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- - - - -

Chapter 4

- - - - -

"Ew…how can people eat this crap?" Kailani asked as she watched the cooks make breakfast, it was 4:15 in the morning and the two were very tired, they had already been up for an hour helping in the kitchen.

Brielle watched as they made the honey tortillas, "I don't wanna know," she said feeling like gagging.

"You girlies gonna help or what?" Bobby, one of the chefs asked.

The girls sighed sarcastically and then laughed and went over there to help the overweight African American.

So far, Bobby was the nicest one they had met over the last thirty minutes.

"I can't believe you guys can stand getting up so early," Kailani said, honeying a tortilla.

"What time do you think Lady High and Mighty will wake up?" Brielle asked.

"Hayden's back?" Bobby asked.

The girls both turned to him, "You know her?"

"Who doesn't know her? She is the whiniest, bitchiest, girl that's ever stepped foot here, she's worse that the Warden herself,"

"Are you allowed to say stuff like that?" Kailani asked.

"The Warden's not here so it doesn't matter." Bobby said.

Both girls nodded in agreement, "She's kicked us out of both of our bedrooms now, one of her and one for her army of loyal followers," Kailani remarked.

"Lorelei and Becca?" he asked.

"You know them too?" Brielle asked.

"Yup…they were here two years ago with her, they were the most annoying twelve year olds ever,"

"So she's fourteen?" Kailani questioned.

Bobby nodded, "She's got one of the biggest attitudes I know of, spitting image of her aunt, personality wise at least,"

Brielle sighed, "I can't stand her,"

"Who could?" Kailani scoffed.

Just then a large horn went off, Kailani and Brielle covered up their ears as the sound squealed through their ears, "What is that?!" Brielle and Kailani wound up yelling in unison.

Bobby laughed, "It's the alarm, it tells the campers to get up, and barely anyone can sleep through it,"

"Come on," Terrance, another chef with a black beard that was graying said as he carried a large tray of the tortillas outside.

Bobby grabbed a tray as did Brielle and Kailani.

"This bites the big one," Kailani said as they walked outside, it was still pitch black.

"Morning cuz!" a voice from behind Brielle said.

Brielle practically jumped as she turned around and saw Zig Zag.

"Morning," she replied, sitting her tray on a table and then turning around to hug her cousin.

"How you holding up?" he asked.

"I am so tired," Brielle whined.

"Get used to it," Ricky said, reaching behind her and grabbing a tortilla, he took a bite out of it and then made a face and dropped it on the ground.

"Hey jackass, I made that!" Brielle joked, swatting him with her hand.

"Tell the chefs to start making Pop Tarts," Ricky said with a smirk and kissed Brielle's temple before walking to the shack labeled "Library" and pulling out a shovel, "See ya," he said with a wave and followed who Brielle remembered as X-Ray towards a patch of dirt.

"Bye," she said as boys from all around her scampered off towards their dirt and began to start digging before the heat came on.

Kailani and Brielle stood side by side as the campers nearly pummeled them in order to get to the honey wraps only to take a bite out of one and then toss it to the ground.

"Those things are so nasty, no one even eats them. Why the hell do we make them?" Kailani asked quietly as she watched a numerous amount of guys in disgust.

Brielle shrugged her shoulders.

"C'mon girlies, back to work," Bobby said, taking the girls and spinning them around, leading them back to the dining hall.

- - - - -

"So what are we doing now?" Kailani asked with her tan hands propped on her waist.

"Making lunch," Bobby said, pulling out loaves of bread and placing them in front of the girls.

"It's like 4:45," Brielle said, wiping the sleep that was still in her eyes.

"It takes a while to make one hundred bologna and cheese sandwiches," Bobby said.

"One hundred?" Kailani and asked in unison.

Bobby nodded, "Then you have to get the milk, get the sacks, get the graham crackers, get the sandwiches all wrapped up and get the apples,"

Kailani muttered incoherently under her breath, probably thinking the same thing Brielle was.

