A few hours later:

Bruce took the briefcase filled with the five million dollars, and shut it. He glanced around his living room, realizing how empty it was without a certain black haired imp running around. He had made it a home, to them all. From cold winter to the warmth of summer.

Alfred came in dressed and ready to go. He took the briefcase, and headed out the room. Bruce turned and pulled up his cowl and walked towards the secret batcave entrance. He would rip those kidnappers apart for what they had done. It didn't matter, that he had made a rule never to go for vengence, or to kill. That rule didn't apply when it came to Dick.

The tall muscular kidnapper, stood over Dick and hit him. The young man saw stars, and he knew that eye would be closing quickly, and he would have a shiner. "Told you not to try to escape, some people don't listen." Now we are going on a little ride, and we are going to get some money. Then I am going to South America, and live like Bruce Wayne does.

"You wont get away with this, you know. You are going to go to jail. Bruce will see to that."

"You think Wayne is all that, well he isn't. Nothing but a stupid airhead playboy. The only way he would notice you would be if you were a girl."

"Shut up. That's not true." or is it, thought Dick. Could that be it?

"You will keep your mouth shut boy. My partner still thinks you are Waynes real son. One of his mistakes, that he is keeping because he was bribed to do so. Reputation and all. The rich don't care about their offspring, especially those that didn't come with marriage. I don't care, I just see money when I look at you." He slapped Dick again, right across the ear, making it ring, Dick's eyes watered.

"You will pay, that's a promise." The big man pulled Dick up, and held him as the slender partner came in with a needle. "Time for another shot. We prefer you quiet, but you know something boy, you are pretty. Maybe that's why Wayne keeps you around...yeah, that's it." He laughed at Dick who was loosing the battle, to fight back. He grew weak and was having problems focusing.

"Go to h..ell." He had trouble making his tongue work, it kept getting knotted up he thought.

Alfred sat waiting. He hoped that it would go well. The van drove up and a big burly guy got out and walked over. "You got my money?"

"I do, have you got the boy?" The man motioned towards the van.

"Yeah, my partner has a gun to his head, so don't try anything old man. Where is your boss?"

"He couldn't make it, a business meeting. But I am here. You can talk to him on this cell phone if need be."

"Maybe after I see the money." He watched the older man back up.

"Not until I see the young sir." The large man whistled and the side door of the van opened. Dick appeared in the door.

"Okay." Alfred opened the briefcase, and showed him the money. "I want the boy now, bring him here."

"Oh, no. I think I will take the money, and keep the kid, I might want more money later. Mister Wayne will never know if he's alive or dead, so he will keep paying."

There was a sound, and the big man turned, and saw Batman, bending over his partner. He had lifted him with one hand from the back of the van, away from Dick. He pounded him a couple of times, and then he threw him against a building and with a flap of his cape he came at the bigger man. The large man meet him, punching at the caped crusader, they traded a few blows before Batman became brutal.

A hand on his arm stopped him in mid punch. He looked down and saw Dick swaying on his feet. "No, Batman, please don't. It's not how you do things." Bruce lowered his arm, and slammed the guy against the building, knocking him out. He turned to Dick, and grabbed both his arms, looking down at him.

"Dick, are you alright? What did they do to you?"

"A few punches is all, drugged me. I am alright. Just glad you didn't kill him, I am not worth it." Bruce looked puzzled.

"What do you mean, you aren't worth it? You are worth anything I have and more. Don't you know I love you, like my own son. You are my son."

"I'm not, one day you will have your own, and throw me out. I am not good enough for you." Bruce, wiped away a tear from Dick's cheek.

"You are good enough for anyone. I'd rather have you than any other son in the world. No one could replace you. If I do ever get married and have kids. You will be my first born, my heir. Any woman who can't accept you as my son and heir, is not worth my love. I didn't know you wanted to be adopted. I guess I have a lot to learn. But I have my lawyers on it now. You just have to sign them. I never ment to hurt you."

"Bruce, are you sure? I mean I am nobody. Even your friends say so."

"If they say that, they aren't my friends." Bruce pulled the crying boy to him, holding him close. He was so glad he had managed to get his boy back. Nothing else mattered to him.

"I love you Bruce, you are my dad."

"I love you too, Dick. You are and always will be my son. I am so proud of you." Alfred stood watching the two, and felt his heart almost burst. Such love there, and the family was back together, as it should have been all along. Bruce could be slow at times, but eventually he came around.

"I want to go home." Bruce leaned and picked up Dick, carrying him to the Batmobile.

"I'll take you to our home. Alfred will meet us there. He put Dick in the car, and buckled him in. Going around he got in and started up the powerful car. He glanced over and saw Dick was asleep. He had a son he could be proud of, brag about like all the other fathers, except he had the best kid." Bruce smiled.

the end