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Joey dragged his feet as he walked down the beach. He looked over his shoulder slowly. He couldn't see the camp- or anyone coming after him. "Maybe," he thought, "they really are mad at me. It's my fault we're in this mess. I can't believe they didn't come after me. Some friends."

He sighed and sat down to give his aching feet some rest. He leaned against a boulder in the sand. "I can't believe that Mai is gone..." he thought. "...And Lizzie is dead..." He sat on the hot sand, the sun high in the sky, and he felt sorry for himself until he dosed off...

Joey stood up and looked around. Everything was black. There was nothing in this world. He felt confusion run through him. "What happened..."

"Is this the Shadow Realm?" he thought.

Fear coursed through his veins.

"...But I don't remember anything happening..." He crouched down to think.

"What happened? Are the others okay?..." He tensed when he heard footsteps from behind him. He stood and swung around to see a transparent figure...a figure that he recognized.

"L-Lizzie? Is that you? What're you doin' here?"

She cocked her head and smiled up at her dad. "Hi, Daddy!"

Joey smiled and was about to hug her when reality set in. Lizzie was dead. "Y-You can't be here." He sighed and (as much as he hated to sound like Kaiba) he said, "This is an illusion." He crouched again and began to cry. He cried for his lost daughter and for his lost wife.

Lizzie placed a hand on his knee. "Daddy, what's wrong? Don't be sad... Mommy misses you..."

Joey looked up at the transparent girl with surprise at what she had said. "What-What did you say?"

Lizzie grinned, "Don't be sad! Mommy needs you!"

Joey grabbed her shoulders and kneeled next to her. "Is Mommy alive?"

Lizzie giggled. "'Course she is! She needs you!"

"Where is she?"

Lizzie shrugged. "I dunno. They took her."


"I don't know!" She was beginning to feel frustrated from all the hard questions.

Joey sighed.

"I think she's close!" Lizzie smiled.


"Yup!" She said, seeing her father's face brighten, "She has to be close by!"

"...Thank you...Bye Lizzie..."

Joey jolted awake. Mai was near-by, according to his dream. He was filled with a new hope.

Suddenly, he jumped up at a sound he didn't want hear. A gunshot followed by his sister's scream.

He ran into the woods and shouted, "I'm coming, Sis! I'm coming Mai!"