Regarding the Sequel to this story!

I know we're not supposed to do this but I decided that I will just give you guys this note about the upcoming sequel to this story since I have some extra time tonight—tomorrow though I won't have any time at all…gosh I feel guilty about this…so I'm using an update to this story as a way to make sure you read this note and know what I'm going to call the sequel—and so you'll know that it's coming VERY soon…I actually only just came up with what I was going to call it, so otherwise I would've left the note in my other story...but becuase I'm you are:

The sequel will be called: "With Arms Wide Open."

If you're wondering it comes from Creed's song. I give them the credit for the name of course…(grins)…I named it after that song because it tells the story of a couple expecting a baby, becoming parents…I think that applies to Inuyasha and Kagome welcoming their pup…

Well, be on the look out…it'll be launched very soon, kay? It'll start with a prologue, but, trust me, I think you'll all really like the prologue ALOT, just like all of you loved the prologue with So Much For The Hanyou's Happy Ending...I just hope it lives up to your expectations...lots of fluff...less action in the beginning still...(gulps)…

Thank you all for sticking with me!