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"What are these?" It was a demand rather than a question and I had entered the room to see Vince sat on my bed, the suitcase at his feet.
"V.." I began but he stopped me.
"Are you leaving?" He asked, he gently kicked the suitcase forward, "Is this what this is for?. You're leaving?" "Vince let me explain", I tried to form a sentence but my mouth went dry and nothing came out.
"This is Dom's fault ain't it? He's making you leave!", Vince's voice rose.
I sat beside him, "V, its not Dom's fault. Part of it is maybe, I need to leave".
"You don't Lett, you don't have to leave", His voice sounded tearful.
"I can't stay here anymore if he's gonna cheat and lie, I ain't gonna have it anymore V. I need to go for myself", I needed to tell him the real reason, I needed to say that I loved Dom too much to stay here and watch him cheat. I needed to say that it just about broke my heart, when I decided not tell the team.
"And you were just gonna pack up and leave? like that?".
I ran a hand through my long hair, "It's not that easy V, I couldn't tell you guys".
"Why, cause we'd ask you to stay. Beg you not to leave? Why the hell not Letty?" Vince shouted.
"Its hard enough as it is, I can't do it if you ask me to stay".
"If you leave it'll kill him Lett, Jesse meant a lot to Dom you mean even more", Vince informed me.
I tutted, "People keep telling me I mean the world to Dom, if I mean the world why does he cheat on me? He has no respect for me. I can do this anymore".
Vince reached into his back pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, he threw it at me.
I looked at it; there must have been over eight thousand bucks in my lap.
"What's this for?" "Its for you, if your leaving I want you to look after yourself. Your to call me every night", He demanded proving that he truly cared about me.
I pulled him into my embrace, "Thanks V".

My hands shook as I played NASCAR with Leon; my eyes were unable to keep on the TV. screen. I knew Dom was stood behind me, watching every move I made. And the fact that I was leaving tonight, made me even more nervous.
"We're going", He said gruffly.
"Just a sec, I'm about to win this", Leon muttered.
Dom snatched the controller from his hand, "Now!" "Jesus, I'm ready", Leon growled and walked outside. I stood up and glared at Dom.
"You makin' an appearance tonight?" He asked me.
"No your trophy ain't gonna be there", I snapped.
He didn't reply just walked out the door, slamming it behind him.
Mia walked out to meet me, "I'm missing you at the races, people are asking".
I shrugged, "Let 'em ask Mi, You're a great friend. Sister".
She grabbed me in a hug and for an instant I thought Vince had told her of my plans.
"Lett chica, I thought I was the dreamy one", She laughed. "We'll back around two".
"Take care", I said firmly.
"Ditto", She called.
I watched from the window as the formation drove off, and it was until ten minutes later that I made my way up stairs.
I sat on the bed, and dug out something my pocket. I laid them on the desk, dog tags glinting in the light. Grabbing my bag, I closed the door. And walked out of what I had called home for half of my life.

It was two minutes to two o'clock and I stood by my car, my cell on the hood. I stared at it. The team would be there any second, they'd search the whole house in two seconds flat. Vince would stand out of the way hoping no one would guess that he knows. Dom would race around, maybe thinking that I hadn't really gone. Mia would think the worst, and Leon well I don't know what he'd do.
As I had expected my phone began to ring, I looked at the caller i.d; Mia. It hurt to cancel the call but I knew I had too. The call was followed by a text message, reading:
' Lett? Chica where are you everyone is going out of the minds. Especially Dom. Please call X x Mi x X'.
I deleted it, and placed the phone back, taking a deep breath I ran a hand through my hair, wishing I had tied it up.
The calls followed, and I glanced at my watch. I needed to make a move, if I wanted to get to Mexico by mid-afternoon. Grabbing the phone, I climbed back into my car, blasted the radio on, and with a flick of my wrist I started the engine. Pulling out of the lane, I made my way back onto the freeway. As I reached 90, I opened the window and took one last glance at the phone and threw it from the window. I saw it shatter and float down the road. No Second Chances.

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