Chapter 1


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She sat in the restroom, a place she had looked for several hours, ensuring that no one she knew would be here and run into her, let alone report something she wouldn't want to get out. For the moment, whether or not the outcome came, she needed what she was doing to be a secret.

She couldn't do it at home; the chaos of her family's life would expose the secret in a matter of minutes, before she would even find out whether or not there was something to report.

She couldn't do it at school, the same chaos would find its way to her, and her secret would be out. She knew that any secret would easily come out, as a secret there founds it way to the open faster than cold water to a male Ranma.

So she had to do it here, she had to do it someplace where it couldn't be tracked back to her before she was ready.

That's the funny thing about thinking of the worst case scenario; you planned for the worst, hoped for the best.

The situation was at its worst.

That was why she was here, at some fast food restaurant. She needed a place with some privacy, where no one would bother her. With plenty of open stalls, all she had to do was stay put until the results were ready, until she learned whether or not she could simply continue on with her life the way it was, or whether or not she would have to make changes as fast as possible, preparing for the one thing she never thought she would have to consider for another decade.

But the fates are never kind to people. They seldom give their good graces to those who need them the most.

And man, did she need them right now.

This is just great. I spent my whole life in control, deciding my own destiny. Now, because of one moment of weakness, of stupidity, of alcohol induced craziness, it might all be for not.

I still plan to go to college.

I still plan to rule the business world.

But this...I just don't know if I can handle this.

I mean, Ranma doesn't even have a clue what happened.

Then she began to think back, trying to put it all together, to see if either of them was to blame, hoping she could put it off on him.


"Ranma should go with you."

"WHAT?!" came the loud reply of Akane and Ranma.

Soun looked at him. "My daughter wishes to visit this college, and I would feel better if you went as well to guard her. Besides you could look around and see if you would like to go there. I mean, you should think about being able to provide for your family once you and Akane get married."

Ranma looked at him, a slight scowl on his face. "Who said we were getting married, let alone I was going to college?"

"Besides daddy," said Nabiki, "it's not like this college is dangerous or anything. I am simply going to check it out. I'm still holding out for the full scholarship to Tokyo University."

"Maybe so, but I would feel better if Ranma went with you." Soun began to sip from his tea.

"Tendo, maybe Akane should go with them." Genma moved closer to his friend. "After all, married couples should look for colleges together."

"DAMN IT!" cried Ranma. "We aren't married. Besides, why would I go to college with an uncute macho tomboy like h..." Ranma's comment was ended as Akane bashed him into the floor with her mallet. One day, I'm going to find out where she keeps that damn thing and replace it with something that will embarrass the hell out of her, maybe her panties. I'd like to see her explain why the hell she is beating me with her underwear in front of all the students.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING UNCUTE?!" Akane began to scream. "Go for all I care, but I ain't coming with you. Besides, you would just do something perverted to my sister."

"And what makes you think I'd let him dear sister." Nabiki was looking at her with her usual grin. "I mean, I know how to take care of myself. Besides, if he tries anything, I have this." She removed a picture from her pocket and held it in front of Ranma's eyes.

"C-c-c-c-c-cat!" He immediately leapt from his place in the floor and grabbed a hold of the ceiling.

Nabiki smiled as she put it away. "And besides Ranma, it could be a good excuse for you to get away from your fiancées."

Ranma forgot about the cat picture for a moment, and removed one of his hands to scratch the back of his head as he thought about it. Unfortunately, the fear and all four appendages were what were allowing him to hold onto the ceiling. The result: he fell to the floor with a sickening thud, knocking himself out.

"And you thought I couldn't handle him little sister." Nabiki tried to hide her grin behind her cup. Plus, I can tease him all I want and have enough to blackmail him until I graduate college.


The train ride to the college had been slow and uneventful. The two had barely said a word since they left. Nabiki was still worried about whether or not she would get accepted into Tokyo U, even though the letter wouldn't arrive for another two months. Ranma was just being quiet as he did not want to do the famous Saotome-Foot-in-Mouth trick, and give Nabiki more ammo to use against him.

The tour had gone better. Despite what she had initially thought about this college, it was pretty good. The business department wasn't as highly respected as Tokyo U, but it was still one of the best in the nation. The facilities were also very impressive, with dorm rooms that were easily three times the size of her room at home; though she had planned to live at home anyway and commute to classes if she went to Tokyo U.

Ranma however was bored until the tour took them to the physical education department. He spent several minutes with the martial arts instructors. One had even managed to make Ranma promise to study harder in school, saying if he wouldn't fall asleep in front of a sensei, why would he willingly fall asleep in front of a teacher.

