Love Madness

Author's note: It's been a while since I've watched Teen Titans, so some of the characters may be a bit out of character. Also, I apologize in advance to any Cyborg fans out there. He is an okay character, and he helps balance the team, but he just does not inspire me to write stories about him.

The sun reflected off the windows of a huge, T shaped building. A teenage boy with shoulder length blonde hair, clad in ice blue clothes, stood staring up at a sky scraper.

"This seems to be the only T-shaped building around, so it must be the place."

Inside the building…

"Hah! Take that!" Shouted Cyborg, rapidly pressing buttons on a controller.

"Oh yeah?! Just wait'll you feel my new missile!" Beast Boy pressed a button on his controller.

On the TV screen the image was split down the middle. On one side a green space ship shot a huge homing missile. The missile sped towards a silver ship which did a back flip to avoid the missile. The missile kept up and hit the ship, which exploded.

"Darn it!"

"Ha ha!"

"So then I was in this fab. Clothing store, trying to decide which color dress suited me better, when this really cute sales clerk walked up. And do know what he said?" Terra pulled some hair out of her face.

"No, what did the cute sales clerk say?" Star Fire leaned closer.

Raven rolled her eyes and said in her bored, dry voice, "How may I help you?"

"Exactly!" Terra exclaimed.

"Wow Raven, how did you ever guess what a cute sales clerk would say?" Star Fire looked at her, wide-eyed.

"That's what sales clerks are supposed to say."

"Even cute sales clerks?"


"So anyway, as I was saying, he asked if he could help me and so I told him that I was trying to find a color that complemented my complexion and he said that they would all look beautiful on me! But that pink would look especially good!"

Raven- How long is this girl going to stay here? She's really trying my patience.

Robin walked into the room, "Has anybody seen my Super Psyched Out Space Racer game?"

Raven pointed towards the TV. Cyborg and Beast Boy were still mashing buttons madly.

"Oh. That explains it." Robin walked over to the TV and shut it off.

"HEY!" Cyborg and Beast Boy shouted in unison.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"You can turn it on in a minute. I have an announcement to make first."

The room faded into silence. Everyone stared at Robin, but Raven was the first to ask, "What kind of announcement?"

"Well, an old friend of mine just called me. He has super powers too, and wants to try out on our team. I told him that he was welcome to come visit."

"What? Just like that?" asked Cyborg.

"For how long?" Beast Boy asked, turning into a dog and cocking his head.

"That's wonderful news! What is his name?" Star Fire inquired.

Raven stared blankly at Robin.

"His name is Arrow and he'll be staying for at least two weeks."

"When is he coming?" asked Terra.

Robin opened his mouth.


"That could be him now!" Robin scurried to the surveillance camera and flipped on the view screen.

"Wow!" Star Fire, Raven and Terra had hearts in their eyes as the gazed at the handsome young man with golden hair and sapphire eyes.

Robin opened a window and shouted down, "Arrow! I'll be down in a second to let you in!"

"Don't bother!" Arrow took a bow from his back and pulled an arrow out of the arrow sack on his back. He took aim and fired. The arrow whistled through the air and suctioned onto the top of the window frame. Dangling from the arrow was a rope. The Titans watched in fascination as Arrow grabbed the rope, pressed a button and the rope was sucked back into the arrow, bringing Arrow up to stand on the window sill.

"Hullo, my name is Arrow." He stepped off the sill, into the room and bowed, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is ours!" exclaimed Terra, grabbing his hand and vigorously shaking his it.

"A friend of Robin's is a friend of ours!" exclaimed Star Fire hugging Arrow's other arm.

"Hello." Said Raven.

Arrow smiled in amusement at all of the attention he was getting, while Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin watched with varying amounts of jelousy.

Cyborg cleared his throat and held out his hand, "I'm Cyborg."

Arrow managed to retrieve his hand from Terra long enough to shake hands with Cyborg.

"I'm Terra," she said grabbing onto his upper arm and leaning against him.

"I am Star Fire and I am honored to meet such a wonderful friend of Robin's!" She still clung to Arrow's other side.

Suddenly a purple/black aura surrounded Terra and Star Fire, pulling them back from Arrow.

"I'm Raven"

Arrow held out his hand. Raven stared at it for a moment, then shook it.

"So who's the green dude?"

"Our resident clown." Raven watched suspiciously as Terra and Star Fire inched their way closer to Arrow.

