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Van Helsing made it to the top of the platform where Frankenstein was being positioned. Lighten would strike occasionally but nothing really too close, at least not right then. He made his was carefully on the platform's wet surface, over to him. He then began or rather attempted to un-strap the prisoner.

Dracula strode through the busy laboratory thoughtfully. Everything was going according to plan. Or so he thought. As he approached the hole under the ceiling where the platform was, he noticed something was amiss, he looked up and with his clear superhuman eye he could see what van Helsing was doing. More annoyed than angry he narrowed his eyes as he stared straight up. "If you want something done right…" he said to himself as he began to transform into his true hell beast form, he laughed himself into the air straight through the hole in the ceiling.

Anna blinked rapidly, trying to clear the water from her eyes. The white demon before her was a blur but she couldn't deny the fact that aleera wasn't going down without a struggle. "is this worth the struggling?" she asked as she began to transform back into her human form. Quickly Anna ripped the vampire's hand away from her throat

"I'm not sure, you tell me" Anna said breathlessly as she got to her feet. She leaned against the wall next to the broken window she looked up quickly to see aleera staring her down. They simultaneously locked eyes. There was a flash of lightening and the next thing she knew she was on the floor of the room again, she wasn't sure if she had fallen or aleera had pushed her. She had landed her side, on several pieces of broken glass. she got to her knees attempting to get up, only to be defeated by being kicked back to the ground. Aleera pinned Anna by her shoulder to the ground with only her left foot, she looked down at her sweetly "Anna, love, there was something I have always wanted to ask you" she bent down so that she was hovering over her, "by killing all of us what do you really expect in the end?"

Anna knew exactly what she was doing, she was playing the your-all-alone-in-the-world card, but she wouldn't buy it, Anna felt around the ground among the bit and pieces of glass, suddenly getting an idea, "after everything?" she said playing along, she stared into the vampire's dark cold eyes "starting with you…" Anna's hand came from the dark and with all of her strength plunged it into aleera's chest. Aleera stared at her, her mouth open but she stayed silent "silence." she twisted the piece of glass digging it deeper. Anna scrambled back as aleera screamed. She watched as she slowly began to turn into dust. Anna sighed closing her eyes and resting her head on the stone floor. The sound of a loud in human screech followed by a crash of thunder snapped Anna to attention, she picked her head up got to her feet and headed toward the tower.

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