Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 3

Title: Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 3

Author: Carya Black
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Pairings: HP/HG, DM/GW, will be TMR/OC too
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Disclaimer: Carya and the plot changes belong to me, the rest belongs to JKR. I do not make any money with this. It's just a story written from one fan for all the others to read. I got some Ideas from other stories as well. They will be mentioned in the following disclaimers, so please don't flame me. I know whom they belong to and respect the ideas of other authors. I only use them because I loved them! Please don't get mad at me if you find something copied from the books *apologetic smile*. Harry and Carya might get slightly Mary-Sueish but I need this for my story, so don't flame me. Flames will only be used to heat my room and to roast marshmallows *evilgrin*.

Author's Notes: Since this is an AU fic some things are different. Ginny is the same age as Harry and Carya. Ron is almost a year older but hadn't been able to attend Hogwarts earlier. Snape behaves different sometimes too. I also have switched positions of book two and three because I need the kids to be older when the Chamber of Secrets is opened. Perhaps there will be even more changes, but I don't know yet (not everything, just a bit).

I also unknowingly altered Hermione's birthday. According to JKR she's been born on September 19th. But I didn't know that. Now her birthday is February 4th (look into my character descriptions for details. They are on my homepage under the following link:


Summary: Basically the twins third year at Hogwarts, originally this would've been book three but I switched the positions of book two and three. Some surprises are in here too. So read, review and enjoy.

Warnings: There's a reason for Carya and Harry being in Slytherin. It's not just for the fun of it. But this isn't a general Dark!Carya, Dark!Harry story. They only aren't all that goodie-Gryffindor.

(Carya grinning evilly: 'Hardly possible if we are in Slytherin don't you think, my dear author?'

Author: 'Oh shut up Carya, I had to warn them so they don't fall out of their chairs, understood?'

Carya: 'Yes, Master, Mylady or whatever you like to be called ...' gets hit on the back of her head

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Carya: 'Oh, do we? I can't wait for that. And if we don't get Draco back someday I'll hex you from now until easter!'

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~...~ Parseltongue

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~*~*~ ... ~*~*~ Flashback or changing POV


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This is the third instalment of 'A Different World' and my version of the 'Chamber of Secrets'.



Chapter 01 - Draco's Escape or Runaway Dragon

(A/N: Sorry if anyone feels his copyright violated but I couldn't help myself with that title ^_^)

Draco truly dreaded the ride to 'King's Cross'. He was afraid that something would prevent him from 'escaping' his father which would probably be the his death. The boy opted for sitting alone until London. He really didn't want anyone to know why he was so nervous.

Not even Crabbe and Goyle bothered him this time and he was truly glad for that. Draco didn't think that he'd be able to keep up his cold 'Malfoy facade' right now. It was just impossible if he thought about what exactly he was going to do at the beginning of the holidays.

'What have I gotten myself into now? If I wasn't so scared of what father will do should he find out, I'd probably laugh. I only hope he doesn't see through my act too soon. He'll kill me if he find's out before I'm gone. Merlin be blessed that no one has been bothering me until now.

Even Crabbe, Goyle and the Weasel left me alone since we've left 'Hogsmeade Station'. I don't think that I could cope with them now. Heaven forbid if Parkinson finds me here,' he mused with a violent shudder at the very thought of the girl.

He also thought about the things he would like to take with him when he left his old home behind for good. Since he was allowed to do magic for the first week of the holidays it wouldn't be that difficult. He could simply shrink everything he wanted to keep and take with him.

'I'll simply put a featherweight-charm on my belongings. Still, the only thing I'd probably miss is my mother. But then again, she never seemed to care about me like other mothers do with their children. Perhaps I should take Tilly with me?

She's my house-elf after all. But what about father's powers over our elves ... No, I can't take her. She's still his and would be too afraid to leave with me. I wonder where I'll be staying from now on and who'll take care of me.

Dumbledore said I couldn't stay at Hogwarts the whole time. ... Shit, I really do hope it's not some stupid Muggle family. I still don't like Muggles ... okay, perhaps Hermione's parents or even the Dursley's but I doubt that I'd be allowed to stay with the Potters.

What will Ginny think about my running away from home? ... Oh, stop it Draco. Quit worrying when you cannot change anything about it. ... Geez, great! I'm arguing with myself now. It's final. I've gone nuts!' he thought angrily.