Beast Boy transformed into a green horse and hmphed/snorted.

"Clown!" he transformed into a tiger and looked around disdainfully.

Arrow laughed, "that's great! With that ability I'm surprised you're in the hero business at all. You could be a great comedian!"

"You really think so?" Beast Boy changed back to himself.

"Oh yeah, definitely!"

"Cool! Thanks!"

"Hey Robin, how's it going bud?"

"Alright. You'll be sharing a room with me right now, so why don't I show it to you? You can put your stuff away and get settled." Robin watched Star Fire fawning over Arrow.

"Sounds good. We have a lot of catching up to do. We haven't really talked in ages!"

The next day they all gathered on the training grounds.

"Alright, let's see what you can do." Robin pressed a button and started the practice course going.

Arrow ran up some stairs and across a narrow bridge. At the end was a pit. Arrow shot a rope arrow at the other side of the chasm and zipped over to it. Several targets stood in front of him. He pulled out another arrow, aimed and let go. It burst into fives fire balls which exploded upon contact of the targets. Next was a strip of deep water with blades whirling back and forth. He paused for just a moment, then shot another arrow. It wizzed through the air, over the water, and landed on the other side, leaving a bridge of ice in its wake. Arrow skated across it just ahead of the blades crashing through the ice. Finally several robots closed in on him. He pulled a long, light, sword out of a sheath on his back and slashed through the robots, leaving them in piles of metal and bolts.

Arrow walked over to the Titans. "So what do you think?"

The Titans' jaws were all on the ground. After they picked them back up, they broke into speech at once.

"Awesome," said Terra.

"Splendid!" exclaimed Star Fire.

"Incredible," said Cyborg.

"Amazing!" said a stunned Beast Boy.

"Impressive." Said Raven.

Robin remained silent for a moment. "How about your hand to hand combat? Have you improved that at all?:

Arrow grinned. "Some, though I dare say I'm not quite as good as you are, yet."

"Let's see it then." Said Robin, stepping back in a fighting stance.

"Very well." Arrow took off his bow, arrow sack, and sheathed sword and laid them on the ground. Then he too stepped back in a fighting stance.

"Ready?" asked Cyborg. Both nodded. "Go!"

Robin and Arrow leapt towards each other, punching, kicking, spinning. They became a blur of ice blue, black, red, green and yellow.

Beast Boy, in green dog form, snuffled around the discarded weapons. He changed to a gorilla and picked up the bow, examining it. Then, changing to octopus, he pulled out several arrows and looked at the gleaming gems on them. They varied from a black skull symbol, to a pink heart.

Wonder what these things do? Thought Beast Boy. He used one of his octopus arms to aim an arrow, with a yellow circle on it, into the sky. He let go. The arrow shot into the air and burst into blinding yellow/white light.

"Ah!" Beast Boy blinked and rubbed at his eyes with a long arm. He held two more with circle gems to the bow and let them fly. A burst of purple and red light exploded like fireworks.

"Cool." Beast Boy placed the remaining four arrows on the bow.

"Beast Boy, What do you think you are doing?" asked Raven in a very serious tone. Beast Boy jumped let go of the bow and arrows.

Shing! Shing! Shing! Shing! Four arrows flew through the air and the bow hit the ground with a thud.

One glanced off of Cyborg and stuck in the wall, a rope dangling from it.

Terra and Star Fire dodged as an arrow shot between them and hit the wall behind them. It exploded showing parts of the wall down around them.

Another grazed Arrow's hair in a form similar to a lightning bolt.

The fourth and final arrow hit Raven in the stomach and she doubled over, gasping.

"Raven!" Beast Boy cried in alarm changing back to his normal form.

"A-are you okay?" stuttered Beast Boy cautiously stepping closer. Raven swayed and started to fall. Beast Boy caught her.

Arrow, Robin and the others gathered around.

"What happened!" Asked Robin.

"Is she okay?!" asked Star Fire.

Arrow strode forward and pulled the arrow out. He examined it closely.

"What is it? It hasn't poisoned her has it?" Beast Boy asked in alarm.

"No… It makes certain emotions stronger though," said Arrow, examining the pink heart gem on the shaft.

Star Fire gasped.

"Oh no…" moaned Beast Boy.

"That's not good," said Robin.

Cyborg and Terra stared in alarm.

"Why are you all so alarmed?" asked Arrow

"Raven's powers are controlled by her emotions," stated Star Fire.

