Hey people!!! This is the story I've been talking about...the rated R one.


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is rated R for a REASON. It is not a mistake. It is rated R because of the language...erm...more of it...AND its bloody and angsty content. It is not for the faint of heart (I've always wanted to say that!).

Oh, and also, if you feel like the characters are WAY out of character, then PLEASE DO NOT SAY SO. Thank you.

The characters are/will be out of character, and I know that. But once again, I put a lot of my inner pain and anguish into the story/main/favorite character and this creates a horridly out-of-character person.

Also, the out of character thing can be related to, because even the strongest can break under pressure. And this story examines how far one will go in order to try and right everything. It is an examination of how far one can go before he/she breaks. And the rest of it will be explained once this story is finished. But until then, please remember this note and do NOT flame me. Thank you.

Shudders. I fear the reviews I will get....O.O......(hides in a room devoid of doors and windows)...EEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DISCAIMER: None of the characters belong to me, although I wish Leo did...;)

And once again, this is a rated R story and you all know what that means. And the characters will be out of character.

Thank you. Now, onto the story.


Prologue: Shadows

It had only been two weeks ago, but it felt as if it had been much longer. The Shredder had attacked them, forced them from the Lair, and drove them into hiding. Also, in the process, wounded them greatly.

Splinter was in coma from a head wound. It wasn't serious, but it was worrying nonetheless. But that wasn't the worst.

Leo hadn't been home when the attack happened. He had had to rush home. But when he had gotten there, he found a drastic change in his brothers.

Leo suspected that the Shredder had changed them. But he didn't know how.


The change was evident. All of them had become darker, more violent, more bloody, and more moody. Even Raph, who was already rash and a bit violent, changed drastically as well.

Now, they were all hiding in April's new place. It was much bigger, but it was still new, so it was fairly empty. Casey had moved in with them to try to help Leo take care of his brothers.

Both April and Casey were working during the day, so Leo was stuck at home all alone with his brothers. And they came home late at night when it was dark and his brothers were already asleep.

Leo, over the course of two weeks began loosing a lot of weight. He still trained, but he spent most of his time trying to help his brothers. Leo felt that the Shredder had them under his control, and that was why they were behaving this way.

April and Casey had no idea what went on during the day. And Leo never told them.

He never told them how much his brothers had changed, and how violent they really got.


Well that's it. Lord help me.


Oh, and by the way, the chapter titles will form a poem. This is just the prologue, so this is the title of the poem. Cool huh?