Never before in his life Draco Tomas Malfoy had felt so insecure about himself or the things around him. This was a first and right now he was a bundle of quivering nerves. He only managed to collect himself as soon as the 'Hogwarts Express' reached London.

When Draco stepped onto the platform he caught a glimpse of his 'friends', namely Harry, Carya, Ginny and Hermione. He envied them and although they didn't have an easy life either, they seemed more carefree than he himself had ever been.

'Maybe I can have that too when I'm finally free of father's influence? If I'm ... no, when I'm successful and finally go through with this,' he thought.

Draco watched as the twins and the two girls were greeted by their families. He spotted his father, made sure his usual mask was in place and walked over to Lucius Malfoy as calmly as he could. A barely noticeable shiver went through the blonde boy when he saw his fathers face.

Draco cringed inwardly. This wasn't good. His father looked thoroughly pissed about something.

'Something bad must have happened at work. He would've have owled me if it was anything at home, would he? Oh Merlin, I really hope this hasn't anything to do with me!' Draco mused.

The elder Malfoy wordlessly motioned his son to follow and they walked over to the family car. The ride to Malfoy Manor was spent in silence. It seemed endless for Draco since his father didn't talk to him and the boy knew better than to address his father first.

He still vividly remembered the first and last time he had done that.

~*~*~ Flashback - Draco's Childhood ~*~*~

Little six year old Draco was absolutely excited. He had just flown his first round over the grounds of Malfoy Manor on his new broom. Not some stupid children's toy, no, a real broomstick. It wasn't the best one available on the market but still ...

It was a 'Cleansweep 7' and it was his. He desperately wanted to tell his father about this and could hardly wait for him to come home from work. When Lucius Malfoy entered the house he was faced with a bouncing six year old child that was merrily babbling about flying.

"Father! You'll never guess what I did today. I was flying on my new broom when mother allowed it. All by myself, I ..." the little boy didn't get any further. His father had backhanded him across the face.

"Never ever speak to your elders unless you are spoken to, boy! You are a Malfoy. Behave like one!" he yelled at the now silently crying child, " ... and stop that childish behaviour at once! A Malfoy doesn't cry. It's a weakness and we have no weaknesses!" the man continued angrily.

He dragged Draco to his bedroom and locked the boy in. He was only let out the next morning when they had breakfast. Draco hadn't cried in front of anyone since then. And he had never spoken to any adults who might tell his father about him.

~*~*~ End Flashback - Draco's Childhood ~*~*~

Draco barely noticed their arrival at the Malfoy Estate. Mechanically he got out of the car, stepped into the entrance hall and greeted his mother with a faked cheerful expression on his face. After that he immediately went to his room and started looking around.

'This is quite much to take with me. I definitely will have to shrink everything,' he thought with a sigh and immediately set to work.

He also noticed in relief that almost everything he owned was stored in his rooms. Draco wouldn't have to run around the house to gather his things. He quickly ordered Tilly to bring his old trunk from the storage rooms since it contained his 'old things'.

When Tilly asked why he wanted to have it he simply told the elf that he wanted to sort it out. He wanted to make sure that his father didn't find out about Draco's plans before it became unavoidable.

"Young Master has called for Tilly? What can Tilly do for you, sir?" the elf inquired.

"Get me the trunk with my old belongings from the storage rooms, the blue one, Tilly and be quick about it! I want to go through the items as soon as possible," he ordered.

When the female elf brought the trunk another house-elf appeared telling Draco to get ready for dinner since it would be served in twenty minutes. Draco almost grimaced and gave a small sigh. He changed into some more formal robes like his father expected him to and went downstairs.

Once he arrived in the dining hall he saw that they had guests. The Parkinson's had been invited for the evening, including dinner. The young Malfoy heir of course had to spend his evening with pug-faced little Miss Pansy.

'Wonderful, I won't get anything done today. I only hope she doesn't come too near. She's really smelly!' Draco contemplated sarcastically and nearly made a face.

"Draco, why don't you go and show Pansy the estate?" Lucius half asked, half ordered his son.

Draco obeyed his father and showed Pansy around the Manor and tried to keep her entertained and himself from killing her. He had already thought of hundreds of ways to dispose of the girl but he knew that none of them would work since they all included some kind of torture or death.

The boy tolerated Pansy's presence outwardly and inwardly he thought that this hopefully would be the very last time he had to put up with her in private. He also was thinking about his first year at Hogwarts.

