whole town was shit scared of this man. Having been a war commander for five years, it was no surprise that this untamed man should be one avoided at all costs.

Especially if you are a woman.

"Sometimes, I think you are trying to make my marriage difficult. Is that it? Do you think I'm not good enough for your brother?" There, she had asked it. Holding her breath, she looked up at him.

He felt his insides twist as those bewitching blue eyes pleaded at him. She was perfect for her brother, the ideal couple of the century. And way too good for him. He admitted defeat years ago. Even then, he knew that she was meant for something better, someone who he could never even hold a candle to.

Seiya had once commented that he was heartless, that he held no kindness to anyone but himself. His brother was wrong. He did have a heart, and it ached with a fervor for the woman that he cared about too much to ruin.

"No," he answered finally, "My brother's the luckiest man alive to have you."

He didn't miss that jump of joy in her eyes, the naïve spark of light that sprung alive inside her, "Do you really mean that?"

No. His lips clamped down and he struggled for control. Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded his head.

She leapt up to hug him in complete gratitude. The constant was brief, but enough to give him a bitter reminder of what he had given up.

"Thank you, Darien. You know... I had always dreamed of being married and having a brother. I believe that my dream will come true," she turned to leave.

At the door, she paused and said hesitantly over her shoulder, "People always told me that you were a mean guy, but... but I think they're just seeing the wrong side of you."

With that said, she was gone.

It should be enough, he told himself wryly. Being a brother was as close as you can get without being lovers.

Being a brother was as close as he could get without hurting her.

But, God damn it, it just wasn't enough!

End Prologue

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