Epilogue : Hereafter

It was noon now at Titans Tower, and the traces of battle were evident throughout the tower. Windows were broken, walls were destroyed. Smoking craters littered the compound, while the burning wreckage of all of Slade's robots littered the landscape.

It was a beautiful day, and the sea winds blew a soothing breeze from the west, sending gentle waves crashing along the rocks of the beautiful white sand beach of their island, which was spared the night's events.

They led her slowly out of the tower. Beast boy helping her with a guiding hand while Raven stood walked her to the shore. They had beaten Slade, destroyed his robots and foiled his plans again.

But it felt nothing like a victory.

"Thank you Beast Boy, for saving me."

"But Terra…you're……." Beast Boy almost choked, fighting back the tears, it was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life, but he wanted to say something, anything to comfort her.

The sun was shining radiantly that day, and the entire sea around the island was sparkling in rich beauty. Seagulls flapped in the sky, while the flowers were in full bloom, a soothing wind blanketed the grass, creating magnificent ripples in its wake.

But Terra could not see the beautiful sight, because Terra was blind.

She stumbled slowly as the rest of the titans helped her to the shore, wearing her usual blue shorts and Grey t-shirt. The only difference now was the black blindfold that was tied around her eyes. Needless to say, she would be unable to fully use her powers again. Slade's laser was right on target, and Terra was shot right in the eyes, blinding her instantly during the fight.

It tore Beast Boy to see her like this. A person who was so full of life and innocence, now robbed of her chance to experience the beauty of the world, robbed of her chance to see her friends again. She was fated to spend her days in the darkness, never to see the mountains, the sun, or the affectionate faces of her friends, only darkness. A lifetime of solitude. He didn't believe it, although that one word kept recurring in his head, like some endless nightmare.


"Its….alright Beast Boy, it was probably for the best." Terra began.

"Terra…aren't you…afraid?" Beast boy asked with concern.

"I've been running away all my life Beast boy… and it has gotten me nowhere. But you… you showed me that I should face up to my fears. You've taught me that only I can save myself…you've showed me, how to do the right thing."

"But to be alone Terra…in the darkness all by yourself."

"I'm not alone, I know you are all here. Besides, I still remember this." She leaned towards his direction, and softly, planted a kiss on Beast Boy's cheek. Beast Boy, taken aback, was at a loss for words. "I'm going to be brave now, just like you."

She walked onto the shore now, a transport already prepared for her. She would need recovery, a chance to rest and perhaps restore her vision.

"Robin has connections, don't worry, they'll take care of you and you'll recover, and when you do-" Cyborg began.

"I… can't." Terra replied, anticipating what Beast boy was about to say, walking slowly but keeping her head straight, she felt some comfort in Beast Boy's hand, and that perhaps, gave her the strength to do what she was going to say. "I can't come back. Not after all the horrible things that happened because of me. You were the best friends I ever had, but… I don't deserve any of it. … I don't think I can become a part of the team again. I won't hold it against you if you don't want me back, I'm no use to the team anyway, like this."

An awkward silence loomed over the group now, and they made the last stretch of the Journey to the beach, Beast Boy remembered this place well, the first night he met Terra, and the joy he had on that first encounter. Now…this scene, even more beautiful during the day, seemed like an empty shell…

Terra got onto the transport, an elderly man in a suit helping her on.

"Please. Take care of her." Beast boy said with a heartfelt sincerity.

"We will give her the best treatment I assure you sir." The man gave a slight polite bow back.

Robin gave an acknowledging nod, "Thank You Alfred."

"Always glad to be of service young master." Alfred gave a polite bow.

"Well guys, I guess its goodbye… I am so glad I've met you, all of you."

"Terra. Wait." Raven stepped up to the transport, and clasped both of Terra's hands.

"What is this…." Terra asked, feeling the object that Raven just placed in her hand. Beast boy couldn't believe his eyes, what shocked him even more was what the rest of the team said.

"Remember Terra. You are a Titan." Robin began.

"And our friend!" Starfire continued.

"Always was." Cyborg remarked.

And raven, the last one to talk, gave Terra a friendly embrace. "Always will be."

Terra, taken aback had absolutely no reply for what was just said. She grasped the communicator firmly in her hand, felt the large "T" engraved on its surface. Though the team could not see through the blindfold around her eyes, Terra felt began to cry. She was forgiven.

"Thank you everyone…thank you."

She sniffed, then disappeared into the transport, which began speeding off into the distance. Beast boy, his eyes stinging from the tears, stood at the edge of the rocks, apart from his team, and watched regrettably as the boat disappeared into the horizon.


Robin sat uneasily in the monitor room, stared angrily at the cold mask on his table, the mask that would give him the same mocking face every time he stared into it. No more.

He reflected on how naïve he was before. How many nights he had spent with his obsession in finally bringing the villain down. Now his eyes were open.

Everything he had gathered throughout the years from Slade, broken masks, robot parts, they were all discarded now, Robin personally smashing each mask that he had taken. He had put the ghost to rest, Slade was not invincible, not some puzzle that had to be solved, and Robin would no longer give Slade the satisfaction of knowing that he dominated his mind. The last battle had shown that Slade could be outsmarted, and so, the ghost, that had haunted him ceased to exist.

