Finally, InuYasha felt Kagome's tense body relax against him. She even snuggled a little closer as they stared at the night sky. Occasionally pain rippled through enough to make him shake intensely. It never lasted too long. The side Kagome was cuddled up against felt cooler, yet overall his body lightly trembled from the fever. He was sweating uncomfortably and his shirt rubbed against his bare skin like licking flames. The only real emotional discomfort was how little he was covered.

Kagome was alright though. Kagome felt safe and protected, that is what mattered. InuYasha could smell the scent of her lavender shampoo mixed with her womanly fraquence. She wasn't crying, that was a big relief. Other than the pain, the moment felt blissful. This wasn't such a bad way to die.

InuYasha took another breath of the fresh night air only to gasp. His lungs refused to expand. He rolled on to his side, away from Kagome. His throat burned. The noise of his unfilled lungs reminded him of a fish out of water. InuYasha tried for a moment not to breathe but that did not help either. His chest ached with need.

"InuYasha! InuYasha!" I'm sorry, Kagome. She violently shook him only to have the Hanoi fall to the ground. His wheezes were faster yet he still could not inhale. Kagome firmly took hold of his hard manhood and steadily began moving up and down. The fuzzy feeling returned, whether it was lack of oxygen or for the pleasure, he didn't know. It was not enough to save him though. His nails dug into the dirt as he clawed at the unscathed ground. It's too late. His knuckles cracked and he felt his nails grow longer. He blinked in confusion but his lungs filled with air. He huffed in several breaths and pushed Kagome away from him. InuYasha forced himself on to his knees.

"Make up your mind, Bitch." His voice sounded strange to him.

"InuYasha?" He looked at her over his shoulder. "…where's… your sword?"

"At the camp. Why, bitch? You can't fuckin use it. You're better off with that bow. Where the hell is that?"

"… at…camp." He looked down at his long nails that reflected the moonlight.

"Guess we rely on these then." He clicked his deadly nails together. Kagome ascended to her feet slowly.

"How are you feeling?"

"Keh. I can breathe." InuYasha was relieved about that. His body continued to trembled. "I can still feel the fever. Maybe you bought me some time, Bitch." He chuckled. She flung her arms around his neck.

"I thought… I thought…" She buried her nose in his hair. InuYasha reached around and pulled her under him. The pain in his chest began anew. He kissed her neck yet his teeth made it difficult this time. He reached under her skirt and shredded her panties with his elongated claws. Moving them away from her, he felt a pang of regret for what he was about to do, but he wanted to live. He wouldn't mark her until she agreed to it. He needed this one time to be able to wait for her. The pain felt like an explosion but he pushed it away. He tenderly nudged at her flower petal opening with his hardened manhood.

"Say yes, Kagome." He opened his eyes to stare at her.

"Yes." He moved meticulously working his way into her, yet watching her eyes for pain. He saw it of course, but he tried to lessen it. When tears fell, he kissed them away. Gradually he built the speed up but his body trembled. The overwhelming fever was gone but the internal agony grew. He buried his nose in Kagome's comforting scent and tried not to whimper. His lungs failed him again. He tried to focus on thrusting inwards instead of breathing. Kagome's fingers tentively stroked his ears. As her walls enclosed around him he felt his release and collapsed on top of her. She seemed much smaller than he remembered. His boiling blood stopped and he could finally inhale once more.

"Thank you." InuYasha whispered and kissed Kagome's ear before he gave into exhustation.


Kagome opened her bleary eyes to behold silver hair. Sunlight streamed in from the tree's canopy. InuYasha's body was strewn across her own and she didn't mind the weight. It wasn't too awkward considering the only item of clothing she had lost during the night was her panties. Her arm was still around InuYasha's bare waist and so she began to boldly run her fingertips along it.

