What happens when the daughter of Cole and Phoebe goes to Hogwarts? CHAOS!!!!! MAYHEM!!! And romance and humor all rolled into one. Heehee yes... lots of fun. Charmed/Hogwarts crossover.

Angelic Witch

Skye Hallowell was your typical girl... at least in the Hallowell family. Long dark brown hair hung in a loose braid and blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight outside. Skye was intently staring at a violet and merry gold patch, drawing them in her sketchbook. They soon began to take shape and she smiled at the picture she had just started on. She had always paid attention to every detail. Every line and shadow counted for each piece.

As she stared at the work and the flower, a feather dropped on her lap. she looked at it and shrugged and then looked up to the flowers. to her surprise, she found a black and brown owl sitting there. attached to its leg, was a letter made of parchment. she gingerly removed it from the owls leg and looked over it. a strange emblem was in red and the letter was addressed to her. she looked at it again and then back at the owl. it hooted and flew off. she shrugged and pt it down on the ground to work on her art more.

A few minutes passed and a crash was heard from the house. she looked up suddenly and shimered into the kitchen. there, a demon stood, her aunt Piper on the ground clutching her side. blood was glistening and she gasped. Paige had just reched for her potion and the demon turned to Skye. Its eyes were black, and its claws stained with Piper's blood. Her mom, Pheobe, had ran into the kitchen with a spell from the book of shadows. Paige threw the potion at the demon and it laughed.

"Only got me wet... you are pathetic..." he went to slash at her when Pheobe spoke up.

"Not so fast." she smiled and held the paper close. "Demon of darkness; from the pits of hell; We banish you; with this spell; never to escape; from your own shadows." the demon had lunged at her, but hearing the spell, he froze and then desintegrated to the ground and disapeared. Skye sighed as she hugged her mom tightly and then waited for her uncle Leo to come help Piper. they sat in the atic after a while and it was then she remebered the letter in her hands.

"Hey mom? I got this today. it came from an owl." Pheobe looked questioningly at her daughter and took it from her. Leo walked over and read it as well.

"I've heard of this place. its a school for witches, wizards, and warlocks." he said narrowing his eyes in thought.

"Why would they ask her to go? We never did." Pheobe said, matter-of-factly. she looked to Paige and Piper who shrugged.

"They probably didn't know about us till now." Piper said.

"More than likely. Skye may need to go to this school for protection." Leo said looking back at Pheobe. Skye opened her mouth in protest.

"I can take care of myself." she said arguingly.

"Your only 15 and you are valnerable at this point in your life. this may help you control your powers and it may teach you more than we could." Leo said calming her down. she looked away with a scowl.

"I'm going to the park..." she pushed passed them and went out the door, all the while, thinking of what was going to happen next. she sighed as she entered the parks gates and headed towards her favorite spot under a tree. it was a willow tree that conceled her from others. She brought her knees up and leaned against the tree. She sighedinwardly and looked around the place to see it was eerily empty. Getting up, she heard a laugh. the laugh sent shivvers up her spine with its cruelty.

"Smart one aren't you?" said the voice with a thick british accent. She shivvered again and turrned around to see a dark cloaked figure. she couldn't see his face.

"Who are you?" she asked cooly. she took a step back and through a fire ball at him. she could tell he was surprised and her dissapeared. the flaming ball hit the tree and it exploded. Her eyes went wide. "Did I really do that?" she wispered to herself. she knew she had to get home fast, so she shimmered. She opened the door to the manner and was greeted with big hugs.

"Honny! We were so worried!" Her mom came and hugged her. Her dad, Cole close behind.

"Don't scare us like that." he said and gave her a hug too.

"Mom.. Dad.. I'm ok. really. I just had a run in with a-" She was cut short.

"By a Death eater. They are minions to a dark wizard name Voldamort." Leo stepped forward.

"Ok... I'll go to this school.. but Can you guys visit me sometimes?"

"Of course sweetie. me and your father will shimmer there and I'm sure leo and paige will get piper to come too." Her mom smiled. "go pack. Its starting in a few weeks and we have to go to london." She said to her daughter as she got a big smile and headed upstairs. She got out her trunk and packed it. after a few minutes, Leo came up.

"knock knock." he said coming in.

"Hey uncle Leo." Skye looked at him confuesedly at seeing something budled in his arms.

"Its a copy of the book f shadows with some blank pages for you to write new spells in. The elders thought it a good idea with you going off to school somewhere else." he handed it to her and she smiled greatfully. it was a little smaller for not all the spells were there. only the really important ones that she might need. she put it gentaly in her trunk and packed some candles and insense. Pheobe walked in a few minutes later and hander her a box.

"Don't open it till you get on the train." She said. They all headed out to London and Diagon Ally.

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