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Who Done It?

Chapter Two:

"What the hell are you talking about Kagome? You're running a fever, you're delusional!" "Inuyasha please put me down!" I knew what I had heard and I could tell he wasn't going to put me down. So I kicked him in the stomach causing both him and myself to fall down. As he was holding his stomach I summoned every last peice of strength I could find to shove him out of my room and lock it. "Kagome! What the hell is going on? Let me in damn it!" Ignoring him I returned to my closet and continued to rip the carpet open.

I had almost gotten it completely out when I heard Inuyasha outside of my window. "Kagome if you don't let me in I'm going to bust open this window!" Worried, I lifted my bed over the window to slow him down. "Sango! Sango?" I yelled putting my ear to the floor again hoping to God she would answer. All I heard was the sound of someone trying to be quiet.... but couldn't cover up their sobs.

Convinced I had found Sango, I took another closer look at the floor of my closet. When I noticed what looked like a trap door. I ran over and grabbed a pocket knife I kept in my purse. I heard Inuyasha breaking my window. So I ran back to my closet and shoved the knife into the piece of wood pushing it as hard as I could causing it to pop open. I looked inside but couldn't see anything. It was very dark but I heard a sound come from Sango. "Sango? Are you down there?" No answer.

Just then Inuyasha shoved my bed out of his way and came into my room. "Get back Inuyasha! Don't touch me!" I shouted holding my knife up in a defensive way. He put his hands up "Kagome please calm down, I....I won't touch you just please." "Get out!" I demanded pointing to the door. "Okay I'm going," He kept his hands up and unlocked the door and went out. I locked him back out even though there really wasn't any point and went into my dresser searching for a flashlight. Once I found it I went back to my closet. "Sango! Don't worry I'll get you out of there!" I yelled.

I turned on the flashlight to see a staircase. I followed it down getting more and more scared.

What the hell is this? A secret room? What's it doing in my closet? Who put it here?

I looked around and saw Sango tied up sitting in a pile of hay. "Miroku? Whose there?" She asked.


I ran over to her and went to wrap my arms around her when I fell right through her. I took my flashlight and shined it right on her face. She squinted as if it hurt. "Who are you?" She pleaded. I shined the light upon myself. "Kagome! Help me get me out of here!" As tears filled my eyes I put my hand up. "I can't" I replied softly. She put her hand on mine and again mine went through her. "Are you a ghost?" She asked me. "I was going to ask you the same thing." Tears started to roll down my face. "Sango! Whose done this to you! Where are you really at?" "It was that Kikyo person, I'm not sure where I am."

"Kagome!!" Inuyasha's voice called. "I'm down here." I yelled back whyping my tears. Inuyasha followed my voice. "What are you doing Kagome? Who are you talking to?"

He can't see her. Why is it that me and Sango can see each other? I have to find this Kikyo.

"Inuyasha! Kikyo has Sango trapped somewhere!" "What? How do you know that?" He asked. "I really can't tell you. Just please trust me." I got up and ran outside with my keys. "Wait Kagome! I'm coming with you!" I nodded. I drove to the restaraunt and ran inside. "Kaede where does this Kikyo live?" After a small conversation she gave me the address and I floored it there. I got out and banged on the door. Kikyo answered and I shoved her out of the way. Looking for a room that resembled my own. "What the hell is going on? Inuyasha? What are you doing here?" He came inside and closed the door. "We need to talk." He said taking her into her living room.

Good keep her distracted.

"Sango!!!" I screamed. I heard a sound coming from the basement. I ran through the kitchen and down the stairs. "Sango?" "Kagome!! I'm down here!!!" I ran up to her and hugged her. I then ripped out my pocket knife setting her free. "Come on, let's go." I helped her out of the house. As Inuyasha helped her into the car I slapped Kikyo's face and told her I would see her in court.

It turned out that my headaches came because I had some strange connection with Kikyo. When she went crazy I would get a headache everytime she murdered someone. She didn't kill Sango because she wanted information from her. Once Kikyo was in prison all my medical problems seemed to go away. I wish I knew how we are connected. WINK

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