Those horrible tears started flowing. She couldn't bear it...he went. He went with her. She couldn't believe him. She hated him. She didn't want to but she did.

'I loved him and he tore my heart to shreds' she thought.

He went with the despicable creature he claimed to love. She was screaming at him though he wasn't even there. She was on the floor he sunk under. She was covered in dirt and mud.

The onlookers were pained to see her like this. They couldn't help but cry too. She was falling apart before them and she was making a complete fool of her self.

"K-kagome?" shippou managed to stutter through the tears. He had sat back with tears as Inuyasha and Kikyou left them.

They won the battle and she could rest in piece but she had to drag him down there with him.

"WHY!?" she screamed loudly sending a dagger-sharp pain through her friends hearts.

Sango and Miroku were by a tree. Sango was in Miroku's lap crying into his chest. He too was crying but gave comfort to Sango.

'That bastard! I hate him! DAMN HIM!' Kagome was screaming in her mind. Her white shirt was spotted with blood and mud. She was trying to dig with her fingers through the ground but to no avail. She could never have changed his mind. Her tears were sending fire down her face.

Sesshoumaru had joined forces but when he saw his stupid hanyou brother go to hell with with the clay miko he cursed Inuyasha for leaving his friends and then left them to mourn. He flew silently away on his cloud.

Kouga also had joined. Watching his woman fall apart right before him tore him apart as well. He was torn up pretty badly and he was the only survivor of his clan.

He walked up to Kagome's shaking body and put a light hand on her shoulder. She looked up but then back down in shame. Her tears came full blow this time.

Kouga lightly pulled Kagome up to him and held her. She was shaking really fiercely with the Shikon No Tama in her fisted palm. Kouga picked her up bridal style and walked away.

"What do we do now Miroku? Naraku destroyed the well and Kagome is stuck here with the reminder of Inuyasha's death fresh in her mind."

"I don't know Sango...I don't know..."he whispered.

Kouga walked aways away and still had Kagome. He didn't have the strength to run. Kagome's shoulders would not stop shaking. She was supposed to have run out of water by now geez.

"Kagome? Listen to me." He pulled her chin up to meet his gaze. His stern look scared her. He put his hand on her wet (or shall we say) soaked cheek and caressed her cheek with his thumb. "You have to let it go, Kagome, let it go."

She sniffed and looked down.

"I-I-I..." was all she could choke out through her tears.

"No listen to me. Inuyasha spoke to me before the battle..."


"Well dog breathe nice of you to show up. Surprisingly on time too." Inuyasha scoffed.

Kouga looked at him "What did you want mutt face?"

Inuyasha's face softened as he said "Kouga. When I go to hell with Kikyou I want you...even though I hate you...I want you to look after Kagome"

Kouga's eyes bugged out of his head. "huh?"

"You heard me. Look after her. Or I'll haunt you forever. You know how hurt she will be but I have no choice. I have to go to hell and repay my debt to Kikyo." He glared at Kouga.

"I wouldn't ever dream of hurting my woman. You know that!" kouga was surprised at Inuyasha's words.

With that Inuyasha left Kouga and went to find Kikyou to get ready.

End flashback

Kagome starred in shock. Kouga was left with her. Inuyasha cared so much about her feelings and had found time to ask Kouga (nicely) to take care of her. She felt a stab of pain in her chest when she pictured Inuyasha going to hell with Kikyou in his arms.

The tears came again. Flowing like the mightiest of waterfalls. Kouga sighed and pulled her close and sat down on a rock.

"We are not leaving this spot until you stop crying." Kouga stated simply. Kagome still didn't stop.

"God dammit Kagome! If you don't stop crying I'll leave you here all alone and break my promise to Inuyasha!" He was getting ticked and his demon side was starting to show.

Kagome looked up hurt and bewildered that Kouga would actually say something like that. A fresh new set of tears came in and soon Kouga's lap was empty and he was left with a burning red mark on his cheek. She trudged off with her face in her muddy hands. Kouga went after her only to be stopped by her voice. It was very menacing.

"DONT STEP ANY CLOSER! IM WARNING YOU!" Kagome screamed her back to him. He stopped. Then he started again. "STOP!" a pink aura started surrounding her. Was she going to purify him? No...she wouldn't would she?

"Kagome I only want to help. But your tears are doing nothing for Inuyasha now calm down!" Kouga tooka a small step forward.

Then he lunged at her and pulled her to him. It burned but he needed her to stop. He crushed his lips to hers and she immediately lost the aura. He pulled away in shock at what he had just done. He turned and cursed himself under his breath. Kagome just stood there and her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed. She had over exhausted herself from crying so much.

Kouga turned back around and found her on the floor. He sighed and picked her up again. He headed back to his empty cave. Hopefully Kagome would be willing to bear his children and start the whole clan over. But he wouldn't ask her for awhile. She had too much worry on her mind. She just wouldn't be able to answer truthfully to his question in her state of mind right now.

In his cave he went to the back and set Kagome down on his furry bed and went beside her. He and her fell asleep in each others embrace. Kagome was dreaming of Inuyasha. He could tell by the pained look on her face. Maybe one day those dreams would change to dreams of him. Maybe...just maybe...