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After the little big incident, Kish relized what happened before he got teleported.

The girls stood there looking at him.

''Uh…Dude?'' The redhead stated nudging him lightly with her elbow. The other Gothics left except for her and Cocoa. ''DUDE!'' Cocoa yelled.

''WHAT! IS THERE AOTHER BEE!'' Kisshu whaled at the two females.

"No..Do you want to be shown around or not? If your seen with us, no one will ever hurt you. Your chioce. We get to get out of class though…'' Snickering, Cocoa nudge the red head. "I'm Rose…'' Stating frailly she stomped towards the door with her combat boots making a loud plop sound.

Following Kish decided to think about Ichigo another time. Marching right behind them, he saw Cocoa looking over her shoulder at him ever so often during the tour of the school.

P.E. 1st period.

''Wait a second…'' Kisshu stopped as the girls were walking into a locker room.

"Heh?'' Rose answer him, stopping. "I go into that one? With all the girls?''

"Hell No!'' Cocoa laughed. "We, Rose and I, go with the boys. They ran out of lockers in the girl's locker room…'' Snickering, Rose walked into to locker room.

Kisshu got his locker assigned, and went over to the girls, who where already dressed out into grey short sleeved shirts, maroon shorts, knee high socks and converse shoes. (Cocao with blue and Rose with red)

Kisshu cursed under his breath. "I have the locker right next to you two?'' 'Great…'

"That's right!'' Cocoa chirped. "Hurry up and get dressed we'll be later than usual…''

Hurrying along the best he could, he got dress, being watched by the two females. They where snickering and whispering things to each other. Sighing he stood in front of them. "Lets go.'' Irritated, he sighed again.

Walking out onto the court, there was nothing but pricky guys. Running down to the court, Rose tagged Cocoa screaming "YOUR IT!'' Then ran like a maniac, until she ran into some other dude. Cocoa gasped and ran back towards Kish who was watching them.

"Hey!'' Rose punched the person on the shoulder. "Hey stupid dush bag.''

Rose smirked and punched him again. "Hey Fat cow, how was your summer?''

As the two of them chatted Kish poked Cocoa in the side, earing a small 'eep' and a punch on the arm. Rubbing his arm lightly he asked. ''Who is that she's talking too?''

"Devin. One of her friends.'' Cocoa Looked at Kisshu. Rose returned and waved to Devin.

The coach then walked out. Blowing his whistle. Everyone stood in a straight line. ''ALRIGHT!'' He barked. "I AM COACH ALT! YOUR COACH FOR THE REST OF THIS SEASON! BOYS RUN THE MILE! MY TWO GIRLS, PLAY GOLF! UNDERSTOOD?'' Everyone but Kish screamed, "SIR YES SIR!''

"GET TO IT THEN!'' the boys ran over to the Track, not including Kish who stood by the only two people he knew.

"Go Kish, we'll see you soon..'' Cocoa said, jogging off to join Rose again, who had taken off to the golf fields, she waved.


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