Interview with A Demon

Chapter 1

My name is Emily Deegan, and I have a story to tell. A story of love, anger, and sacrifice. A story spanning more time than you could ever imagine. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself, let me go back to the beginning...

I was and still am a reporter for the Boston Globe. It was the middle of July in the summer and I was glad to get my paycheck and make my way to the bank to cash it and go home and rest for the day. I went up to the teller window to take care of my business when someone slid up beside me. I turned, looked at him, and did not recognize him. "What do you want?" I asked him.

He sneered at me before he spoke. He pulled his hand out of his jacket pocket quickly and pointed a pistol at the teller a several other men in line behind me pulled weapons as well. "I want money," he laughed as he pushed me back into the line of people.

Two hours later, we were still sitting there, all the hostages, held at gunpoint by two men as another two loaded bags with money. The police had already surrounded the bank and were negotiating with the robbers. "You should let the women go," a man said as he stared daggers at one of the gunmen.

"You about you shut the hell up?!" he shouted as he smacked the butt of his pistol into the man's head. The man crumpled to the ground and I went to him, the first time I had really got a good look at him. He was over six feet tall with a shaved head, a large black man. I turned his head to get a look at his wound before he regained consciousness and got the surprise of my life. He smiled at me as the blood flowed down into his eyes and face. His eyes were pitch black.

He moved back to his feet and walked near the gunman again. "I said, let the women go. Next time it will not be a request," he threatened the bewildered gunman.

"What the hell is your problem? None of you have to get hurt here, just quit trying to play the hero," the gunman told him as he leveled the gun at the black man's face.

What the man did next was terrifying. He burst out laughing. "Hero? Me? You must not know me very well," he smiled as he stepped to the point where the gun barrel was pointed directly at his chest. What happened next....was sheer bedlam. The front window of the bank shattered as the second gunman that was holding us hostage dropped to the ground with blood spraying from a wound in his neck. When this happened the other hostages ducked and hit the ground, but not me. I was transfixed by the man who had got up after being clubbed on the head with the butt of a pistol.

The moment the glass shattered, everyone looked away, this was when he made his move. Somehow he moved fast enough to take the gun away from the robber and knocked him out with a punch to the jaw. After that, he sprang at the two remaining thieves behind the teller window with inhuman speed and strength. Somehow...his hand turned into a claw of some sort and destroyed one of the guns as he kicked the other from the last thief's grasp. He seemed darker for a second as he grabbed the two thieves and hurled them over the counter into their immobile companions.

A second later the police burst in and took the would-be-robbers away. We were held in the bank a little longer as the police questioned us. I told them what I saw and pointed to the angry looking man.

"What are you? Some sort of mutant? You could have got people killed in there," one of the detectives yelled at him.

"I am no mutant," the man frowned as he pushed away the medic that was trying to tend to his head. "Even if I was, that is not a crime in this country. I just did what I could in the situation," he said as he pulled out his wallet and showed the detective something. "Now if you will kindly leave me alone, I have to get to work tonight," he scoffed as he walked away from them towards the exit.

I tried to get to him before he left and barely caught up to him outside the bank. "My name is Emily Deegan from the Globe, care to explain what happened in there?"

"No." he replied coldly without looking at me.

"I think the people of this city would like to know about the man who somehow, single-handedly took out a quartet of bank robbers, how about a name at least?" I pleaded as I struggled to keep up with him. After he said nothing, I continued. "Maybe they would like to know how he got up from a blow that would kill some people and his eyes were pitch black. Or maybe about how he somehow looked 'different' when he destroyed a gun with his bare hand and one arm tossed the robbers ten feet after knocking another out all in a matter of seconds?"

That got a response from him. "What do you want?" he asked her as he stopped and looked into her face.

"A name, an plausible explanation for what happened back there, anything...," I counted off on my fingers.

"...." He said nothing as he pondered this for a moment before reaching into a pocket of his jacket for a sheet of paper. "Damon Blackheart, come here tonight, you can talk to me afterwards," he said as he handed me a flier for some band.

"Split Infinity? Never heard of them," I said as she read the paper. By the time I looked up again, he was gone.

I sat in the back of the bar at the Avalon club as Split Infinity came on. It was him playing a monstrous 5 string bass, sweating up a storm, a paler man with long black hair frantically, but methodically banging away at the drums, never missing a beat, and a young man, he couldn't have been older that 18 or 19 on the guitar and vocals. I had to admit they put on a good show, even though the whole rock scene isn't my thing.

After the show was over and most of the place cleared out he came over and sat down beside me. "So, you came. What is it you want to know before you publicize what I did today?" he asked as the bartender gave him a shot that he quickly downed.

"I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I can't really believe what I think I saw," I admitted. " just doesn't make sense, unless you lied to the detective about not being a mutant," I told him. "Your looked like a claw, I swear. And it went right through the gun that one man had. And somehow you moved so fast and were so was almost like you were..." I shrugged.

"A demon?" he laughed as I looked at him and fainted at the sight of his fangs and dark black skin, not his usual chocolate brown, and dark black eyes.