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Ranma looked upon his father in disgust. Genma Saotome was once again engaged in an act that had occurred time and time again over the years. A few weeks ago, Genma had arrived at the temple requesting training for his son in exchange for something or other. What was traded, Ranma did not know. All he knew was apparently his father had decided it was time to leave. Never failed, whenever Genma decided to move on, the first thing he did was raid the library for scrolls or training manuals.

Just as Ranma was about to confront his father, a small book was tossed from Genma's hand. The aim was straight and true, Ranma caught it with his head. The impact was sufficiently hard enough to knock him senseless for a few moments. Sitting up from the resulting prone position, Ranma looked at the book.

"The Art of Wizardry." Ranma read.

Flipping through the book, assuming it was a book of martial arts techniques, Ranma skimmed looking for a new technique. In short order he came to a passage that looked promising. In a separate area, preceded by warnings (which were ignored), lay the Oath.

'In Life's name, and for Life's sake, I say I will use the Art for nothing but the service of that Life. I will guard growth and ease pain. I will fight to preserve what grows and lives well in its own way; and I will change no object or creature unless its growth and life, or that of the system of which it is part, are threatened. To these ends, in practice of my Art, I will put aside fear for courage, and death for life, when it is right to do so—till Universe's end.' (1)

"This must be it." Having the impression that the Oath should be read aloud, Ranma did so. He had just finished when a voice from behind startled him. Turning, Ranma beheld the senior monk of the temple. This monk had taught Ranma much and was well liked by the boy.

"I would never have expected the Powers to choose you." The elder monk said. "But in hindsight it comes as no surprise."

"Powers?" Ranma asked, genuinely confused.

"The Powers That Be. You would call Them Kami." The monk replied with a slight chuckle. "Let me explain what you have just gotten yourself into." With that, the monk led Ranma away from the library, leaving Genma undisturbed and none the wiser.

The next morning Ranma and his father left the temple. The elder monk had spent several hours the previous night explaining to Ranma his new responsibilities and teaching him a few things. The monk had been pleasantly surprised at how fast Ranma learned. He had also admonished the boy to never let his father know what he now was, also to keep his manual hidden and secret from his father. Thus one of the things that the monk taught Ranma was how to make a retrievable pocket. A little fold in space-time that Ranma could use to store the things he did not want his father to have. The pockets current contents were Ranma's manual and some spell components given to him by the monks. Every night once his father was asleep, and anytime he thought it was safe to do so, Ranma studied his manual and learned.

So continued the training trip for several weeks.

A couple weeks out from the temple, something occurred that gave Ranma pause. He and his father were in the midst of cooking lunch when Ranma felt every green and growing thing nearby shudder violently. He had begun to notice about a week ago that he had an affinity with growing things and nature. He talked to the trees and bushes as well as other plants. This allowed him to forage far better then his father as the plants helped him. But, it was their obvious distress that got his attention this time. What ever was wrong had also got his father's attention.

"What the hell?" Both Saotome's asked simultaneously.

"What's the matter?" Ranma whispered to a nearby tree in Speech.

(The Lifegiver is gone! The Witherer has come!)

'The Witherer? That's one of the Lone Power's names.' Ranma thought.

Suddenly the sun went out. One minute it was noon and bright and clear, the next it was pitch black with only starlight to let them see. In that instant Ranma realized what the tree had meant. The Lone Power had extinguished the sun. Though he had no idea how a non-wizard would view this unfortunate event, he used his fathers stark terror and shock as a good guide. But what could he do? He had no idea if he could turn the sun back on. Even if he could, he would have to be at the sun to do it and that meant teleporting in front of his father.

As Ranma pondered the ramifications of current events a new development drew his attention. A searingly bright light had appeared in the sky. It could not be more then half way between the earth and the moon as a second or two after it appeared the moon flickered on searingly bright as well. It was all Ranma could do but watch.

As the new star began to fade, Ranma felt the trees and plants seem to sigh in relief. A quick conversation verified his suspicion. The sun had quietly come back on. Though its light would not reach the planet for several minutes yet, the plants still knew.

When the sun shown bright in the sky once more, Genma quickly forgot about the whole incident. Ranma however, would always remember and feel pride in that his fellow wizards had somewhere, somehow saved them all once again. (2)

A couple of months after leaving the temple, Genma suddenly announced one morning that that they were going into the city for supplies. To Ranma this meant that his father was going to lie, cheat and steal any supplies Genma thought they needed as any money he might have earned would most assuredly be spent on sake. Ranma frowned at that thought. While there was nothing he could do to prevent his father from stealing, he could refuse to participate himself. In addition some of the spells he had learned made it difficult for Genma to beat him senseless as a punishment for disobedience. Genma of course thought that the reason he could not hit Ranma sometimes was that the boy was getting better. This both filled him with pride about his teaching methods and worry that soon he may run out of things to teach.

With nothing better to do then sit around the campsite while Genma was gone, Ranma grew restless. He could only train or study so much every day without getting bored or repetitive. So after a few hours Ranma decided to go exploring. Thus Ranma left the campsite and began to wonder around.

Upon reaching a shopping district, Ranma's first stop was a small bookstore for some writing utensils and note books. These items, once paid for, went into the retrievable pocket. All the money Ranma had was from various senseis, passersby, and friendly people he had done odd jobs for. Keeping it in his pocket kept his father from getting it, no matter how hard Genma looked. Granted it was not much, only a few thousand yen, but it was sufficient for his needs. The occasional pit fight also supplemented his income.

Ranma's second stop was a snack stand to get something to eat. He had just finished it off when a commotion from a nearby alley caught his attention. A local gang of toughs was accosting a young girl. The girl appeared to be about Ranma's age if slightly older and sported a pageboy haircut. She wore a serviceable blouse and a pair of slacks. Overall a very versatile and yet simplistic at the same time. On the ground next to her was a small traveling pack. Ranma's quick eyes noticed something else instantly as well. When ever one of the gang members attempted to grab her, two things happened. One, she slid out of the way and two, the gang member seemed to slide off the air around her. Ranma recognized both martial arts training and a shield spell when he saw it. One thing nagged at the back of his mind however, the style she used seemed familiar.

In any case, Ranma decided he should help a fellow wizard out. Perhaps after he beat on the bullies she could help him with his magic studies. He knew that with any type of training, it was best to have a partner to compete against and learn with and from. So deciding, Ranma strode towards the alley.

"It ain't right to harass a girl. Besides, it don't look like she wants any part of whatever it is you want."

Authors Notes:

1. Can you not see a person like Ranma taking the Oath thinking that Art meant martial arts and not magic? Plus it holds to many of the tenants that he holds dear.

2. I know this bit seems a little out of sync. That's because I am trying to tie it in to the first book of the young Wizard series. This is another person's view of the events of the final chapters. I know Ranma seems to know a lot more then he should. He actually does not know anything more then what is written in his manual and what the plants tell him. He is making a massive assumption about the other wizards. All he knows is that the Lone Power had put out the sun. For it to come back on He had to have been defeated. It is a wizard's job to fight Him. Thus is Ranma's train of thought.

This is but one half of the first chapter to Ranma and Nabiki's first adventure as wizards. The next chapter will focus on Nabiki and how she got her manual. Then together they are off on their Ordeal. I am continuing to work on my other stories as well and hope to have some ready for publish ASAP.