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You see the real me Anata ga mite de kureru kara

The door bell rang,
"I'll get it" A girl screamed from upstairs. She rushed out of her room slid down the banister and sprinted to the door. She opened it and hugged the person standing there "Yunie!!! Your FINALLY here! I have missed you soo much and your gonna go to my school and its gonna be sooooo much fun Yunie!!!!"

"Well its nice to see you too Cid's girl, haven't seen you so happy to see me in along time, I'll forget the fact you got my name wrong".

"WHAAAAAT?!" Rikku said when she heard the reply and let go of ther person to fin not her cousin but Gippal. "You! Why I gonna... Why are YOU here?"
"I'm here to pick up some parts from brother" he said gesturing for her to move aside "If you don't mind"
"Oh!" Rikku exclaimed "sorry!" she moved aside for Gippal to pass.
"Well nice seeing you again Rix" he said as he walked into the next room.
"I AM NOT CALLED RIX" She yelled after him "IT'S RI-KKU!!! NOT RIX, RI-KKU!!!" Gippal smiled to himself as she yelled after him,
"Same old Rikku" he muttered.

Rikku sighed and shut the door and looked at her watch - it was 7:05 now, Yuna was never late, she was meant to be here at 7. Rikku frowned. Her cousin was coming to live with her for a year so she could attend Rikku's school, because her school has the best Al-bhed program in the whole of Spira and Yuna being half al-bhed, found it necessary to learn her other half's language. Rikku made it to her living room and sat down on the couch. She picked up a magazine and started reading about the latest fashions. Rikku's dream was to become a famous fashion designer.

The door bell rang again "I'll get it!" Rikku yelled yet again. She ran to get the door yet again. She opened it and cheeked to see who it was before jumping on them. "Yunie!" She screamed and hugged her. Yuna was caught by surprise and dropped all her bags onto the ground. Rikku bent down and helped Yuna pick up her bags. "I missed you so much! It's been like year! How are you? What have you been doing? Hows Braska?...." Rikku bombarded her cousin with questions. Yuna smiled Rikku's hadn't changed one bit over the year and she was glad but she wondered had she changed? A little maybe, not much she was the same old Yuna... I guess its time to start again, to change and show the real me Yuna though. Rikku Helped her carry her bags inside and up to her room. They sat there and chatted for most of the night.


"Yunie Yunie Yunie wakie wakie!!!" Rikku said in a sing-song voice as she opened her cousin's curtains, "School today! Yay yay yay!!" she continued, "Get up! Get up! Get out of bed..."

"I'm up!!" Yuna yelled at her cousin. "Just please be quiet!" Rikku giggled.

"Another mission done" And she skipped downstairs.

Yuna sighed and got out of bed. Running her hand through her hair, she went to get dressed. She ran her hand through her hair several times, something is not right... she thought. She walked over to the mirror and gasped at her hair. Then she remembered. Rikku had insisted to give her a new look. She had cut her hair and had given her some of her own clothes. After school, she was to go "op shopping" with her, so Rikku could make her own stuff. She smiled at her new hair cut after awhile, maybe this is the real me and I can get Rikku to design something more me, Its happening at last she thought, this is the real me and she looked at her new hair cut with happiness.

Yuna took awhile to get dressed. She disapproved of most of Rikku's clothes- they were FAR to revealing.

She slowly walked down the stairs. Yuna was SO not a morning person. Yuna had to force down her breakfast in order to leave with Rikku (she said something about duties calling)


"Lookie Yunie!! We're here!" Rikku exclaimed. Yuna (still half asleep) got out of Rikku's car.

"Come on Yunie! I gotta hurry! Got duties! I'll take you to the office, they will talk to ya, then Head Boy and Girl will take you on a tour of the school, Come on!!" Rikku dragged her cousin off into the crowd.


"Okay Miss Yuna, we have your timetable, now we will just call for your Head Boy and Girl in advance- they have a tendency of being late," Ms Prendegast leant forward and whispered "I don't know how they got Head Boy and Girl" she leant back and laughed. Yuna shifted uneasily in her seat.

"Errrrr...thank you" Yuna muttered, looking strangely at the principal. Yuna had been here getting details etc sorted out for half and hour and was extremely bored (This was the longest amount of time that Yuna had ever spent in a principals office, this was tsumaranai!) A voice came out of the intercom-

"Please excuse the interruption, but would the Head Boy and Girl please report to the office immediately. That is- the Head Boy and Girl to the office immediately. Thank you"

About 15mins later, the door behind Yuna opened. The Principal looked up.

"Sup Prendy!" said a male voice.

"Hiya Prendy!!!" said a familiar voice. Yuna turned around.

"Rikku!?!?" she exclaimed, "Why are you here!?!?"

"Head Girl at ya service!!" Chirped Rikku happily

"You gotta be kidding me!" Yuna stared in disbelief.

"Unfortunately this is true" Ms Prendegast said shaking her head.

"Hey!!" Rikku exclaimed. The guy next to Rikku laughed. Ms Prendegast looked at the boy.

"The same could be said about you Tidus" The boy stopped laughing.

"Awww Prendy! We all know you love us!" Ms Prendegast laughed.

"Anyway, time for your tour Miss Yuna! Don't loose her" She said looking at Rikku and Tidus.

"YES MA'M!" Rikku and Tidus said saluting her at the same time.