Day one, Monday, 4:05 PM

Calvin was coming home from school one day.

He rode in the bus next to (you guessed it) Susie Dirkins.

Susie was talking about the school president election, that was happening on next Monday.

Calvin wasn't listening to one word, he was lost somewhere in his imagination. "The amazing SPACEMAN SPIFF, stares out into the vast regions of space." he thought. "All at once, Zorkoids from planet yackerall attack! Spiff activates his DEATH RAY BLASTER!"

"You know what Calvin?" The Zorkoid queen, I mean, Susie said after a while, "I'M gonna run for school president!"

Calvin was all at once snapped from his fantasy world. He stared at Susie. Susie stared right back. Then Calvin began laughing.

"No way Susie DORKins! 'Cause I'M running for school president!"

Susie began to laugh. "There's no way ANY ONE would vote for you!" She yelled. "Cause you're too stupid to be a president!"

Calvin's eyes bulged. "WHAT?!" he yelled. Susie grinned. "The other day you said 87 49!" she said. "So I was off by a little, sue me."

Just then, the bus stopped, ending Calvin's conversation with Susie. Calvin got up, and began to walk away.

"See you on the stage Calvin! I hope you'll have a speech ready!" he heard Susie yell.

Calvin rushed into the house. "HOBBES! HOBBES!" he yelled running up the stairs to his room. He opened the door, and saw Hobbes sitting on his bed, reading a comic book.

Calvin told Hobbes about the conversation.

Hobbes blinked. "If want to win," he said "you better make up a speech for what you'll do if you're elected." Calvin's eyes blanked out. "Can you help me?" he asked the tiger. "Sure." said Hobbes.

He pulled out a paper and a pencil.

"Lets start." said Hobbes. "What will you do if you are elected? What would you do to make the school a better place?"

Calvin grinned. "That's easy!" he said. "Less learning, and more playing! I think we should leave school work for the machines, and play outside all day!"

By the end of the day, Calvin had a long speech written out. The question was: was it good enough to make Calvin president?