From now on, he was just an ordinary criminal now.

The illusion, the façade, was gone.

"We've stopped Slade again." Robin began. "But this time. The cost… was too much."

"Yes…." Starfire, surprised that Robin noticed her enter the room, landed gently behind him while he brooded over the computer in his chair.

"I'm sorry Star, I should have told the team about my plan. I guess…I thought that I was the only one would could really stop Slade." Robin offered his apology gloomily.

"It is no problem robin, but I hope now….that you can start by trusting us more." Starfire said shyly as she placed a sympathetic hand on Robin's shoulder. The boy wonder did not take his eyes away from the mask that sat on the table.

"The last time I did this Star, I played right into his hands….almost got you and all the others destroyed. I can't help but think that this time….it is all my fault. I can see it now, all the times that I tried to stop Slade on my own, I actually…risked my team, my friends. In my pursuit of Slade, I had always been willing to pay a price, whether as Red X or as his apprentice, but now…I think we've paid too high a price. And it's all my fault…I don't think I have what it takes anymore…to lead you guys if I treat your lives so lightly."

"Robin, you must not demean yourself so. You are our leader, you have always made a decision based on what is best. We trust you. Do not take it that way. Terra… us, we are a team, and a team is suppose to take risks for each other. We will always stand by your side."

"Starfire…." Robin said softly, looking up over his shoulder behind her.

The Tamaranian gave a slight blush. "Yes?"

"Thank you." He turned around now, and to her surprise, Robin gave her an embracing hug.

"This is the last straw," Robin began as he scanned the dark room. All the titans around him nodded in agreement. "For all the crimes he has done, for all the pain that he caused, for all the lives that he ruined. We will make Slade answer for them, and pay."

"I tracked Overload's signal to a subterrainean location outside the city. I believe that is where he is right now." Cyborg said in a serious manner.

"Slade is going to pay." Beast Boy's tears were gone now, and he turned around to his team, each word ushered from his mouth was deathly serious.

"We will end this." Starfire said reassuringly.

"Once, and for all." Raven ended it.

"Alright Titans. Let's go."


The screen flickered, and Slade watchedwith amusement as the Titans led that traitorous apprentice from their tower. He had just made it back to his headquarters, the old wound in his shoulder healing nicely as he applied the necessary medical procedures. It was an amusing encounter, and he certainly did not expect Robin to hurt him. It certainly made things more interesting.

The computer screen gave a beep now, and Slade watched the screen with satisfaction as the hacking program finished its function.

"Excellent…" He said with a tone of satisfaction as he watched the fruits of his labour come to life. Already, the machinery in the base was coming to life, working overtime to pump out Slade's latest project.

There was never a project Omega to steal, not in the physical sense. Alpha was the prototype shell, the body of the weapon. While Omega was the program, which would run the hardware. Thus he only needed to blackout the city to steal it, hacking into Lexcorp's weak defenses from the back up Mainframe Core. As the download finished on the screen, Slade could not help but give a satisfying smile. Everything had gone according to plan, and he got what he wanted….and as an added bonus.

"I trust you have made good use of the destruction of Titan Tower's security." Slade spoke to no one in particular, and his reply came quickly with a snicker from the darkness, as the new figure entered from the shadows.

"Almost too easy." He replied, clipping on his newly acquired equipment from the tower, it gave a satisfying click as he put it on.

"I am glad to hear it. Now then, since I have done a favour for you, you will do one for me." His mask gave a sinister glint as he turned around in the dim light.

"Whatever you need…partner." The figure gave a shrug.

"Not now…but later…much later. By the way…you have the package?"

A wrapped up object smacked on the ground now, the figure throwing it at Slade's feet.

"Excellent, now…for the other half of our bargain, I shall inform you of it when the time is right."

"Doesn't matter to me." The figure said casually, leaving the room triumphantly, he got what he wanted, and as he left, he pondered on what to do next. It had been so long since he had had this…power, and now he was determined to rebuild the legend that had been put to rest a year ago.

Red X was back in town.

Slade meanwhile, continued looking at the monitor, saw that the Titans were planning their next move. The screen was full of static, but Slade did not need to fix it, for he could clearly make out the picture of Robin as he explained the next plan to the team.

"Let's end this once and for all.."

Slade gave a snicker… "This will end all right Robin…For you." Then he looked over his shoulder, saw the gigantic figure of Overload, and next to him, a new even more sinister monster forming up. The first fruits of his project.

"Alpha and Omega Titans….." He said with a calm voice as more sinister cackles of electricity filled the room.

"The beginning…. Of your end."


Haha don't hate me for the ending this is an episode ending remember? Which means room for a sequel! besides, you should know by now No one out plans slade . P

Anyways thanks for reading! And to answer the inevitable question, will there be a sequel? Yes and no. yes in the sense that i thought of it, no in the sense that i haven't actually planned it. The next story im going to write is more of a side track of this one, and with a much lighter tone and different villain (Although it will ALL connect back to this trust me.)

Anyways, thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it ;)