-uhh...is this even needed? gets smacked yeah, yeah. Thanks to those who read and reviewed my other story...somebody guessed the answer right though. You know who you are :) Anyway, here's another sucky story!

Oh, btw, anybody want an epilogue for 'Ja ne' that would clarify things up? Maybe if you can convince me...

A cool breeze flew past the woman of about early twenty, making her long brown hair waltz with the leaves from the trees of Payon. She inhaled deeply, blissfully shutting her eyes as her insides squirmed with delight at the intoxicatingly fresh autumn wind. Her loose dress, too, flowed and danced behind her.

Her eyes fluttered open, revealing orbs of green that reflected joy, peace, knowledge...and a tad bit of mischief. She blissfully sighed again, thoroughly enjoying herself. A child's voice broke whatever train of thought she was having.

"Miss...shouldn't you be getting inside?" the little child approached her. "Darek told me that when it's cold, a large monster will get you!" the child said in utmost fear. "It wouldn't be safe for Gabby Junior if a monster comes!" at this, the girl, Gabby, eyed the older woman's stomach area protectively.

The brown haired woman chuckled. "You really don't have to believe whatever your brother says. But anyway, I guess you're right. It is getting a bit chilly." With that the child beamed happily, grabbing the brunette's hand, leading her inside.

As soon as she sat cozy on a chair in front of the fireplace, an army of children's voices barraged her.

"She's here!!!"

"Yay! Story time, story time!"

"Shut up and sit down, sis, she's about to start!"

The brown haired woman shot a reprimanding glare at the last person. The little boy smiled sheepishly and, after muttering at apology at his sister, he, too, joined in on the circle of children around the older woman.

Patting her belly, imagining the little one in the group of children, she asked the crowd. "So, what'll it be today?"

"Romance!" a thirteen year old child shouted, then suddenly blushed deep crimson.

"Ewww! That's so yucky! How about action!"

"Comedy'll be bewy nice!!!"

"That's boring, why not some horror you wuss!"

"Those are some tough from someone afraid of a poring."

The boy who suggested horror promptly glared at the offending girl. "Not my fault! They're evil I tell ya!"

The girl came back with a quick counter. "Just because they stole your stick doesn't mean the cute things are evil."

The brunette laughed at the children's antics. Silencing the group she started. "Okay, the story I'm about to tell you is a mixture of all."

"Even angst?" another child questioned.

The brunette's eyes became dark for a split second then she smiled brightly again. "Even angst. However, there will be no horror, okay?"

A number of cheers chorused, followed by only one boo.

"Okay, once upon a time..."

My Rants:

-in case anybody wants to know, I love assassins. They're so cool! Heck, I spent most of my school time last year toying with my classmate's mind to let him draw me a male assassin paired up with any female ragna character (he's damn good in drawing, just like my 'imo-chan'). The only thing I'm waiting for now is the one with the female hunter, dancer, and assassin!

Hmm...I think I'll get him to draw me more...