New Girl on the Slopes

By AnimeDutchess

He he! My first fanfic...hopefully! Okay, if you haven't noticed, this is a Snowboard Kids fanfic. A new arrival to Snow Town has the Snowboard Kids curious...who is this person? How do the new person's parents and the Snowboard Kids' parents know each other? Can the newbie snowboard? Why am I asking you all these questions? Read to find out! SlashOC paring. Flames will be made more powerful and hurled back to the sender. First chapter will be used as an intro for my original character. Oh, and since I don't know much Japanese, whenever it is spoken, the quotation marks look like this: ' '


Shiko Keri had lived in Obihiro, Japan, on the Hokkaido island for her whole life with her stepmother, younger half brother, older brother, and sometimes (when he wasn't off working) her dad her whole life. Her real mother, Jun, had died three years after Shiko was born, and a year later her father, an American named Christopher, married Maki Hidaka and had a son, Kenta. The older son of the father, Hideki, was away at college trying to become a doctor. So the only people around the most were Maki, Kenta, and Shiko.

Shiko missed her father and older brother greatly, but they always came to visit. When she wasn't at school or her dad and brother weren't visiting she would be out with her friends, mostly skateboarding but in the winter they would snowboard. Shiko was the best out of all her friends. She even won a couple of trophies. One of her dreams was to become a famous snowboarder. Her father supported this dream the most because he had told her about when he lived in a town where it was practically winter all the time, and he and his friends used to ski. Shiko liked it when her father told stories about his past because they were full of adventure and excitement.

Anyway, one day during her summer vacation in the year 2004, Shiko was out skating with her friends, Yoshiro (a hyper boy in Shiko's class) and Mina (his older sister). They were at their favorite spot, pulling really dangerous moves. Well, Yoshiro and Mina were. Shiko was sitting off to the side, watching her friends. This is the last day we'll be together she thought. After the two siblings were done catching some air they sat next to Shiko. 'So, Shiko Chan... are you going on the plane tonight?' Mina asked. 'Yeah, for a 14-hour flight. It'll suck!' Shiko exclaimed. Yoshiro patted her on the back. 'Yeah, but we'll write to you. Just write to us first so we can know your new address. Besides, your dad taught you English! You can speak it even better than you speak Japanese! You'll be fine.' Yoshiro said. Shiko smiled. Even though she had no interest in marrying Yoshiro, he made her feel lots better. 'Thanks, guys.' she whispered. Then she looked at her watch. 'Oh, no! My stepmom wants me home in 10 minutes to get ready to go!' She exclaimed. She and her friends got up and gave each other a big group hug. 'I'll miss you Yoshiro Chan...Mina Chan...' Shiko said, trying to hold back tears. Her friends nodded, both trying to hold their tears back as well. They stopped hugging, and Shiko skated off into the distance, hoping that she would make it to her now former home on time.


Maki Hidaka Keri was waiting outside on the sidewalk for the taxi she called to arrive, bringing Kenta, Shiko, and herself to the airport where Hideki was to see them off as they would start their move to a new town. Since Hideki was already a student at Tokyo University and he was doing so well, he decided to stay and move to the new town later on, when he got his PHD. Maki was a little sad that he couldn't come along, but becoming a doctor had been his dream ever since his real mother died from some rare disease. Kenta was waiting with his mother, but he was being quite annoying doing so. He was jumping up and down, asking for candy, and worst of all, running around screaming for his sister. Maki finally understood why Shiko locked Kenta out of her room all the time.

Finally, Shiko appeared from around the corner. 'Sorry, Mom,' she stressed, But I lost track of time and... Her stepmom gave her a look that said -hurry up and change, then get me out of this hell!-. Shiko shivered a little. 'Okay, then. Wait right there.' She said quickly, and ran into the large house to her former room and changed into a red chinese style shirt and black dress pants. She grabbed her dirty clothes and skateboard and ran back to the front yard, where her stepmom had already opened Shiko's suitcase, revealing the right amount of room for her exess stuff. Shiko smiled. Even if Maki was her stepmom, she was still one of the people Shiko loved with all her heart. Shiko shoved all her stuff into the suitcase and closed it. Then, Kenta finally stopped rambling and ran over to Shiko, giving her a back-breaking hug. " Big Sister!" Kenta said, trying out his English, "Dad called! He said what town we're moving to!"