I'd rather be digging holes.

- - - - -

The girls quickly changed their minds however, when they saw the guys all digging their holes at 9:30 when they were heading outside to fill everyone's canteens.

Mr. Sir had shown them earlier how to do it and now they got to drive the water truck to each tent and fill up everyone's canteens.

"Who wants to drive, you or me?" Kailani asked, twirling the keys around her fingers.

"I'll do it," Brielle said and Kailani tossed her the keys.

The two girls climbed into the truck and Brielle turned the key in the ignition, driving off through the dirt.


"Okay Kail," Brielle said after they left B-Tent, "It's your turn to fill a canteen, I already did A and B-Tent, and you didn't even get out of the truck."

Kailani didn't answer.

"Kailani?" Brielle asked and looked over, her friend was sleeping peacefully.

"Glad you're comfortable," she muttered and headed to C-Tent.


Kailani finally awoke as soon as she heard a car door shut. She sat up and glanced around, Brielle was just turning the key in the ignition.

"Have a nice sleep?" she asked, turning to Kailani.

Kailani nodded happily, "Where to next?"

"D-Tent," Brielle said as she drove, dirt spraying all around.

"I can do the water," she said as Brielle drove up next to where D-Tent was digging.

"You just want to see the guys," Brielle said knowingly, climbing out of the truck.

Kailani grinned, "Please tell me you never doubted that," she said and climbed out after Brielle.

Brielle rolled her eyes with a smile as the two walked over to the boys in orange jumpsuits.

"WATER!" Kailani yelled out loud, so loud Brielle nearly jumped a foot in the air.

"Damn Kail, were you a cheerleader or something?"

Kailani nodded with a smirk, "We had to yell a lot in cheerleading."

"See, why don't they just get you to do the alarm thingy in the morning, you could wake up polar bears in Antarctica with that voice," Armpit said.

Kailani gave a satisfied smile as she started to run the water and fill up everyone's canteens.

"Hey Ricky," Brielle said as Zig Zag came over to her with a canteen full of water.

"Hey Elle," he replied, pulling her into a hug.

"Ricky? Who's Ricky?" Magnet asked.

"Zig Zag," Caveman replied.

"Can we call you Ricky?" Squid asked sarcastically, batting his eyes jokingly.

"Nope, only Ellie is allowed to call me Ricky, well Mom does too but we don't really have a choice on that one." Ricky said, shaking his head.

"What a jip," Squid muttered and tugged the bill of his white hat down over his eyes, seeing his face somewhat shadowed like that almost made Brielle blush-scratch the almost, it did make her blush.

"Have no fear, Hayden's here," a way to familiar female voice sang out snobbishly.

"Who?" all the D-Tent boys asked in unison.

Kailani and Brielle shot each other looks of eye rolls, "You don't wanna know…" Kailani muttered.

"And so are we," two other female voices said from behind her.

"Oh my God!" Hayden squealed, "Lor! Bec!"

The three of them walked over to where Kailani, Brielle, and D-Tent stood.

Brielle got a good look at the other girls, one was wearing a navy blue tee shirt with a hot pink L on it and a pair of flared light blue jeans and a pair of white tennis shoes, she guessed she was Lorelei, she had long dark hair that fell to her breast bone and tan skin with eyes the color of caramel.

The other, who she figured must be Becca, had auburn hair that was in a pixie cut with red highlights, she was wearing a red wife beater and a white pleated mini skirt with a pair of platform sandals.

"You guys must be D-Tent," Hayden said with a flirty smile, "I'm Hayden, and these are my best friends, Lorelei," she gestured to the brunette, "and Becca," she gestured to the girl with the pixie cut.

"Hayden is the Warden's niece," Brielle said to Zig Zag quietly.

Kailani glanced at all of D-Tent with her chocolate eyes and whispered, "Be afraid…be very afraid,"


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