InuYasha will be normal again. InuYasha will be normal again. InuYasha will be normal again. She said it like a mantra in her head. He slowly began to wake up. As he stirred, she realized he was still partially within her, so much for things not being too awkward. His crimson eyes greeted her. She reached up touching the purple streaks across his cheek. You didn't change back. I thought for sure you would.

I am laying here with you. Kagome smiled.. And you're ok now, even if you are still a full demon. You're not going to die anytime soon. As far as I know, your mind is fine too. I shouldn't have hesitated last night when I saw all of you. I just got stupidly scared when I realized what I was about to do. I love you, but our first kiss was yesterday too. It was a little fast. I shouldn't have hesitated though. If you hadn't transformed you may have died. I'm just glad you're ok.

Kagome felt InuYasha's heart pound and his crimson eyes were petrified. She felt the muscles in his body tense against her own, like a caged beast who was about to leap away in fear. She brought her hand up cautiously so she didn't alarm him and softly touched his cheek. He surprised her by closing his eyes and leaning into the caress. She wet her lips as she tried to formulate the correct words, but he beat her to it.

"Are you ok?" his voice was raw and guttural and he spoke so quietly that she had to strain to discern the words.

"Yes," replied Kagome. There could be no other answer or he would hate himself. Also, she hoped he would remember this fondly, even if he did return to Kikyou. I was his first, not her.

InuYasha breathed out a long sigh and for a moment she thought he was going to lay back down, his head bobbed undecided, until he pushed himself off of her, slowly pulling his shaft out. He turned his back to her and sat cross-legged; his thoughts were always so impossible to read. A small thread of doubt wormed its way into her heart.

"Are you going to regret this?" she asked.

"Baka Bitch! Never!" InuYasha snarled, turning his head just slightly to glare at her. Then his shoulders slumped and he looked away. She reached out to him, her hand floating just behind him, she wanted his comfort and warmth, she had experienced a moment ago, but she thought better and lowered it back to her forest green skirt. Her small hands knotted into little fists. Her white panties lay torn not far away. She would have to get new ones from her backpack. She returned her gaze to InuYasha and studied the leaves' shadows that played upon his exposed thigh. "We should find the others," he said, but his tone clearly stated he preferred not to. She didn't want to return to Miroku's smug face or the questions that would follow from the small group either.

"We just won't say anything about it," Kagome reasoned.

"Keh," InuYasha shrugged dejectedly, "like it matters." Her eyes teared up and she blinked her lashes rapidly. "They are going to hound us anyway."

"Oh," replied Kagome feeling stupid, "I thought you meant—oh never mind." I thought you meant last night didn't matter. She tried to lighten her voice with false cheerfulness and suggested, "Let's get back to camp. I don't have my bow… and you should have your sword with you."

"Keh, my claws are good enough for the weak asses that live in these woods."

"Still… you should have your sword," Kagome reiterated. His ears twitched back and forth nervously, but he stood proudly, his back still to her and began to pull on his pants. She watched in awed fascination as his back muscles flowed with each movement. She wanted to remember this, as she may never see him unclothed again. This moment was special; this moment was the afterglow of him trusting her enough to save his life.

"I never took you for hentai, Kagome. Maybe you have been hanging around that monk too long."

"What!" She screeched. After what happened between us! I am going to sit you until your back breaks! But before her tongue touched the roof of her mouth to yell, he spoke again.

"I can feel your eyes on me," his reply was taunting but it was filled with disappointment too. His simple declaration had doused her anger and left her with an uncomfortable shame. Her eyes came to rest on her shredded panties and her cheeks burned. "I guess that means I have to hit you with a boomerang, huh?" Her chocolate hues narrowed and she was brave enough to glare at him. He had fully dressed and was tying the knot for his shirt. She noticed the ghost of a grin on his handsome features. He was trying to play with her.

"Only if you wear a Kimono," Kagome countered. They both gave forced half smiles and began the trek to find their friends.


"Soooooo, hoooow did it go?" Miroku asked Kagome. His playful voice and smile were an odd contrast to his sweaty brow and demon blood splattered robes.