"And when her emotions get out of control, so do her powers." Finished Robin.

"Oh dear…" Arrow looked at Beast Boy, "In that case Beast Boy, I advise you to be very careful. Without proper control, the arrow that you shot Raven with will make her especially… shall we say, emotional, with the person who shot her."

"What! You mean she's going to be angry especially with me?!" Beast Boy looked at Arrow in alarm.

"Well… Not exactly-" But Arrow didn't have a chance to further explain.

Raven stirred in Beast Boy's arms, her hood falling down. She opened her eyes.

"You shot me." Raven said in an intense voice.

"I didn't mean to! Please forgive me!" Beast Boy shoved her away and cowered with his arms over his head.

Raven staggered and regained her balance, staring at Beast Boy like she had never seen him before. Purple/black aura surrounded Beast Boy and lifted him in the air. He gave a small cry of fright. He transformed into a kitty.

"You wouldn't hurt a cute guy like me! Would you?" he asked uncertainly.

Raven giggled. She hugged the kitten in her arms.

"Oh you're so cute!" She kissed him on the head.

Beast Boy changed to a squirrel and leapt away before changing to himself.

"Woah! Uh, easy there, Raven…." Beast Boy slowly backed away. Raven stepped towards him.

"Aaaah!" Beast Boy transformed to a green cheetah and ran away at top speed.

"Wait! Come back!" Raven flew after him.

The remaining Teen Titans looked at each other.

"Is there a cure?" asked Robin.

"Only time," said Arrow.

"How long will she be like that?" asked Terra.

"The effects should last for one month."

"An entire month! Bb's going to go crazy." Said Cyborg.

"I've never seen her in touch with such emotions before," said Star Fire, in wonder.

Inside the tower Beast Boy was running as fast as he could when he suddenly realized that he was running on air and not making any progress. A black aura was around him. He changed back to normal and looked behind him. Raven was soaring towards him. She came to a stop in front of him.

"Beast Boy…" Raven stared into his eyes. Beast Boy stared at her in horror.

"You don't need to fear me." Raven brushed a few stray strands of hair out of Beast Boy's face. He gulped.

"I'm sorry for insulting you in the past. It was wrong of me."

"Oh don't worry about it!" said Beast Boy, laughing nervously and rubbing his head.

"But I do! I don't mean to be so cold to you." Raven went to hug Beast Boy. He transformed into a Tiger.

"Roargh…" Beast Boy's roar was cut off as Raven wrapped her arms around his neck.

"C-can't breath…" Beast Boy struggled and managed push himself away. He ran down the hall, heading for the door that led to out side.

"Roar!" Beast Boy glanced back and saw two black tigers running after him. He changed to a cheetah, and so did they.

"Help!" Beast Boy yelled as he bounded, towards the other Titans, in the form of a ram. Five black dogs were chasing him.

"And so it begins." Robin threw five discs at the dogs, hitting them all. The dogs dissipated in a black fog which faded away.

Beast Boy was a cat hiding behind Robin's legs.

"Can't you do something?" Beast Boy demanded of Arrow. He shook his head helplessly.

"You'll just have to wait a month for the love arrow to stop affecting her."

"Love arrow!" Beast Boy crouched with Robin's cape draped over his feline head.

"Is it really that bad?" asked Arrow.

"Dude, you've never seen Raven's powers out of control! One time, she created all these really whacked out monsters without even realizing that she was doing it."

"Sounds scary," said Terra.

"It was terrifying," said Star Fire. Cyborg shuddered.

"Star Fire," said Robin, "you're close to her. Maybe you can talk to her and keep her calm enough to keep her powers in check."

"I'll try."

Suddenly Raven burst through the door, hood up, surrounded by black fog.

Beast Boy shrieked and flapped into the sky in crow form.

"Beast Boy!" Raven called, flying after him.

Robin, Cyborg and Star Fire exchanged glances.

"This is going to be a long month."

"Especially for Bb."

"Poor Beast Boy. Is there anything that we can do?"

Terra and Arrow looked at each other, confused by the others' drama. They both shrugged and watched as a blur of green was pursued through the sky by a black cloud.

Another Author's note: Let me know in reviews if you want to read more or not. I have some vague ideas for what to have happen next, but I don't know if I will get around to writing it or not. Reviews always encourage me to write more.

I'm also curious to see what people think of this story since it is my first ever attempt at the comedy romance genre. (Normally my stories tend to be either general or action/adventure.)