The only time he ever had real friends. Draco desperately hoped his plan would work. It just had to. He couldn't take anymore of the shit his so-called 'family' put him through. He was a child for Slytherin's sake, even if his name was Malfoy.

After five hours with Pansy he was deadly tired and when they had said goodbye to the Parkinson's the boy immediately went to bed. There was no use in trying to get anything done in the middle of the night when he was too exhausted to keep his eyes open any longer.

He fell asleep and dreamed of his true friends and the one girl he liked the most - Ginny Weasley! The next morning he woke up early despite going to bed very late. The sun had just risen and he felt surprisingly well rested after only three hours of sleep.

'Strange, I thought I'd be sleeping the whole day after last night,' he thought and then shrugged, 'Perhaps it is because I've had the best dreams since the beginning of my first year in Hogwarts. I might as well start putting everything together now. I should begin with my old trunk, I believe.'

Draco opened the slightly dusty trunk and began sorting it out. The things he didn't want to keep went straight into the trashcan. Everything else was put on the table and divided into groups. The piles grew when he started with the actual things in his room.

Draco finished the trunk just in time for breakfast. His parents were already waiting for him. His father gave him a disapproving glare and Draco knew that something had upset him. But he didn't ask. If there was anything wrong his father wouldn't hesitate to tell him, he never did.

"Your exam results arrived this morning," Lucius said simply in a cold, calculating voice, "What are you doing in school? You're only in fourth place of your whole year and in third in your own house! That in itself wouldn't be so disappointing if you had been beaten by someone worthy.

But to get lower grades than a Potter or worse than a Mudblood!" Lucius all but yelled the last word and Draco flinched, "If you are not on top of class until christmas I will punish you severely for your slack attitude towards school work."

Draco knew it wasn't fair. Harry and Carya were really smart. Even smarter than Hermione and she was a true Ravenclaw. It was not his fault that he wasn't that smart. But he wisely kept his mouth shut and just lowered his head.

Thankfully the results didn't mention that he had tied with Ginny Weasley for fourth place. That would have been a complete disaster. His father hated the Weasley's with a passion. The hatred between the two families went way back. No one knew how or why it had started in the first place.

Nowadays it was all about blood. The Malfoy's only believed in the pureness of wizard-blood. Since the Weasley's didn't have anything against Muggles and were supporting those who wanted to allow every muggle-born witch and wizard into their world Lucius and his friends looked down on them.

Muggle-loving fools or blood-traitors was what they called people like Ginny's family. He himself had thought the same way when he was boarding the 'Hogwarts Express' for the first time. But then he had met Harry and Carya, the famous Potter twins.

They were so different from the stories his father told him. He had liked them in an instant. It was true that Draco seriously disliked all of the Weasley boys but that was more than mutual at the moment. It was all about them being Gryffindors and him being a Slytherin.

Even the Potter-twins didn't really get along with them. Only Ginny was different. She had never been prejudiced against Slytherin and she was one herself. When Harry, Ginny and Carya had been sorted into Slytherin Draco was happy that they became his friends.

And once he had realised that Hermione was nothing like those Muggleborn witches his father had told him about he had liked her too. Draco's view of the world had changed. He no longer fit into his father's pocket. He simply had grown out of it.

That was why he went to Dumbledore. That was the reason he wanted to get away. And he was scared like hell. If his father found out about his changed way of thinking he would be punished and probably wouldn't survive it or Lucius would put him under a controlling curse like the 'Imperius'.

His father was still yelling at him and he kept his head down. He said that Draco was ungrateful and that he was bringing shame over the family by not trying his best in school. And get beaten by mudbloods and muggle-lovers.

Narcissa Malfoy just sat there. She would never dare to stand up against Lucius. She knew Draco wasn't lazy but his father was right. It was a shame that he wasn't top of Slytherin and top of his year. They were Malfoy's after all and had to keep a reputation in the Wizarding World.

She had once thought different but that was before she met Lucius and married him. She had adopted his way of thinking as hers when she married him. Just like she had been taught as a little girl. This was the way things were. Nothing and no one could change that.

Draco let his father's tirade wash over him. He had experienced this before, after his first year but it hadn't been this bad then. Strangely he didn't seem to care at all. It just didn't reach his inner self like it had done earlier.

The new Draco wasn't affected by insults to his knowledge or his wits. The new Draco was aware that he had done his best. He knew he couldn't have done more alone. Those two brainless goons who were with him always were not of use when it came to school and homework.