"I'm alive, that's all you need to know," replied InuYasha as he entered the camp behind Kagome, and addressed the monk, "You stink."

"InuYasha… You're… You're," stuttered Sango as she took in his blood red eyes and purple streaked cheeks.

"Alive," said InuYasha guessing at what Sango was attempting to say. He avoided looking at his companions so he missed their jaw dropped expressions. He tossed Kagome her bow, which she snatched out of the air. "Stop going places without that. If you didn't have me around you would be dead by now." His heart wasn't in the scolding. InuYasha was trying to act like nothing had changed, trying to distract Sango and Miroku from bombarding them with inquiries, but he didn't know his full demon state had already shocked them into silence. Miroku's mouth opened and closed as if the words were stuck in his throat and Sango just plain stared. InuYasha bent down and picked up his sword. He suddenly doubled over and hissed, that slowly became a whine, and then he fainted. Kagome went to him unaffected by his reaction to the sword, as she had already suspected as much to happen. She affectionately brushed his silver locks away from his brow.

"He returned to normal, finally. He'll probably need more rest," said Kagome thoughtfully. She studied the ground intently as she desperately tried to ignore their gaze against her skin. "He doesn't know that he turned into a full demon. You shouldn't mention it; it would just worry him. He changed when it got bad…. for a moment, I thought, I thought he was going to really die." She dared to look up at her friends and gave them a bright smile, "But that's all over now. You guys should really go take a bath; even I can smell you. I think there was a hot spring just a little down the ways. I think I'm just going to take a little nap myself."

Kagome rose and went to a rolled sleeping bag and set it up for herself. Her middle felt odd when she walked. It must have been from InuYasha stretching her. Everything had happened so fast. It was over and done within moments, but it had hurt worse than any pain she had known before. She tucked herself into her sleeping bag and laid on her side, away from her traveling champions. "I'll see you guys when you get back." She heard Miroku's jaw click shut.

"Ah, sure Kagome. We'll be back in a little bit then," answered Sango. Kagome was thankful for Sango's grace of mercy and hoped that they would simply understand InuYasha and her did not wish to discuss their actions with them.


Walking wasn't one of Kagome's favorite activities right after intercourse. She didn't think it would bother her so much, but it did. Her body was adjusting to the lost of her virginity, and women just shouldn't be made to walk after that. She glared at InuYasha's back and saw his shoulders stiffen. He was being stupid about this. There was no reason why she couldn't be carried like usual. It wasn't like his body was stretched during their mating and after a few hours rest his demon healing had cured the fever's remaining aches. And there were scratch marks on her ass and shoulders from his baka hands that refused to carry her! She didn't mind the marks so much, but really, it added to her already mounting discomfort. And everyone had been too quiet, that coupled with InuYasha's undisguised paranoia of being in too close a proximity to Kagome, had her really grumpy.

"We are stopping," Kagome ordered. InuYasha, who was in the lead, spun around to face the wrath of the miko.

"Like hell we are!"

"We are either stopping or you are carrying me, but I'm not taking another step."

"Yes you will."

"Make me," spitefully challenged Kagome. She plopped down on the forest floor and glared menacingly at InuYasha. His golden eyes narrowed and he growled. Kagome crossed her arms beneath her breasts and waited. Their friends gave nervous smiles and took two steps back from the dueling couple.

"Fine! Baka! Weak human!" He turned his back to her and she thought they were going to camp, but after a brief moment, he sat on his hunches and wiggled his fingers.

"Finally!" Kagome hopped onto his back with much practiced ease and sighed blissfully when he rose. She adored the way his hair smelled and was comforted by his physical warmth. Like usual she laid her head against his shoulder blades. She heard their group give a collected sigh of relief, and as if the natural order of the world had been restored, Miruko grabbed Sango's ass and was pummeled by her weapon. Kagome shut her eyes in contentment and listened to the sound of InuYasha's breathing.


