Here are the ages for the people in my story/






Okay sinse I don't know what to call this story I will call it



It had been a year since the Teen Titans had started breaking up. It had been a year since Raven decided to remain in the Titans Tower. A year since she became the Lone Titan.

The Lone Titan, thatas what the people called her now. It was kind of amusing really, the city still needed a hero so she had to stay. She felt that it was her duty as a formor Teen Titan.


Wonder how the ohers are doing, Cyborg thought as he programed a computer, I wonder how Raven's doing. I wonder if she has found anyone to call her own yet.

Cyborg looked at his next costumer and smiled.

I know I've got a new life, he thought , A better life.


BB was a fast food manager. After all it was the best job that he could think of even if he was a vegetarioan.

He was so busy nowadays that he rarely thought of the others but when he was alone he thought about the day that started the whole break up.


It had been a normal day, BB and Cyborg were fighting about what they were giong to eat. RAven was medatating, and Robin and StarFire were talking quietly.

Well Robin and Star talking to themselves were kinda odd but no one thought anything of it. Or atleast untill they spoke up.

"WE are leaving," Robin said.

"Why!?" Cyborg yelled.

"WE are doing the marring," StarFire said.

"She means that we are getting marrie," Robin said getting ready to leave, "Best of wishes."

Robin and StarFire then left.



Robin and StarFire were depressed.

They were unable to get married. No one wanted to marry them so the lived together in a cramped apartment.

Everyday they thought about the others.

They wondered if they could bo back, wondered if they would take them back.

What they didn't know is that the Titans had split up.

end of chapter.