Epilogue Duo A/N: I'm breaking literary convention, but since when have we fanfic writers cared about that? ^_^ It's brief and less introspective than informational, but that was the point...

I switched off the news in disgust, wondered if I should call Relena. Hilde nearly slammed the door; the idea something else awful happened…I didn't need to deal with that.

"Duo, you hear the news?" Hilde asked, stuffed her jacket in the closet. When the small comm unit on her wrist wouldn't come off, she angrily tore at it before giving up.

"Which one?" I sighed, helping her unattach the unit. "Ojousan won't be doing too great…"

"I can't believe Noin would have done that, she was only out two weeks." Hilde grimaced. "How insinuating was the version you heard? God, we didn't know her that well, but still…"

"The whole thing led back to everyone's favorite ex-Peacecrafts."

"She was married to one."

"That's why."

"They could at least show some respect for the dead…and their living relative."

I rolled my eyes, at the situation, not Hilde. "It's the media's job to desecrate everything humanly possible. Didn't you see how they had a field day with the war crimes trials? It's been barely a year and they dredge it up with her suicide…of all people…"

She frowned, hesitated before speaking. "We were fortunate. You had nothing and I was barely fined for battery of a prisoner - seeing as you were the prisoner…"

I smirked in trademark style, ruffled her short hair. "You're right, we were. Speak to Stella or Heero recently?"

"Stella called last night…said her parole was coming up. I still don't get why her entire unit wasn't acquitted…Sally Po's branch was. She was Federation*, not OZ, sure, but still-"

"Hey, hey," I chided. "Don't worry about the past; we did that often enough during the trials. Tomorrow we'll drop in on Relena whether she wants us to or not, and then go bother Quatre while we're there."

"All the way in L4?" Hilde blanched. "Have you forgotten where we live?"

"No, he was near Cinq at Romefeller Headquarters, helping that Catalonia girl." The 'again' was silent. The Tribunal had left Quatre alone, something about prior civil reimbursement. He and "that Catalonia girl" weren't married - not even dating last I checked. Instead they were a creepy kind of siblings, even living together now.

Trowa had served maybe six months for his stint in OZ. Wufei was such an honor freak he didn't heave anything on him. Of all of us, only Heero went to trial. If I thought about it, he should have been completing his minimum sentence soon…hopefully he would be released.

The trials were another type of war for us. It wasn't quite as sanguinary as the Federation or Eve Wars…not many died in the war with the Mariemaia Army. But people still died in this one, had their lives ruined: in the case of many, not for the first time.

I often thought the Earth Sphere would have been much better off if the trials had never occurred. Preventers had dissipated because of them - chief executed and some of their best officers dead by their own hands. Many others were still imprisoned, and would be for a long time.

Important people, people that could have stabilized the ESUN much sooner than the seven years it took, were lost to this war. A war where soldiers could not fight, a war where there were no victors even in name.

A war where the God of Death was frowned upon.

* Far as I can tell, the Federation and the Alliance are one and the same, and the wording difference is caused only by translation variants.

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