Author : Queen-Misfit-01.

Rating: PG-13( Swearing and Violence), Maybe updated to R for later chapters.

Summary: Ignorance is a cruel thing, He never realised how much he hurt her until the day he lost her forever.

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I sat there twirling the wrench in my hand, glaring at him over the car. He knew he had pissed me off, and was just wasting time until he did it again.
Dominic Toretto knew how to push my buttons, and he did it all the right ways. He drove me insane most of the time, and the rest of the timeā€¦ well that was different.
The silence between us was unbearable, and the stares were getting harsher by the second,
"Jesus Christ you two give it up", came Vince's growl. He had glanced up from his magazine to stare at us both.
"It ain't me", Replied Dom.
I rolled my eyes, what was this; another episode of she did it first miss. "I don't give a fuck who it was, stop glaring at each other", He told us.
"Yeah you're making me uncomfortable!" Leon called.
I saw Dom glance at the clock, then back at me. He tossed the hand rag down, "I'm going out".
"Where?" I demanded, suddenly all diva-ish.
"Out!" He said gruffly.
"Out where?" I asked again wanting an answer.
He never replied but stalked out from the garage, and towards his car.
"That's it!" I threw my hands up. "He is sleeping on the couch tonight!" I warned.

It's nearly three am, the bedside radio-clock tells me with its bright green digits. The routine feels slightly familiar more so because it is what I do every night. Sit like the good little chica and waits for the hombre to arrive home. When it gets past two I start to worry, maybe he's been a fight, maybe he's seen Tran, and maybe he's crashed. And the worst one to enter my head, but the one that seems to enter all the time and never disappear, Maybe he's hooked up with another girl?
Mia tells me I shouldn't worry so much; Dom is a grown man and can look after himself. Hell I don't worry so much about him anymore; I worry about our future as a couple. The cheating used to be a one of thing, and then it got more serious. I soon began to tire of "I promise it won't happen again", "It was nothing special", "It was one time!" Why was I even sat up waiting for his lame ass to come home, I had to stop acting like it mattered anymore. Pretending we even had a relationship.
I heard the door open and a pounding of footsteps on the stairs, the top one creaks and I know its him. It never does it with anyone else, he opens the door and I turn my head away pretend I'm sleeping.
After a few minutes he climbs into bed beside me, He takes up the cold side of the bed, shuffling around until he gets comfy. I hear him sigh, and he slowly places the palm of his hand on my hip, and runs his thumb slowly up and down. I'm so pissed with him right now, I just want to rip of his thumb and shove it down his throat, but I don't. I wait until he has fallen asleep before I move.

The next morning I got up a little earlier than the rest of the team, made myself some breakfast. I left early on in the morning, Dom was still fast asleep.
"Morning Chica".
I turned to see Vince stood behind me with a yawn, he ran hand through his unruly hair and move towards the table.
"Mornin' V".
"Where's Dom?" He asked.
I shook my head, and stuck the knife in the cream cheese.
"Asleep upstairs".
"You guys fight again?" He wondered.
I placed the plate of bagels on the table, and he snatched one up. I took a seat next to him.
"You didn't fight at all?" Vince asked with a mouthful of bagel and cheese.
"I was asleep when he came in", I lied. Vince looked at me, Me, Mia, Vince and Dom had known each other for as long as I can remember. Him and Dom had been friends, since the third grade. He knew I was lying.
I heard footsteps again and Dom entered the kitchen, I gulped down my O.J. and stood up.
"I'll go get those parts from Harry", I mumbled, my chair made that painful scrapping sound as I shoved it away.
"Lett sit down and have some breakfast", Vince commanded.
"Its ok V, I ain't hungry. I gottta get them parts, or I'll be behind", I said firmly.
Dom walked towards me, I thought he was going to throw me into the chair.
"Eat some breakfast", His voice was low. I looked him up and down; I was still pissed about last night.
"I ain't hungry", and with that I stormed off.

I stood at the counter at Harry's chatting to Edwin and a couple guys, when the new guy came with my parts. He was cute, tall, tanned, well built just how I like 'em.
"Hey yo Lett, We gotta bounce. But catch ya tonight?" Edwin wondered.
I nodded and bumped fists with him, "Fo'sho".
"Aiight", He marched out, the guys following him.
"That's $5,230", came his voice.
I gave him a glare, "You really are new aint you, Put on the tab".
"Tab what tab?" "The Team Toretto tab", came Dom's deep voice. The guy flushed with embarrassment and quickly rectified his mistake.
"Go get Harry", Dom demanded. The guy walked into the back room.
Dom placed a hand on my waist, "What was that?" He asked sharply.
I pulled his hand away, and ignored him.
"What the fuck Lett? You givin' me that silent shit now?", His voice was pissed.
I still didn't answer him, I was still annoyed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to face him.
"Letty talk to me for fucksake".
I glared at him, my brown eyes spitting sparks. "Where were you last night"?
"What?" "You fucking heard me, Where were you Dominic?" This time I was demanding.
"Fucking Where, Out where?" "I just hung out at the races, with Edwin and the guys".
I folded my arms, "What bullshit, I spoke to Ed this morning said he missed you last night. You were a no-show, Stop motherfucking lying to me!" I said raising my voice.
"I went out".
"You know what I ain't dealing with your shit any more Dom, if you wanna fuck around that's fine. But don't do it behind my back!" I yelled, rage consuming me.
"Letty!" He began but I cut him off.
"Sacate a la chingada", I hissed Go to fucking Hell.

I need to punch something, a person, a wall anything. I am so wound up right now, I'm gonna blow.
Its now midnight, I should be at the races with the team but I'm too pissed to do anything but walk around and looked bitchy.
Dom and me haven't really been right since the hiests, the day when he leaned over and told me it was going to ok. That was the day he lied.
Since then it's never been ok, we just seem to get under each other's feet. We always fight, Mainly over where the hell his ass is most of the time.
I kicked any coke can along the street, wishing I brought a jacket to cover my bare arms. I never let him explain for his actions, maybe I should. Maybe I need to listen to him. I stopped my train of thoughts before they left the station, why the hell do I have to stand around and listen to his pitiful excuses. I am Letty Rodriguez, Woman, Independent Bitch. I'd been doing perfectly fine before he came along and screwed over my emotions.
I gingerly touched my papi's dog tags and remembered happier times, when he was alive and he was around. I could feel that lump start to rise in my throat. This always happens when I think of him. Everything was fine until I came home from school, it was a Thursday. He wasn't there, I searched around and around for him. It wasn't until later that night when I got a call.
Drunk Driver or so they say, my Papi. An irresponsible person who couldn't be bothered to take a taxi home had killed my good, honest Papi. The dog tags are my security blanket; they let me know that it's all ok. And When I look at them, I can't help but think that.
I glanced at the name, glinting in the light.
'Pablo Joaquin Rodriguez'.
My Papi.
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