The boy was so far away with his thoughts that he barely caught his fathers command before breakfast ended.

"I expect perfect marks by christmas, son. If not..." Lucius trailed of but Draco knew what this 'if not' meant.

He heard himself answer but it seemed unreal and very far away.

"Yes, father!" he said in an emotionless tone.

Lucius got up which meant the meal was over. Draco quickly exited the room and went back upstairs. Once he reached his rooms he let out a very small sigh. He was afraid one of the portraits or house-elves might hear him and tell his father.

'Wonderful, Draco, you're scared shitless in your own home ... wait, this isn't my 'home' it never really was. But it's true that I'm positively feeling paranoid here. Not a good sign at all. I hope this will change once I'm out of here,' he thought and continued his work with his things.

He put everything that wouldn't be missed immediately or noticed by anyone into piles and shrank them carefully. Then the things were put into his school trunk. Draco even put most of his wardrobe in there too.

Since he had so much it wouldn't be necessary for his new guardians to buy him any clothes, not wizarding ones at least. His books would be some of the last things to go into the trunk since they were standing on the shelves next to his desk.

When he went down to lunch the mood was still tense. As always the meal was spent in silence and Draco excused himself after finishing with saying he wanted to read up on his potions assignment which they had gotten for the summer.

He put a warning charm on the door that would quietly alert him if anyone was approaching his rooms. Draco then would quickly sit at his desk and read in his potions book. But no one came until three in the afternoon.

Jelly was sent to call him to his fathers study. Draco went without complaint hoping it wasn't about him. The boy straightened himself and knocked on the door to the study.

"Come in!" was the reply. Inside stood his father, quickly packing some documents, "Draco, I have been called to an emergency. You will behave and continue your homework. I want it done by tomorrow evening, understood?" he demanded and Draco nodded carefully.

"I want you to behave and to obey your mother as I will probably not be back until tomorrow morning. You may go now," Lucius told his son.

Draco left the study with mixed feelings. He could try his escape tonight if it wasn't for his mother staying home. That was a problem but not a big one. It must have been some kind of fate that an emergency case had happened at the ministry. The blonde boy's thought's were already back in his room when he reached his door.

'I have to go tonight. I won't get another chance, that's for sure!' he mused, 'But how to ditch mother? If only she would go out today, then I wouldn't have any real problems. I've long ago learnt to efficiently lie to the house-elves.'

The next things Draco packed were his school-things of the last two years except for his potions book which still lay on his desk opened at a potion they had covered that year. He would put it into his emergency bag later. Suddenly Tilly called for him.

"Young Master, the Mistress is calling for you, sir! She is waiting for young Master in her study," the elf babbled and Draco reluctantly went down to meet her.

"Draco, son, I have to leave you alone this evening. Our charity circle is having an unexpected meeting tonight and I can't miss it. You behave and don't stay up too long! Tilly, make sure he gets some dinner!" his mother said and quickly left the house through the floo-network.

While he had outwardly just nodded and said 'Yes, mother!' he felt strange inwardly. He was cheering and feeling afraid at the same time, not knowing what to make of this for a moment. Draco blinked. He stood there for a few seconds and was simply frozen on the spot.

'This can't be true, can it? No one here except me and the damned house-elves ... that means ... I really can leave tonight. I don't have to stay any longer! Yes, thank you Slytherin!' thought Draco happily and started grinning.

He went back to his room and told Tilly to bring him some dinner now as it was already half past five and he pretended wanting to study later. The elf returned with the normal dinner and dozens of snacks he could eat while studying.

He told them to leave him alone and to not enter his rooms unless it was a true emergency. He told them to leave him alone and not to come into his rooms unless it was a real emergency.

Once he was alone in his room he continued packing. This time he grabbed everything he could get a hold of.

His clothes, his books, his old toys, nearly everything of his except for the furniture was shrunken and went into his trunk. He only left his toiletries, two spare sets of clothing - muggle style and robes - some of the snacks, the money he had, the portkey from Dumbledore and the potions book unshrunken.

Draco put those into his backpack and he of course kept his wand within reach. He looked around the bedroom, his study and his bathroom, even into his closet. Everything he wanted to take with him was in his trunk. He closed it, shrunk it to the size of a book and put a featherweight charm on it.

