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"Kerry. Are you all right?" Kate asked her youngest daughter. Kate didn't hear anything except for a big groan coming from the other room.

"Mom, Bridget replied, I don't think she's coming down. I mean, did you hear that great big groan."

"Yes Bridget, I heard. Kerry, are you feeling all right?" She repeated. Kate entered the bedroom to find Kerry sitting on the floor, holding her stomach. "Kerry, what's wrong?"

Kerry looked up at her mom and opened her mouth, only to close it and run off to the bathroom putting a hand over her mouth.

Kate could not believe that Kerry was sick. She was trying to think of what could have made her feel... icky. Was it supper? Couldn't have been. Everyone else is fine. "Could it be the flu?" She thought out loud.

"I don't know. Maybe." Bridget answered. "Anyways, I gotta go be prez. See ya." And with that, Bridget left her mother in the room.

Kate looked around the empty room. "See ya??? Don't I get hugs anymore?"

"Oh, come here Kate. I'll give you a hug." Answered CJ as he entered the room.

"Oh. Hi CJ. I don't know what's wrong. My girls are growing up so fast." Kate looked on with despair. She went over to Bridget's bed and picked up a teddy bear.

"Yeah, I know, CJ said, Rory's growing up too." Kate looked up at CJ. He took a big sigh and got choked up saying "He becoming a big boy." Kate grew comfort knowing that Rory wasn't a "big boy" yet, and he was still going to be there a while.

"Come on CJ. Lets go downstairs and wipe those tears."

"Oh... sniff... okay... sniff... choke."

As soon as they got half way down the stairs, Jim yelped in pain. Kate ran down the rest of the way yelling. "Oh my God! Dad are you okay? What happened?"

Her dad turned around with his fingers in his mouth. "It's okay Kate. It's just the toast is to darn hot."

"Gramps, the toast came out of the toaster. Did you think it would be cold?" replied CJ.

"Watch it little man. I'm still young enough to put you across my... CJ? Is that a tear?" inquired Grandpa.

"Umm... no." And CJ started to walk away wiping off the tear, just when Rory came up from the basement. "Oh Rory." CJ went right up to Rory and gave him a great big, long hug. "I'm going to miss these days." With a great sigh, CJ let go of Rory and walked away, leaving Rory embarrassed and scared.


Kate was about to leave the house for work, when she asked her dad where everyone was. "Well, Kerry's still upstairs blowing chunks. Bridget is at a meeting at school. And Rory and CJ went to the mall." "Okay." She opened the door, but as she was about to walk out, she turned around and went to her father and gave him a hug. "Thanks Dad." He knew exactly what she meant as she left for work.


Jim got up to get the mail. When he came back, he noticed there was a letter for CJ. "Who would write to CJ." Jim thought out loud. "Well, Jim thought to himself, CJ isn't here. I could take a little sneak. Wouldn't hurt anyone." Curiosity got the best of him.

He tore the envelop and opened the letter. Jim read the letter out loud. "Hey CJ. What's up? (ever heard of proper English) Haven't spoken to you in a while. Heard you moved in with the Hennessys? How are they? Heard that the grandfather's over there too. Hope he's not the "Well, back in my day" kind of guy. (Jim grumbles and rolls his eyes) It sucks that you don't write to us. Forgotten how? (Man, this guy's boring - ever heard of e-mail)"

He got bored so he skipped a few lines.

"Anyways, I'm going to be in town for a few days, probably a week. Stupid conference. (This guy works???) Wondering if you could hook me up with a room or something. Like to hang with you again. The gang miss you back home. Anyway, I'll be there Dec 15th. Hope to see you. Charlie."

What a load of bologna. This Charlie guy has got to be kidding. Wait Dec 15th. That's tomorrow. Jim started to get panicked. This guy is actually going to come over and "hang out" for a week. I don't want another CJ in the house.

"Hey Grandpa."

"Oh, hey Rory." Jim replied as Rory and CJ got their coats off. "How was your trip to the mall?"

"It was great. I met this girl..."

"Uh-huh. That's nice. CJ!"

"Yeah Pops." he answered as he was untying his shoes.

"You got a letter."

"Whoa! Wait a sec. Does it have any sort of government stamp on it?"

"No... but I do think Kate should see it first." This statement got CJ curious. Why should Kate see it first? Why can't he read his own letter?

"What should I see first?" Kate was home and she walked over to her father and grabbed the letter he handed out to her. "Dad, I think it's okay for him to read it." "Yeah, but read the last paragraph." So Kate read it. She had to read it over again three times. "CJ, it says here that Charlie is coming over to stay with us for a week."

"Are you serious? Oh my God, this is so cool. I haven't seen Charlie since high school."

"No, CJ, it's not great. The letter says that Charlie is coming tomorrow. I don't have enough room in the house for someone else."

"Oh, no wait. It's okay. It's cool. See, Charlie could sleep on the couch. I mean... if it's okay with you Kate."


"What?" retorted Jim. "You're actually thinking about this."

"Well, yeah Dad." Jim leaned in closer to his daughter and whispered. "Charlie is CJ'S FRIEND. Charlie could be another CJ."

"Hey, I heard that. Look Kate. Okay. I'll bring Charlie by here tomorrow and then you can decide if Charlie stays here for a week or goes to a motel. Okay? Pweez? Pwetty pweez."

"Fine. We'll see."