Rose:WHAT THE?! This isn't the whole story! :l

Konishie:Um... well... you see... um... KISH ATE THE PAPPER!!! (panicks)


Kish:...I don't like the look of this story.(tremmbles)

Konieshie and Rose:(look at each other) :3 MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Trouble for Kish

By Konishie and Rose

Ichigo Momimiya was walking home from school when she heard a rustle in the bushes. "Who's there?!" She turned around swiftly. She sighed in relief seeing it was only a cat. Her cell phone started to ring. When she went to answer it a hand moved in front of her mouth and another around her waist.

"Mph! MMMM!!!" Ichigo squealed against the cold hand.

In a flash she ended up in an ally. The hands loosened, and she turned around to find herself staring into a pair of soft, golden eyes. She was caught in a trans but came back to reality soon. "K-Kish?" she questioned. The emerald haired boy stepped back and looked down at her.

"I need to tell you something." Kish bowed. "I'm sorry if I h..." At that moment, a portal opened behind Kish and a hand came out of it. "Nani?" Both Kish and Ichigo said as the hand grabbed Kish's shirt and pulled him in. Once Kish was gone Ichigo got up, quite disturbed, and ran home.


Konieshie:Yay! Cliffy!


Ichigo:That sucked! --;

Kish:KONEKO-CHAN!!!!!!!(glomps Ichigo)

Ichigo:HEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT OOOOOOOOOOOOFF!!!!!!!!!

Konnieshie:(glomps Kish)

Rose:(watches amused)--;(suddenly hyper)REVIEW PEASE!!!--