InuYasha unceremoniously dumped Kagome next to the well. She humphed at him having been woken up out of a very pleasant sleep. She stared up his towering figure and noticed this his eyes were creased with worry. He wasn't looking at her but at the sky above them.

"When are you going to be back?" InuYasha asked.

"You mean you are actually going to let me decide how long I want to stay?"


"Without stealing me away?"


"Dragging me back in the middle of the night?"

"Just tell me how long!"

"Umm…." Kagome tapped at her chin thoughtfully as she considered all the things she would like to do at home. Number one: bathe, Number two: homework, Number three: visit with friends and family, Number four… number four… Buy a pregnancy test. She frowned. Sex wasn't as wonderfully fairy tale as it was made out to be either. It was awkward and uncomfortable… was it even worth risking pregnancy? Well InuYasha's life was… but… I couldn't be pregnant. I'll just get one done to be certain, so I don't worry. Besides who really gets pregnant the first time anyway? And it really wouldn't be fair if I was pregnant if I didn't even orgasm during the sex and—


"I'm thinking!" yelled Kagome to the frustrated Hanyou. Her brows furrowed together. Telling mom about this is out. Its going to be like those times when I was kidnapped. Little things she doesn't need to know. I don't want to worry her. And it was a life or death situation so it's really the same situation after all… "Two weeks?" He'll never agree to it, but just maybe I can get a week. A week of hot bubble baths.


"What!" She stood, and placed her hand against InuYasha's forehead. "I thought your fever had broke."

"It did! Stop that!" He batted her hand away from him.

"I can really go for two weeks?" She couldn't help looking at him like he had clearly gone insane.

"I said it was ok, ok? So just go before I change my mind." InuYasha grumbled. A smile grew slowly until it reached her russet orbs. I can get caught up on all my school work. Grumps can't tell anyone I have some weird diseases- for a whole two weeks! No one will be rude to me, or act arrogant or need to be sat every single day—for two weeks!

"Okay," replied Kagome cheerfully and she ruffled his hair kindly, "I'll bring back lots of ramen!" She swung her legs over the edge of the well and prepared to launch herself into the future. She hesitated when she saw her feet dangling above the dark abyss. In that moment, the reality of the situation hit her. If she went back now, she would have to really face the fact she had sex—alone. It would be painfully clear that it had happened without the group around pretending that nothing had happened. She swallowed. She would have two weeks to agonize over InuYasha's reaction to her return. Would he refuse to be near her like before? Would he start to regret his decision of mating with a human, or worse not mating with Kikyou? She turned her frighten eyes back to InuYasha.

His back was to her, his puppy ears drooped, and his stance slouched. Kagome thought back to her first thoughts about InuYasha's worried eyes, and wondered if he was scared of facing their reality alone too. He was listening for her decent into the well. He was giving her what he thought she needed after being with him—space and time, but that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted everything to be ok between them, And for the first time she was afraid their actions might damage their friendship.

"InuYasha?" Kagome called him; she watched one ear swivel in her direction.


"Come with me," she beckoned. He turned to face her with the most adorable confused expression, yet his honey hues were hopeful.

"Huh?" he responded. She smiled warmly.

"I'll need someone to keep me out of trouble."

His cocky grin graced his lips and he replied, "Damn straight you will." She took his hand and they jumped into the future together.


Kagome felt like a criminal entering her own home. She was fearful that her mother would have mom-dar that would alert her to the lost of her daughter's virginity. She opened the back door and poked her head into the kitchen. She held InuYasha's callused hand to ensure he would follow at her pace and be quiet.

"If you don't want to see her, why are we not going in through your window?"

"Its more incriminating."


"I don't want her to, you know, know," whispered Kagome. InuYasha had the good graces to blush and turn away; she felt his hand go slack in her own.

"We always go in through your window," he mumbled.

"Not when I first get home."

"But that's because you want to talk to your mom, if you don't want to, why don't we just use the window?" murmured the hanyou.

