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"He's been really cranky today." Kagome whispered.

"I heard that!" Inuyasha stomped ahead like a bull looking for something to ramp.

"Maybe we ought to just give him some space. Every little thing seems to be-"Miroku was cut off by Shippo running ahead to jump onto Inuyasha's back. Shippo tugged at Inuyasha's white ears.

"I WANT TO STOP!" Shrieked Shippo.

"NO! Don't yell in my ears!" Inuyasha pulled Shippo off and tossed him into the bushes. Kagome sighed and picked up Shippo.

"I think you are right Miroku, we should just let him be for right now.." Whispered Kagome.

"He's been like this for the past 5 days! And he is only getting worse!" cried Shippo.

Inuyasha felt like his skin was burning, he was perspiring more, and bright light was starting to bother him. He was panting, and it wasn't from the effort of walking. He was anxious and wanted to run; running lead to exhaustion, which granted him easy sleep at night. However, he was stuck at this slow pace because everyone seemed to drag behind him. Worse Kagome's scent had been stronger than usual, perhaps he was just noticing it more, but the very feel of it seemed to make his fever worse. His skin prickled. Inuyasha shook his head trying to clear its haze.

"Inuyasha!" screamed Kagome.

"WHAT?!" He collided with the ground feeling sharp claws burrow into his skin. He looked up into two crystal blue eyes. The female demon smelled the air above him.

"Oh, you are very ready." She smiled sweetly and licked his chin, tasting the salt of his sweat. Her body rested on top of his, pinning one arm beneath her breasts, she restrained his other hand with her grasp. A feeling of numbness came over him mixed with anticipation and dread.

"Get the hell off of him!" Kagome threatened. The female nipped at his jaw and ran her hand down his side. His body betrayed him by arching his back for her. He closed his eyes and a small moan escaped his lips. What the hell? This is right in front of Kagome! No demon has EVER shown an interest in me before... at least not like this! Get off me! Get the hell off of me! His muscles tensed but he allowed her to trail her tongue down his neck. The burning sensation of his skin was finally claming after five days. Her very touch soothed away the pain. His eyes turned to Kagome who was shocked at his display for the female. Kagome is going to hate me! Why can't I push her off?!

"K...K'gome..." The terror and confusion in his yellow eyes brought Kagome out of her daze.

"I said get off of him!" Kagome swung her bow like a baseball bat and brought it down on the demon's head. The bow cleanly snapped in two and an enraged snarl rumbled from the female's throat. She leapt at Kagome. Inuyasha felt the weight of her leave his body, cool air past over his heated skin, but just as quickly the fire the demon had quelled raged once more. He felt nauseous at the sudden change in his body temperature. Kagome was moving back as the demon fell to complete her pounce. Inuyasha suddenly found the ability to move and attacked, pulling the female away from Kagome and throwing her onto the ground. He growled a warning.

"You prefer a human?" She spat at him. Inuyasha smelled blood and turned to face Kagome. She had three scratches on the side of her face. The others appeared to still be standing in a stupor. His growl intensified and he turned back to the female and crouched lower the to ground. Her nose twitched.

"You smell so sweet." Her crystal blue eyes were fully dilated despite the noon sun. "How could you prefer-"Her nose twitched again, her eyes widened as if seeing him for the first time. "You are a hanyou." She twisted the word as if she had a sour berry in her mouth. "I couldn't tell by the scent. Its your appearance that gave it away."


"Dirty Hanyou you deserve that filthy human!"

"Hey!" yelled a very pissed off Kagome, but the female demon had leapt into a tree and fled further into the forest. Inuyasha panted heavily staring off after the demon's departed figure. He jumped as a small hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Are you ok? Aren't you going to go after her?" Kagome stench of blood overwhelmed his ability to smell the demon.

"Feh." As an afterthought he added, "Did she have any of the crystal shards?"


"Feh. Let's stop. You wanted to earlier right?"

"Yeah... but... why did she-"

"I DON"T KNOW!" He glared at Kagome almost challenging her to argue with him. When she didn't he stalked away from her.


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