Title: Dating Experiments

Fandom: Btvs

Summary: Buffy decides that experiments in dating are a must. B/A takes place second season sometime after Reptile Boy and before S/I.

Written for 15minuteficlets. The word was capricious.

I let loose a flying snap kick, catapulting the vamp into the Alpert crypt.

"Capricious, I am not capricious!" I rant to the vamp I'm beating up. I don't know what capricious means but I'm not it. It's got to be something bad. Giles made that face, the one he doesn't make at Willow, when he said it.

I drive a cross punch into the vamp's kidneys. He grunts and drives a knee up into my stomach. I double over and he lifts me up over his head.

"Why do you guys always have to pick me up and throw me? It's the little and blond thing isn't it? Human boys, same problem," I quip.

The breath is knocked out of me as I land against a headstone, shattering it. Oops. I kick up and apologize to who ever it is laying underneath the remains of the headstone. I duck a roundhouse punch and drive my fist up into the vamp's gut. I uncurl my fist and hook my fingers under his sticky out chest bone thingy. I pull up and am rewarded with a cracking sound, followed closely by lots of vampy screaming. I shove a stake through his heart, leave it a little bit too long and watch it dust with the rest of the vamp.

I wrinkle my nose. Oh well, not like I don't have another. "Always carry a spare stake, good for staking vamps or building tiny fences," I say to the darkness.

"Tiny fences?" The darkness answers back.

I smile. I know that voice. The shadows part and Angel steps out from them. He looks yummy-licious in dark pants, a white shirt and that long black leather coat of his. On anyone else, the coat would look way dorky but on Angel, yum.

"Oh, I-just-what's capricious mean?" I ask. I can ask Angel things like this. He won't roll his eyes and make some comment about the lack of education among American children.

"It means impulsive," Angel says.

"Oh," I sigh dropping into a pout. Personally, I know Angel likes it when I pout. He does this thing where he focuses on my mouth and he usually kisses me when I do it. I'll use any means necessary to get Angel kisses, trust me if you were getting them, you would too.

"So it's not like bad thing, right?" I ask.

Angel shrugs. "It depends on the situation. Why?" He asks.

I roll my eyes and sigh. "Giles went on this big lecture. I'm not sure what most of it was about because he uses all those English words but he called me capricious and he sounded really annoyed when he said it. Then he went off into his office making this clucking noise that Willow says he makes when he's angry."

Angel gives me that little lopsided grin that makes my heart flip flop. "Well, maybe you are a little impulsive sometimes and it doesn't always turn out well. Remember the frat party with the snake?"

"Yeah, me and dating tends to do that, well dating normal boys," I say with a glance over at Angel.

"Just when you date normal boys?" Angel asks with this little twinkle in his death-by-chocolate eyes.

I grin and scooch closer to him. "Yeah because I seem to be doing okay with the dating a vampire thing. Of course, I'll need to do further dating experimentation," I say.

"Yeah?" Angel asks.

I nod, completely unable to wipe this really huge grin off my face. "Yup, experimentation of the Bronzing type. Look I'm dressed all cute and everything," I say indicating my really cute new spaghetti strap tank and tight jeans.

Angel grins. His eyes rake over me. "That you are. I agree further experimentation is in order."