As if on queue the lights in the kitchen flicked on. Kagome panicked and felt the color leave her face and she dropped InuYasha's hand. For a moment, she stared dumbfounded at her mother wondering what to do next, and then she plastered on an absurdly large smile and waved.

"Hi Momma."

"Everything ok?" inquired Ms.Higurashi. She took in Kagome's pale face and InuYasha's nervous ear twitches.

"Fine, fine. Just didn't want to wake you."

"Oh, I'm never asleep by 9:30, Kagome, you know that."

"I was hoping," Kagome mumbled but only InuYasha's sensitive ears heard her response. "I missed you." Kagome ran to her mother and gave her a rib-bruising hug then quickly stated she would be going to bed. She grabbed InuYasha's arm and dragged him up the stairs at a frantic pace. She slammed her door shut and turned the lock. She leaned against her door. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was hyperventilating.

"Is that you, Sis?" called Souta.

"No, go away!" Kagome answered.

"Is InuYasha with you? Hey, why is the door locked?" Kagome's features lit up like a crimson Christmas bulb.

"Its not locked, its ah, stuck. Hang on." She flipped the lock and opened the door to face her sleepy eyed brother.

"Why is your face so red?" Souta asked.

"Because I'm tired," said Kagome.

"You're face doesn't turn red when you are tired," replied Souta.

"Yes it does."

"No it doesn't"

"Yes it does."

"MOM! Kagome is lying to me, she says—" InuYasha's hand clamped over her younger brother's mouth and dragged him into the bedroom. Kagome slammed the door shut. She motioned InuYasha to release her younger brother so she could integrate him.

"What do you want, Souta?" asked Kagome.

"I wanted to know if InuYasha wanted to play video games." He turned his eyes upwards to the half demon that was towering over him, but soon his innocent gaze turned malicious. "But now I know something is up. What is it?"

"Nothing!" Kagome and InuYasha yelled together.

"And you better keep your mouth shut about it," Kagome added, "or I will smother you under a pillow!" she threatened. Souta let out a deafening scream and ran to his bedroom.

"Kagome is trying to kill me!" He shouted loud enough for their mother to hear.

"He won't stay out of my room!" Kagome countered and they both slammed their bedroom doors shut. She groaned and looked to InuYasha, wondering if they had both been acting weird enough to get her in trouble. He wrung his hands and then tucked them behind his back.

"Would your mom be mad… if… if she knew… you and I… and…?"

"I'm not going to tell her." This is so embarrassing!

"Is it… are you… does it…."


"Is… you know… umm… marriage…"


"No, that's not what I meant," He shook his open palms at her trying to convey he wasn't asking for her engagement. "I just… I mean… You know… you are suppose to wait if you are human, right?"


"So… is this… I mean… your mother… would she be mad… because of that?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Kagome flopped on the floor and leaned against her door. Home was supposed to be relaxing not more stressful than feudal Japan.

"So, does that mean… that… you know… you aren't… umm… going to be… ah… as wanted?"

"…Mamma wouldn't kick me out."

"No I mean… you know… for marriage?"

"Oh! Oh, umm… its not as much of an issue anymore. Lots of people do that before marriage—not that I have, er had. It's… just don't worry about it." Her head was literally pounding. "I'm going to take a shower."


Kagome towel dried her hair and then spread soapy water across the mirror to get rid of the steam. She surveyed the damage. The left side of her neck had a trail of purple hickeys. InuYasha must not have noticed those, my hair has been hiding them all day. She fussed with her ebony locks until they covered the bruises even though her hair was wet and had less volume. Her shoulder blades had razor thin lines streaking them from when InuYasha had snuck his hands under the back of her shirt to pull her closer, but her bum was the worst off. He had grabbed her there right before he had climaxed. Those cuts were deep and crosshatched, but overall it wasn't so bad. She had suffered far worse injury in battle. She estimated the hickeys would be gone in a week's time, and at worse the cuts would be gone in two. Considering she could hide pretty much everything, it wasn't really embarrassing. She was just going to have to be careful about revealing the hickeys to her family.