He then stuffed the shrunken trunk into his backpack. His shrunken broom also was put in there. Only his wand and the portkey from his headmaster remained in his hands or better, in his robe pockets.

'I really do hope this works. It just seems too good to be true. Slytherin, help me! I can finally get out of this house and away from this 'family',' he thought not noticing he was once again talking to himself, 'Well, that's it then. I'm leaving and I'm not even regretting it!'

The thirteen year old boy made his way downstairs. He crept as silently as he could along the rows of portraits. It was quite late now. He had needed almost four hours to completely finish packing and most portraits were asleep.

Fortunately Draco knew how to get out of the house unnoticed. He took a secret passage from the house to the old oak tree near the gates and therefore near to the end of the wards of Malfoy Manor. Before he had went downstairs he had sent his owl to Dumbledore.

The black animal was carrying a slip of parchment with a single sentence on it. No name, no signature. The boy had even altered his handwriting. Only Dumbledore would know who had sent it and what to do next.

Draco stepped out of the tunnel and took out the statue of a little white dragon with pale blue eyes. He liked it and hoped that he could keep the statue later. This was the portkey. It was activated when Draco said the words they had agreed on.

He didn't notice Tilly yelling or his father returning home at first.

"Young Master, why is you leaving and where is you going? Tilly will be punished for letting young Master leave," she cried and his father started yelling when he saw Draco with his backpack near the gates. He was outside of the wards now.

"What are you doing out here at this time? Why do you carry that bag with you? Answer me, boy!" he shouted but Draco just ignored him.

The boy smiled. A true smile this time, full of emotions. Not the fake one he put on his face for everyone he had to smile at politely. His father saw this and was trying to curse him again when Draco activated the portkey.

"Safe Heaven!" he said quietly.

Before he felt the familiar tug in his stomach there was a sharp pain in his left shoulder. His father's curse had hit him but he had still gotten away. The next thing the boy saw was the deserted street of 'Diagon Alley'.

He quickly made his way into the 'Leaky Cauldron' and ignored the searing pain in his arm. Tom, the innkeeper greeted him somewhat surprised but didn't say anything else when Draco went to the fireplace, grabbed some floo-powder and threw it into the fire.

As soon as it turned green he stepped onto the grate.

"Hogsmeade, the 'Three Broomsticks'!" he said and was gone.

~*~*~ Meanwhile at Hogwarts ~*~*~

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office drinking tea and eating some of his favourite muggle sweets - Lemon Drops. He was looking at the list of next years students. There were forty-eight new first years this time and they hadn't had that many since before the first reign of the Dark Lord.

Suddenly he was startled out of his thoughts when an unfamiliar owl flew in through the window. It was carrying a piece of parchment that contained only one single sentence.

'The ugly duckling is turning into a beautiful swan!'

'Draco Malfoy! The boy must have managed to get away somehow. I hope he is alright and unharmed," said the Headmaster to himself. "Well, I had better go to Rosmerta's then. He could arrive every minute now."

Albus Dumbledore took same powder from one of the pots on the mantle of his fireplace and threw it into the fire. "Minerva McGonagall!" he called.

"What is it Albus? Has something happened?" a worried Deputy Headmistress said sleepily.

"No, Minerva, nothing is wrong, but I need you to know that I'll be out of the castle for a few hours. Good night Minerva. I'll explain everything tomorrow," he said and ended the conversation.

The Headmaster put on his cloak and immediately was on his way towards the main entrance. Once he was outside he quickly went down to Hogsmeade. But it still took him about half an hour to get there. The small inn was still open and only a few guests were there.

"Good evening, Rosmerta!" Albus greeted the innkeeper.

"Oh, hello Albus! What do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" she inquired.

"I'm waiting for someone. He wanted to meet me here tonight," the headmaster replied.

He sat down at one of the tables in the back where he wouldn't be noticed that easily. Rosmerta brought him a butterbeer on the house and Albus waited for his young charge to arrive.

'I do hope he can make it here safely. Poor boy, but he has a strong will. If he gets here everything will work out,' the old wizard mused.

~*~*~ End Meanwhile at Hogwarts ~*~*~

It was almost eleven p.m. when the sound of someone coming through the floo was heard at the 'Three Broomsticks'. Out of the fireplace stumbled a child. A small boy around thirteen with blonde hair. His clothes were covered with soot and on his left arm were visible bloodstains.

His name was Draco Tomas Malfoy!

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