Interview with A Demon

Chapter 4

"So the creatures that were stalking your village were the Cetra? What were they Cetra like? They can't have always been like how you found them," Emily asked him.

"The Cetra, before Jenova perverted them and twisted them to her own gains, looked just like normal people for the most part," Damon told her. "The only real difference was that their eyes would glow a little some of the time and that they could talk to the planet and use magic."

"Jenova? Who is that?"

"I'll get to it eventually, it would be easiest if you learned things as I learned them in a proper chronology," he explained. He turned his head as the front door opened and two people walked in. "Welcome home," he greeted them.

I examined the pair as they shed their coats eyed me up. The first was a man in his late 20s with long black hair dressed in black, I recognized him as the drummer from the band. His companion was a shorter blonde woman, maybe a few years younger. She was dressed in a blue suit and looked perturbed at Damon.

"Mind explaining what you were thinking at the club Damon?" she asked him angrily.

"Nice to see you too Elena," he replied sarcastically.

"You were supposed to give her an excuse, not do your thing in front of her and bring her back to the damn apartment," she stared daggers at Damon.

"Okay, Elena, go make some coffee. I'll deal with this," the man ordered as he ushered the woman towards the kitchen.

"You are so not getting any tonight Vincent," she swore as she stormed off.

"Sorry about that, but we value our privacy. And with you seeing Damon do certain things, we can't have you telling it to everyone you meet," he explained. "And with a certain someone turning into a demon in a bar, it takes a bit of explaining and getting the staff too drunk to remember correctly to cover it up," he stared at Damon. "What's done is done, my name is Vincent Valentine. And you are?"

"Emily Deegan," I replied meekly.

"That's Elena in the kitchen, and you have already met Damon. I hope he has not scared you too much."

"Uh, no, not at all," I lied.

"You're a bad liar," he laughed. "Anyway, what is going on?" he directed the second question at Damon.

Damon stared back at him silently, neither saying anything, as if it were a test of wills. "I am telling her how I came to be as such," Damon replied simply. "She knows she cannot tell this to anyone and the repercussions if she does."

"You trust her? She is a reporter remember. It is her job to tell interesting things, things like you are telling her, to the masses," Elena said coldly as she came back in and handed Vincent a cup of coffee.

"I'm right here you know," I said angrily. "Don't worry, no one would believe this anyway from what I have heard so far…" I muttered.

"Ah, the power of the truth is that no one wants to hear it," Damon smiled.

"Mind if we sit in, I really have never heard the whole thing about how you came to be you, just the jumbled bits we shared," Vincent asked Damon.

"…As you wish," Damon replied as Vincent and Elena sat down next to each other. "I was just at the point where we found the key on the Cetra we killed…"

"The trap worked as well as could be expected," Damon explained to the town council. "Of the 20 guard posts being watched by 2 creatures each we killed 27 of the creatures, sustained 4 injuries and no fatalities. On 4 of the creatures we killed, we found these," he displayed 3 objects and the one he found last night. "I assume you know what these are council members," he said darkly as he handed them to the council.

"You are correct Damon, these are the keys the Cetra use to enter and exit their cities, very few outside of the council know of them," the mayor told him as produced an identical key from a chain around his neck. "They gave one to each town as well, but I am surprised you knew what they were," the man said.

"I recognized it from the mantle of your fireplace when I was courting Jenna. You should be more careful what you tell your daughter," Damon smirked. "The important question we have to ask is, where did they get the keys?" he said seriously. "There are 2 options. One is that they have destroyed every other town on the planet and we happened to kill every one that carried the keys, but that is highly unlikely. The second is that they got them from the source, the Cetra."

"Are you suggesting the Cetra have been destroyed by these monsters?" a council member spoke up.

"No," Damon replied.

"You think the Cetra would send these creatures to destroy us," the mayor stated.

"I think they are here to destroy us, yes. They are not sent by the Cetra though," Damon replied as he handed a folder to the council. "We did an autopsy this morning, those things are the Cetra. I plan to leave tomorrow and go to Midgar to investigate what has happened," he finished as the council talked among themselves.

After several minutes of speaking, the mayor talked to him. "Your idea is terrifying Damon, but if the Cetra have become monsters, we cannot allow you to leave. We need you to stay here and coordinate the defenses of the town and try to contact other villages," he commanded.

"Sir, I think we are overlooking the big problem here. Anyone can defend a town, I need to go find what is going on!" Damon shouted.

"The council's decision is final, go home Damon," the mayor told him as he and the council filed out of the room.

Damon slammed the door as he walked in his house. "Idiots!" he screamed as he punched a wall. "Blind to the truth…only worried about saving their own skin," he muttered as he leaned his head on the wall.

"There you are," Michael said as he poked his head in the door.

"…" Damon said nothing as he slumped down into a chair.

"Is that you Damon?" Jenna's voice came as she came into the kitchen where Damon and Michael were talking.

"Daddy!" a child's voice cried as a boy, no older than 4 ran into Damon's arms.

"Alex," Damon smiled as he hugged his child. "Go play with your toys, Uncle Michael and Daddy need to talk," he said softly as he put his son down.

"Okay!" the boy said happily as he ran off to play.

"Didn't go well, I take it," Jenna said as she rested her palms on her husband's shoulders and started to massage him.

"No, your father and the council are making me stay here and defend the city and are ignoring the problem," he said as he looked at his wife and brother-in-law.

"Yeah, pops seemed pretty freaked when you gave him those keys though," Michael said. "I'm gonna get back to my place, I have some stuff to do. See you soon Damon," he said as he left the house whistling.

"You're mad," Jenna stated.

"Seething," Damon replied.

"You'll do the right thing, you always do," she replied as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna make dinner, lamb okay for you?"

"Yes, of course," he smiled as he thought of his wife's cooking, but darkened as he began to think of defending the city.

Later that night, around midnight he stretched in his study. He had just completed drawing up plans for the defense of the city and placed them all in a folder on his desk with a letter pinned to the top. He turned around suddenly as he heard a knocking on his window.

"What are you doing?" he asked as he opened the window and saw Michael with 2 chocobos.

"Well, I know we found more keys than you gave the council," Michael smiled. "I also know you took out supplies from the barracks earlier today before the council meeting. I put two and two together and figured horses would be fastest for us to the get to Midgar."

"…" Damon said nothing as he tossed a duffel bag of supplies at his friend. "You know me too well," he replied as he crabbed his cloak and sword and left his house, closing the window behind him.

"The mayor and council are gonna be pissed when we find out we are gone," Michael said as they headed to the edge of town.

"Michael, aren't these the mayor's pure-bred horses he had shipped in last year for his stable?" Damon asked as they passed between guard posts unseen.

"Well…he won't miss them, they are going to a good cause," Michael laughed.

"You notice anything weird with some of the council members today at the meeting?" Damon asked as they set out towards the city.

"Besides them being pissed the whole city smelled like oil smoke and scared shitless because we killed 27 monsters? Naw, nothing odd at all," he said sarcastically. "Why? What's got you spooked?" he asked seriously.

"It's probably nothing," Damon replied. "Just that when I showed them the keys and told them what we found from the autopsy, some of them were staring daggers at me," he said as his mind drifted back to the letter he left for his wife.

Jenna, make sure these papers get to the barracks and Lieutenant Forth, he is next in charge of the defense of the city. I am going to Michael's to take him with me to Midgar to find out what is going on. Tell your father to be wary of the rest of the council, something is amiss, but I can't put my finger on it. Take care of Alex, I will return as soon as I can.