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Raven and the others were sittting on the couch.

"When did you start?" Robin asked her.

"Shortly after the team started breaking up," Raven whispered seeing her powers engulf the kitchen door.

"Really?" Both Beast Boy and Cyborg asked in confusion, "How come?"

"I didn't want to lose control," Raven said looking at her hands in her lap, "It is the only way."

They all gave her a sad look.

"Its not," Robin said, "Why would you think that.?"

Raven didn't answer.

"Dude," Beast Boy said angryly, "are you going to answer him?"

Raven shook her head and Beast Boy asked, "Can we hurry? I'm hungry."

Cyborg pushed Beast Boy and made him shut up.

"Why do you think that?" Cyborg asked Raven gently.

"Cause I'm the only one I've got," Raven whispered trying not to cry.

Raven then teleported herslef to the roof of the tower.

I've got to get a hold on myself, she thought not hearing Cyborg come up behind.

He watched her toy with her pocket knife and press the blade on her arm.

He then spoke up.

"You don't want to do that," he said with a light chuckle, "I'm watching you."

Raven then looked at him and said, "Go away, I need to be alone."

Cyborg came up close to her.

"You're not alone," he said suddnley hugging her tightly, "At least not anymore."

"What?" Raven gasped in fear.

"I love you," Cyborg said quietly.

"Why?" she asked in confusion, "How can you?"

Instead of answering, Cyborg kissed her.

Raven's body went simi-limp. They were that way for a long while untill Cyborg realized that Raven was crying.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned.

She nodded and her gently took the knife from her hand and crushed it in his own.

"You don't need it anyway," he told her, "You've got me now."

He gave Raven's arm a gentle squeeze and said, "Promise me that you will stop cutting."

"I promise," Raven whispered softly, "I'll stop."

Then a voice yelled, "Raven! The T.V. is not working!"

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