Kagome pulled on her PJs and then returned to her bedroom. InuYasha sat in the darkness leading against the bed with his sword tucked safely in his arms. She tiptoed quietly past him but his yellow hues opened anyway.

"Oi, wench." InuYasha said to get her attention, "I'm going to use your shower."


"You know, the water thingy."

"Yeah I know, its just… when do you ever—"

"I bathe," InuYasha stated defensively.

"Yeah I know, just not as often as I do."

"Are you trying to call me—"

"I'm not trying to say anything, InuYasha. You can use the 'water thingy' if you want to!"

"Fine." He approached the doorway but hesitated.

"It was…" He hung his head as he tried to search for the words to explain himself, "I have a sensitive nose… I can smell it on me."

"Oh." Kagome lowered her lashes wondering if things would ever return to a normal level again. "Do you need Souta to show you how?"

"I remember." When he exited, the room filled with the hallway light, his body had been blocking.

She sat on her bed unable to relax into slumber. She was worried that InuYasha didn't remember how to work the shower and was too proud to ask Souta. The string of cursing that followed only confirmed her suspicions. She crept down the hallway and pressed her ear to the door; from what she could tell, InuYasha was boiling and freezing himself as he tried to adjust the temperature. He yelped and she heard the distinctive sound of his body hitting the tub.

Kagome considered sending her brother in to help, but considering the death threat she had last given Souta, she didn't feel changing tactics and being nice. Besides, InuYasha sounded ok, he was cursing up a storm. She went back to the bed to wait. It wasn't long before she heard him padding down the hallway. She knew the bathroom would be drenched in water he had shaken off of himself instead of using a towel. He settled himself next to her bed, in a seated position holding his sword again. His ears swiveled in her direction. I better not be pregnant. She pulled the covers up to her chin.

"Oi, Kagome, you awake?"


"The blood is normal right? Miroku said something about that…"

"Blood?" she questioned and pushed the covers off and sat up in alarm. "You're bleeding?"

"No, baka, but you are."

"Oh," Why can't this day just end? "All women bleed their first time." She adjusted her blankets and snuggled deeper into them.

"For how long?"

"For the first time they do it." She rolled away from him and secured a pillow over her head.

"When will you stop bleeding?"

"Women only bleed the first time!" She tossed the small cushion at his head. "Stop asking me all these questions." She covered her eyes with her arm.

"Baka!" countered InuYasha. She felt the pillow hit her backside, but she ignored it. "I know the first time, but when does it stop?"

"It stops when you stop having sex." She snatched up the pillow and used it to cover her face again pressing it securely down.

"The first time?"

"YES!" she screamed into the pillow but it mostly came out as a muffled yelp.

"So… you are not bleeding now from… what we did…?"


He pounced on her. His legs landed on either side of her hips, her pillow was ripped away, and she found her self nose to nose with InuYasha. His golden eyes glowed in the darkness, and her heart pounded madly.

"Why is there blood in the bathroom then?"

"What?" Her fuzzy mind didn't comprehend his words. InuYasha's lips were far too close and her newly awakened body was responding to the familiar intimacy.

"Why are you bleeding?" he asked sternly. She forced her eyes to focus on his concerned gaze.

"I'm not bleeding, you baka. I told you it only happens the first time and then it stops." He twitched his nose and peered down at her quizily.

"I smell it. Its not much…. But I smell it." He lowered his nose to her neck and his little puffs of air, sent goosebumps down her skin. Her womanhood knotted with anticipation and her arms encased his shoulders firmly. She wanted to push him away, or at least make know she desired distance, but her body wasn't listening to her.

"What… are… you… doing?" Her eyes fluttered closed and she was suddenly aware of his muscular legs that straddled her. His warm breath tickled her skin as he moved farther down her neck to her shoulders, pulling her nightshirt to the side, to allow for more visibility. After two more sniffs, he drew away. She was trembling, her own body betraying her rather sane mind. He flicked on her nightstand light.