Shiko got exited. Their father had kept the location of their new residence a secret for quite a while. "Really? Where?" Shiko asked, speaking English like she had spoken it all her life (and she had). "Eh...he told Mama. She said she'd tell us on the plane." Kenta said. Shiko was a little disappointed, but she knew why her father had been keeping their new location a secret. In fact, she also knew things about her father that her stepmom didn't know. But there was no time to reflect on things past, as the taxi had finally arrived. The family climbed in, getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


Later, at the airport, Hideki Keri had finally spotted his stepmom and younger siblings coming into the airport. He accompanied them all the way through the airport until they got to the metal detectors. Since 9/11 in America, many contries had been taking precautions. He gave them all one final hug. 'I'll be seeing you during vacation, don't worry!' he said cheerfully as they were walking away. 'Uh, Hideki...' Shiko whispered. 'Yeah, Shiko Chan?' he asked. 'Um, well, you better come move to wherever we live when you're a great doctor!' she exclaimed. Hideki smiled. 'And you better have lots of friends when I come visit!' He said back. They laughed, and then Shiko went through the metal detector. Hideki waved to them until he could no longer see his siblings and stepmom.


As the plane took off, Shiko, Kenta, and Maki held on to the arm rests of their chairs. Neither had ever been on a plane before, and they immedietly decided that they didn't like planes very much when they were taking off. Once the plane had reached the right altitude for flying, Maki looked at both her children, since she was in the seat closest to the aisle. Kenta had the window seat and was staring at the clouds, and Shiko was getting a book out of her carry-on bag. "So, kids, do you want to know where we are moving?" Maki said in English. Both children stopped what they were doing and nodded. "Well, your father said it was...what was it again?"

'Mama, don't you remember?' Kenta asked.

'Of course I do, I'm just trying to say it in English.' Maki started to rub her temples. Then she remembered the right words. "Snow Town! That was it, Snow Town!" She exclaimed. Kenta didn't get very exited, he just started to look out the window again, but Shiko gasped. That's the place where Dad lived! She thought excitedly. No wonder it had been kept a surprise! Shiko then went back to find her book as the plane started to go over the Pacific Ocean.


Christopher Keri had been waiting at the Blizzard County Airport for an hour. He looked at his watch nervously. Please, God; please let nothing happen to them he thought and prayed at the same time. Just then, and announcement came on over the PA system that Flight 456 from Obihiro, Japan to Blizzard County had just arrived. He breathed a sigh of relief as he walked to the terminal where the plane was. He saw it get ready for the unloading of passengers. He watched as people came off the plane, either back from a vacation or starting one. Then he saw Shiko, Kenta, and Maki emerge from the plane. He ran over to them and gave them a hug. "How was the flight?" He asked. "It was fine, dear," Maki said, "but Kenta threw up an hour before we landed." Kenta acknowledged it by nodding, still looking a little green. Shiko, however, was perfectly fine and smiling. "How's my world champion doing?" He joked. Shiko's smile got even bigger. "I got another trophy while you were away! Best Snowboarder on Hokkaido...or, at least I was." She explained. Chris gave his daughter another hug, and then all four of them went to baggage claim.


Shiko looked at the new house they were to live in. They had gotten all their stuff at baggage claim and had rode through a blizzard in the new family car before finally making it to Snow Town an hour after they got into the car from the airport. They then drove through the town and made it to a valley at the end of a street called 'Snow Street' that had a mansion there. Her father had explained on the way that he used to live in this house when he was a boy, and he had taken a month off of work just to fix it up and get new furniture. He really didn't seem troubled by it, since his job paid him a lot of money, so they were pretty rich. Shiko hadn't seen anyone around the town, since it was practically midnight. As the family brought their stuff in, Shiko wondered how the school system worked, and if she would have to wear a uniform like in her old school, and if the other kids were nice, and if any of them were like Yoshiro and Mina. One thing was for sure, though. She knew that she would love it here.


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