Elections 2005

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Full Summary: Sakura and Syaoran are the most popular and most respected figures in Japan. The 2005 elections for the Prime Ministral seat has opened and Sakura runs for the Constitutional Parliamentary party while Syaoran runs for the Imperialistic Monarchy party They battle for the position as they make a bet of who wins takes the loser. But will love get in the way, or will their parties merge or, will someone destroy them?

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Chapter 1: Candidacy

CAUTION: Chapter contains scenes and words not suitable for general audiences, parental guidance is recommended

Somewhere in a mansion in the town of Tomoeda, Sendai city, Japan. April 6 2005 10:30 hours

"We are here reporting live at Tomoeda, since it is the year of elections again, miss Sakura Kinomoto, one of the famous actresses in Japan, is leaving show business and entering the world of politics. Former senator Touya Kinomoto insisted that his younger sister run for the Prime Ministral elections, since her father in the 90's was elected as Prime Minister of Japan. Miss Tomoyo Daidouji, her half sister, is her running mate for this year's elections. Who will be brave enough to stand in the way of Miss Kinomoto and Miss Daidouji? We will be giving live updates and live coverage for the 2005 Prime Ministral Elections, this has been Tony Saisaki, BBC Sendai"

Syaoran was smirking in his room as he saw the report of a BBC field reporter. He now had something to accomplish again. Beat his rival and long time crush, Sakura Kinomoto. He then dialed a number he knew by heart and the other side of the phone rang.

"Moshi Moshi?" Eriol asked (Surprised, You thought it was Sakura, ha! You're daydreaming if you ask me)

"Yo, it's Syao, do you remember your promise that you owe me your life and will do anything to repay me?" Syaoran asked

"...Yeeeeaah..." Eriol answered nervously. 'He's up to something' Eriol thought

"Well now's your chance to repay me, be my running mate and consider every debt you have to me is paid, what do you say?" Syaoran calmly stated. He knew that Eriol would not back out.

"You know that were gonna battle many governors here at Sendai, so it will be a tou..." Before Eriol could finish, Syaoran butted in and said "BAKA! I will challenge Sakura in the Prime Ministral elections."

"Baka-bakashi, you know, you're challenging you long time crush and I will be forced to battle against my fiancée. Besides, both of you are well known celebrities, but she has the upper hand as she has more male fans than you, and every male fans you have, well let's just say, they are not sexually oriented if you get my point."

"I know, but I will make her marry me in this situation" Syaoran stated

"And how is that Einstein?" Eriol asked in an exasperated sarcastic tone.

"We make a bet, winner takes loser and same goes for the running mate, so in either ways, you can also ask her to marry you, right?" Syaoran again hoping for his acceptance to his offer earlier

"BAKA! were engaged and we are getting MARRIED, I don't need to ask her dumb-ass" Eriol asked really annoyed and added, "Fine, but if we lose, it's your fault now mine"

"Thanks, and by the way, Meiling is our Campaign manager, and she's now handling it, I told her before you agreed that you're my running mate, oops" Syaoran's stupid tongue slipped as he said something that he would regret.

"Oi, matte, you mean to say, you told her before I agreed that I am your running mate" Eriol asked sternly

"Yah, so you cannot back out now" Syaoran said calmly, regaining his nervous composure a few minutes ago.


"Yeah, but now you agreed, so now worries, like in Lion King, Hakuna Matata!" Syaoran said teasingly

"Have you considered the point if I declined, geez, your hopeless, when's first meeting?" Eriol asked as he gave the topic up

"Tomorrow, at 5 in the afternoon, Ja ne" Syaoran said as he put the phone down.

Kinomoto Estate, Tomoeda, Sendai City Japan. April 7 2005

There were only two months away at the elections, and still no one was challenging Sakura, yet!

"Good morning Sendai, this is NHK's news update. Famous actor and Governor of Sendai, Governor Syaoran Li will be making a statement addressing the famous actress Sakura Kinomoto, and currently we have a field correspondent live at the Li Mansion in Tomoeda where the Governor will be making his statement"

Sakura was shocked, 'Why can't he tell me personally, wait... is he... no... this will be good...' Sakura smirked as she continued to watch the news.

"... and yes they are and... I just received a report that the Governor is now making his statement..." Then Syaoran was making his statement:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to announce something to my fellow people and my best friend Sakura, I know this will be a shock to you all and, all I'm about to say is... I will be running as well for the Prime Ministral elections... Here is my campaign manager Meiling, to answer your questions, thank you and good morning to all"

Sakura was not surprised at all and predicted this. Her rival was always making challenges and again as she predicted he was going to call in




"Ring, Ring"

"What's the bet?" Sakura asked, knowing that is was Syaoran

"You really know how I act, I guess you really know how long my sausage is" Syaoran said teasingly

"Shut up, so what is it, money, fame or glory" Sakura asked curiously. She liked it when she makes a bet with Syaoran since he always gets beaten. Naturally he doesn't get beaten but he forfeits for the one he loves and that was Sakura. She on the other hand, also has feelings for the amber-eyed man, but still hasn't confessed to him

"More than what you expected princess, winner takes loser" Sakura now was shocked. "Fine" Sakura stated calmly. Syaoran was grinning at the other side and said "Fine, if I win, I take you, but if I lose...' Syaoran was cut when Sakura said "Yeah, I'm not stupid asshole" Sakura stated. "That means if I want to marry you, you will deal" Syaoran said blushing at the other side. Sakura then was shocked again and replied "Are you proposing to me?" She asked teasingly

"No, well not yet, I'll take my chances at the race, Ja" Syaoran hurriedly hang up because of embarrassment

"If you only knew I would say yes this very instant" Sakura thought loudly then

"Yes about what?" when HE entered the room


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