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Chapter 1: Only a Few Days

Joey, his wife, Mai, and their four-year-old daughter, Lizzie stood at Domino Airport.

"Don't worry I'll only be gone a few days." Joey smiled down at his bright-eyed, blonde-haired daughter.

"I know."

"Flight 168 will leave in fifteen minutes please board the plane. I repeat flight 168 will leave in fifteen minutes please board the plane," the loudspeaker said.

"I got to get goin'..." Joey bent down and hugged Lizzie, "Now, Liz you better be a good girl for mommy. I love you."

"I love you, too, daddy," Lizzie said obediently, "Bye."

Joey stood up and turned to Mai, "Goodbye Mai," he kissed her gently on the lips and gave her a quick hug, "I love you."

"I love you, too, Joey. Please be careful."

"Hey, I'm always careful, besides, I'll be back before ya know it!"

"Goodbye Joey."

"Bye daddy!"

"I'll be back in a few days!" Joey turned and left to get on the plane. Joey, his wife, Mai, and their daughter, Lizzie, had said their goodbyes.

Joey walked into his hotel room and jumped onto the bed. He turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. Man that meeting was long and I have another one tomorrow. Oh well, might as well relax. I wonder how much room service is... His thoughts were interrupted by ringing. He picked up his cell phone. "Hello?'

"Hello is this Joesph Wheeler?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yeah and who are you?"

"I'm Officer Blake from the Domino City Police."

"Huh? Why are ya callin' me?"

"Last night your house was broken into-"

"What? How do you know? Are Mai and Lizzie okay?"

"We know because Serenity Wheeler called and told us, we came right away. As for your family... we found Lizzie... dead, I'm sorry. And Mai is missing, she wasn't in your house and we have searched town, we haven't found her yet."

"..." Since Joey didn't say anything Blake continued.

"There has been a string of murders throughout Domino and I assure you we are doing..." Joey didn't listen to what Blake was saying. Lizzie is dead. Lizzie can't be dead. N-No, not my daughter. S-She's not dead. She's at home with Mai. Mai isn't missing. No. She's at home with Lizzie eating dinner right now, she must be. T-They must have the wrong guy.

"Serenity also noticed a number of missing items from your house-"

"Sir, you must have the wrong guy..."

"You are Joseph Wheeler, right?"


"... Your daughter is dead, I'm sorry. Your wife is missing, I'm sorry."

"... Can I talk to Serenity?"

"Sure, she's here with me."

"Hello?" Serenity's voice said.

"Serenity, what happened?"

"Um... well were should I begin? I'll start with this afternoon. I was going to go visit with Mai, but when I got to your house, the front door was open so, I, um, jus went in. The house was really quiet. So I, um, looked around. I went into the living room and I, um, found Lizzie there, uh, you know..."

"Yeah, I saw her there and I called 911 and um..."

"... So it's true?"

"What is big brother?"

"Mai, she's missing?"

"Yeah, sorry."

"Okay... I'm coming home."

"But your meetings..."

"I'm coming home, Serenity," Joey sternly said.



"Goodbye." They hung up. Joey sat down on the bed. His daughter was dead. His wife is missing. Mai is missing. The thoughts echoed through him. Mai is missing, Mai is missing. "Mai I promise I will find you. I give you my word. I give you my life."

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