"You're bleeding, baka," he said affectionately, "You're shoulders …" His eyes dilated twice their normal size as he took in her increased breath and shaking arms. He reached out with his knuckles and hesitatively touched her cheek and her brown eyes fluttered closed again. "Ka…" Her broken name held undisguised longing, and then she felt his manhood pulse against her leg.

She had to stop this, it couldn't happen here in her bed, this was madness, her mother was in this house, her grandfather, her brother! She took a hold of his wrist roughly, squeezing him as if it could bring some sense into them both, but he only uncurled his fingers and tangled them into her locks so his palm was against her heated cheeks. His hand was sweaty and her resolve soften as she recognized his uncertainly as matching her own. She felt the tip of his nose touch hers, her lips parted just slightly and she could hear his small pants. He nuzzled her, and hesitated, her heart thumped so hard her ears rang. His nose slid down the side of hers until the tip touched her face and she could feel his breath against her lips.

"Inu…" Kagome called to him, hoping he would cease his sweet torture and touch her mouth. His callused thumb glided along her cheekbone. She felt him angle for a kiss and knew his lips came closer still, but did not touch. A teardrop slid down her cheek and wet his hand. He pulled back quickly but Kagome embraced his shoulders and pulled herself snuggly under his chin. She remembered to breathe; she let air out quickly and then held it in again. InuYasha's heart beat loudly against her ear and she could even feel the race of it in his neck.

"Don't cry." He held her protectively against his frame. "Please don't cry."

"I'm not," but even as she spoke another teardrop fell onto his red pants. "I'm just… happy. That's all." He pushed back her hair so he could wrap his fingers around the back of her neck and have his thumb trail down her features. He parted to evaluate her words by her eyes.

"You promise?" She nodded. His arm held her waist snuggly pressed against his body, as if to reassure both of them. Inuyasha cupped her jawbone with his thumb and guided her chin back just enough for his lips to hover above her own. He nuzzled her nose, and she felt the heat of his breath tickle her parted mouth and then his chapped lips softly brushed hers. She breathed in sharply and an anguished happiness shot through her middle. He separated from her but she weaved her fingertips into his mane and held him steady, his mouth floating above her waiting lips. She opened her lashes part way to see his dilated eyes and nervous ear twitch. She pulled more forcibly on his locks not wanting to voice what her body desired.

She moved her hand away from his beating heart and up to his anxious ears. She gently touched the fuzzy base and felt him rumble softly in reply. Kagome took it between her thumb and forefinger and stroked the hairs, sliding her way to the tip. He held his silver appendage still, while the other swiveled. His voice choked under the new affection.

He brushed her hair back behind her ear. His honey eyes glowed, but as she continued her menstruations, his lids shut as he focused on her caress. As he relaxed, he lowered his lips until they were touching hers. For a moment that was all she needed, the rough feel of his lips pressed tightly against her own, but then she wanted more. She gently opened her mouth and kissed him. Their intimacy was slow and awkward but wonderfully new; that sent electric shivers down her spine. His callused thumb brushed her chin and then he pulled back despite the hold she had on his tresses.

"Kagome…" His honey hues were clouded, but the quickly focused. "I can smell blood." Her fingertips caressed his ear, his eyes shut half way and he tilted his head towards her; his tone was hazy and pleading. "Please…" She tried to find her voice to reassure him but it was lost to her. She kissed his chin and tugged on his hair asking for the warmth of his mouth against her own. A sound of giving in rumbled through his chest, it was low and wanting, his lips touched her lips, then her neck's heated skin, and she shuddered in pleasure. She felt the nip of his fangs and then he was lowering her down to her pillow, but never allowing his body to part from hers. His wet tongue darted out to taste her skin and her hands gripped the fabric of his shirt roughly. His breath brushing against her, tensed her muscles, and she tried to pull him closer still.

