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Chapter 10: Which surrounds us all.

(ten seconds earlier)

April just stood there, silent tears trickling down her face. Casey was still standing in the doorway, staring wide-eyed down the stairs.

"They're gone…" Casey murmured, more to himself than to April.

Casey suddenly whirled around and struck the wall with his fists. "DAMN!" He yelled, punching the wall repeatedly.

April quickly jumped forward and grabbed Casey's fists as he tried to punch the wall again. "Stop it Casey! This isn't helping!"

Casey shrugged, before dropping his hands. "It's making me feel a whole lot better." He growled, looking away.

April sighed. "I know…I know…But it won't bring Leo back…or Raph—"

Casey's eyes flashed and he grabbed April. "DON'T EVER SAY THAT NAME!"

He bellowed, before he quickly let go of April. "Sorry…" He whispered. "But don't ever mention that thing's name AGAIN."

April felt new tears make way down her face. "Casey…I won't deny that the others and Raph—"

Casey glared at her. "DON'T—"

"CASEY! I KNOW YOU'RE ANGRY…heck…I'm angry too…" April stated, calming down a little. "But THEY still are OUR FRIENDS and NO MATTER WHAT, we're going to find out what the hell's going on!"

Casey's eyes hardened and he turned away from April. "Go find out yourself. They aren't my friends anymore."

April lowered her head and let out a choked sob. "Fine…fine. But we still got to at least help Leo. Or is he and Master Splinter 'not your friend anymore'?"

Casey froze. He slowly turned back around; his shoulders drooped in silent surrender. "Fine. We're helping Leo, but ONLY because Leo needs help. Then, we're forgetting Raph and the others-" He spat the names as if they were curse words, "Only Leo and Master Splinter I'm willing to call 'friend'."

April opened her mouth to say something, when they heard a soft 'thump!' in a room down the hall.

April and Casey glanced at each other, before rushing there, completely forgetting about the still open door.

Casey quickly opened the door, so that it bounced back from the wall. Inside, the room was dark and the curtains were billowing with a freezing wind and icy rain.

Casey quickly scanned the room, before noticing a small heap on the floor. He gasped. "Splinter?"

April quickly shoved her way past Casey and knelt beside the fallen master.

Splinter smiled at them, before greeting April. "Ms. O'Neil…how nice it is to see you again!"

April smiled through a tear-streaked face. "You're awake…" She whispered, before hugging the old rat.

Splinter started at the sudden show of affection, but smiled nonetheless. "Ms. O'Neil, I must ask…" Splinter trailed off as he looked into April's eyes. "Where are my sons? I—"

At the word 'sons', Casey made a sudden move, his eyes flashing. Splinter glanced at him for a second, before continuing. "I feel a dark presence…especially around my eldest…Please, I must see them!"

April quickly exchanged a look with Casey, before slowly saying, "They…are not here at the moment…I…don't know where they are…"

Splinter's ears twitched. They were hiding something… something very important…but he needed to find his sons first…

"No matter." He said. "I can sense them…they are not far away…"

With that, the old master stood up, leaning on April for support.

April looked at the old rat. "But Master Splinter! Are you sure you're well enough to walk?"

Splinter looked at her. "I am…for this."

Leo stood silently on the rooftops, trying very hard to ignore the blatant stares of his brothers at him.

Leo heaved a sigh. He'd been standing here for a good ten minutes without even a sign of him.

Stupid…stupid, stupid, stupid. Leo winced as his thoughts once again returned to the deal. He hated himself for it, but he had to admit, he'd been cornered like a rat. No offense to Master Splinter…

Suddenly, Leo heard a soft shift on his left side. Quickly, he whirled around, hissing in pain as his broken ankle and the thousands of bruises and cuts all rebelled against the sudden movement.

The shadow in the corner of the roof moved and parted. Oroku Saki stepped out, without his armor on, but still wielding the claws.

"You're here."

Leo raised his head a little higher before smirking. "I made a deal…I suppose I have to be here, don't I?"

Saki chuckled. "I suppose you do."

Leo's smirk quickly faded. "Your part of the deal?"

Saki reached into his pocket and drew out a small black cube. "Here."

Leo nodded towards his brothers. "Them first."

Saki hesitated, his smirk fading as well. "Your deal?"

Leo rolled his eyes. "Unlike you, I have honor. Once I make a deal, I am bound to keep it."

Saki suddenly laughed again. "That is why I never follow the honor code. My spirit needs freedom…not to be bound by silly deals!"

Leo smirked. "And that is why I never joined you…"

Saki shook his head, his laughter growing. "And yet here you are…ready to trade."

Leo's eyes flashed. "I never joined you and I never will." Leo's fists clenched. "When I feel you weakening, Saki, I will break away…and you will pay! Mark my words!"

Saki nodded absently. "Of course…of course…now, let's get down to business, shall we?"

Leo sighed and nodded.

Saki grinned and squeezed the little cube. The cube immediately glowed a deep crimson.

His brothers' eyes flashed red for a second, before they collapsed.

Saki grinned. "My part is done. I await yours." Was all he said before he disappeared.

Leo let out a slow breath before stumbling over to his brothers.

But before he even reached them, Don's eyes opened and he groaned.

Leo paused and halted a few feet from them. After all he'd been through, he knew that he was treading on a thin line.

Don shook his head before sitting up. "Ouch…My head hurts…"

Mikey moaned before sitting up as well. "How many trucks hit me?" He asked groggily, looking around.

Raph shook his head and sat up. "Damn…that hurt."

Leo's heart took a great leap, before sinking again. His brothers were back, but he'll be gone.

Leo suddenly jolted out of thought by the door, which led up to the roof, opening. Leo groaned as he saw Casey, April, and Splinter stumbling up the stairs.

Nice one, Leo. He told himself.

Casey froze as he looked from Leo to Raph, Mikey, and Don, whom had just managed to get to their feet.

Casey's hands tightened into a fist.

Leo sighed as he massaged his temples. He didn't have the time…or strength…for this.

Raph blinked as he looked at Casey. "What's up with ya?"

Casey blinked in surprise, before looking at Leo. "Leo…" His voice cracked. "You okay? Did these bastards hurt you anymore?"

Mikey stared. "Whoa! Back up there! Bastards? Leo, what's going on?"

Leo bit his lip and studied the floor.

"My son?"

Leo looked up, noticing that everyone's eyes were on him. Leo quickly looked down at the floor again.

Don suddenly gasped. "The Elite!"

Leo flinched as everyone drew out their weapons and took a defensive stance.

It's time… Leo thought, closing his eyes and summoning the last bit of strength he had.

"Put your weapons away. You don't need them."

Leo flinched again as he felt everyone stare at him. "Leo?" He heard Don question. Suddenly Leo couldn't take it anymore.

"They're just here to make sure I keep up my part of the deal."


Leo, after a few minutes, couldn't take it anymore and looked up.

Everyone was staring at him, their mouths hanging open in surprise.

April gulped. "Leo?" She whispered, looking scared. "What deal did you make with the Shredder?" She asked, her voice rising.

Leo looked away. "I'm really sorry guys, but you must understand something. I'm really sorry and I love you guys and I really thank you all for everything that you did, but now I really must go. And—" Leo said, pausing. "Whatever you do, DON'T come after me. I'm sorry."

Leo whispered, before whirling around and jumping onto the next roof, and then running off into the shadows.

The elite turned and disappeared.

Everyone else was left on top of the roof, with howling wind and rain soaking them.

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