"I did it, didn't I?" InuYasha asked solemnly. Her teeth touched his collarbone before he pulled back just far enough to look at her. His body pinned her down and trapped her to endure his endless questions. "Was it me?" Kagome breathed in deeply trying to calm herself, as she felt the sweat from their touches fall from her brow to her bed.

"The blood?" she finally had enough sense to respond, he nodded. "It's not bad." His ears drooped, his face grew to a red hue, and he could no longer maintain eye contact. "Last night when I was holding you… my claws… I must have pulled at you, the way you are pulling at me, but… I have claws… stupid fucking…." He fisted his hand.

"I like your claws," She opened his palm and held it against hers to measure the size difference and then threaded her fingers with his. "They have protected me."


"And the scratches are like memories," she dared to kiss his lips, her burning desire was not easily laid aside after he ignited it, "that you touched me and…that I was your first. That I… was…" His nose nuzzled hers and he dipped his head to give her a feather light kiss.

"The bruises? Are they from me too?"

"The hickeys?"

"What?" he asked befuddled. She smiled warmly at him and ran her fingers through his silver locks.

"In my time, that's how you know when someone has a boyfriend." His eyes locked with hers, and he kissed her brow. He reached over and turned the light off, and then embraced her fully. His manhood throbbed against her leg under the restraint of their clothing. "I love you." It just slipped out, she couldn't take it back, and she couldn't stop it. It just fell out of her mouth. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to bury herself in his chest.

"Kagome," he whispered to her and stroked her long hair. She couldn't help it, the tears started to fall but she held them back as much as she could. She knew her voice would be broken and soft, but she choose to say what had been on her mind all day anyway.

"I just didn't want you to die yesterday. I just… I would have done anything… just… don't die on me, ok?" He rested his chin on the top her head and pulled her closer.

"I won't."

"Don't let this destroy our friendship either." She felt him nod and she fisted her hand in the back of his shirt, before falling into a slumber to the sound of his heartbeat.


Author's Notes

Now that was 13 pages so no complaining to me about length.

There will be more lemons, better lemons, but you will be teased before they arrive.

This is also an angst fic, so don't forget that. I must be angsty!

I completely redesigned where this story was going in the past two months, so instead of it ending in this chapter, well there is much more to come. I will give some hints, I will be including Kouga and Kikyou, probably not in the next chapter but soon.

Here's my new rant: In the anime there are several times when Kagome wears feudal Japan clothes and she always complains that it just doesn't feel right. Normally its because her school uniform got destroyed. So, she always hops right back into her normal clothes as soon as possible. Now several characters have mentioned that Kagome dresses weird but its not really a big deal. And when InuYasha comes to her time, he still wears his normal clothes when he is out and about town- he just wears a little hat over those adorable ears. I feel like the author has basically said that they both wear what makes them, them, and that thats ok. Its part of kagome accepting InuYasha and part of him accepting that she's not kikyou but Ka-go-me. But in many fanfictions they will devote entire chapters to InuYasha HAVING to wear modern clothes, or else he will look "strange" First off, as anyone ever seen a goth? Or how about someone in a corset just because? Or a tail? Yes, I do wear a tail to the movie theaters sometimes. Because its fun. These are not really "normal" things, but nothing happens to people who dress different. Sometimes I get a funny look for wearing a tail, sometimes not, most of the time the only people who even give it a second glance are little kids, and they always say the funnest and most adorable things about my attire. And just to clarify, I'm not a goth, unless I'm going to a goth night at a dance club, but fuzzy tails are just fun sometimes. Anyway, my basic point is InuYasha really doesn't need modern clothes. Maybe a hat, maybe shoes (only because some stores require that you wear them), but everything else is SILLY. Plus, I don't want to read pages upon pages of some stupid muscle shirt InuYasha has on or for that matter how Kagome put on her makeup. Thats my rant for today, hope you enjoyed it:D