She was more surprised when he started to talk to several girls in the class, acting completely relaxed. I guess with no fiancées around, he can finally relax. Not that I mind it, it's just something I can use on him later.

Later wasn't very soon, after the girls had left, he turned to see Nabiki. "Hey Nabiki, I just got invited to a party tonight, wanna come?"

Nabiki was a little surprised to say the least. He saw me and he didn't immediately start begging for me not to tell Akane or sell the information to the other 'interested parties'? And to top it off, he invites me with him to a party. Who is this guy?


Back at the hotel, Nabiki was in the room, catching a quick shower before the party, while Ranma was on the roof of the hotel, practicing his katas. The current situation was just another kink in her design for this weekend.

First she was upset because after her father had decided Ranma's inclusion was a permanent and non-negotiable thing, she had called the hotel trying to get a second room for him, only to find out that the hotel was booked. So to save money, he had to sleep in her room, but he was stuck on the couch in girl form.

The second was how casual he was being about his actions. In Furinkan, he barely spoke three words to any other girl outside of the fiancée brigade. But here, he was chatting up a storm with any girl that came into contact with him, ignoring the fact that she was even there.

Finally, the party. He had immediately accepted the invitation, and then invited her along.

Who is this guy and what has he done with Ranma? The Ranma I know would be as terrified of girls like they were cats.

Is it because there are no fiancées here to keep him on his toes?

After Ranma returned to the room, he was preparing for his shower when Nabiki confronted him. "So Saotome, why are you flirting with everyone? Don't you think I might tell Akane?"

Ranma stood straight for a moment, turning to see Nabiki with a pale face. "Please don't do that, you'll get those girls killed."

"Excuse me?"

"You want to know why I don't do that stuff at Nerima. I don't do that cause Shampoo'd attack 'em thinking they're obstacles. Kodachi doesn't really need a reason to attack any girl. Ukyo would flip out a little, but someone would get hurt. Akane, Akane would just beat the hell outta me and say I was cheatin on her."

He looked away. "Here, here no one know me, no one is staking a claim to me, no one is telling me what to do, how to do it, and demanding I do it. I am free to act like a normal person. I wanted to know what that was like, just for once. Is that so wrong? I mean, I ain't gonna pick up any girls here. I just wanna be normal for once, live normal for once."

He went inside the bathroom closing the door. Nabiki just stood there, trying to figure out what she just heard. What the hell was that? Ranma was actually opening up to me, telling me he was wanting to have a normal life for once? She went to the door, knocking on it. "Saotome, you owe me for this, favor only, no cash. But if I find you kissing some girl, then your ass is mine." I can't believe I actually feel sorry for him.


The party was pretty nice. It was a large gathering, with many of the college students doing what they always did to relieve stress; they got drunk, and Nabiki and Ranma, after some protesting, was no exception. But the two got separated.

And that was when she found out how bad things could get at a party.

Four guys surrounded her, flirting with her and trying to get her to leave with them. The four were apparently soccer stars on the school team, and despite her objections, she wasn't being let go.

Then she saw Ranma. "Ranma, come here, I'd like you to meet some people."

Ranma came over, he walked as straight as ever, but she saw his face was slightly flushed. She ran to him, the guys seeing her friend. She ran up to him before leaning to his ear. She whispered "I am calling in the marker, follow my lead and don't say much." She led him back to the group. "Guys, this is my fiancée, Ranma Saotome. He's planning on coming here on a martial arts scholarship."

She then did something she never expected she'd do, hoping to blame it on the alcohol. Even Ranma, who was on the receiving end of it, didn't expect it, but went along with it, out of respect of what she'd asked of him, as well as the alcohol. She pulled him towards her and kissed him.

She didn't mean it to be so passionate, she didn't mean it to be so strong, but most of all she didn't expect to slip him the tongue. She didn't mean to wrap her arms around his neck, just as he didn't mean to wrap his hands around her waist.

But those idiots bought it and walked off, seeing that a hot girl was already taken, by a martial artist of all people, and they weren't in the mood to have their careers ended before they even graduated.

But the two spent a good five minutes kissing, placing as much passion into the kiss as either could. When they finally broke from it, she saw the guys had left. But despite that, she hung onto Ranma for the rest of the night, referring to him as her soon-to-be husband, even telling several girls that if she came here, her name would be Saotome instead of Tendo. Ranma for his part, stayed silent, answering questions when they were directly meant for him and only when Nabiki didn't butt in and answer them for him.

But even with the kiss for a warning, even with the way they had acted during the kiss, neither one of them stopped drinking. They continued so in fact, so changing from fiancées to passionate lovers, to the marriage simply being a formality to solidify their union.

And as they made their way back to the hotel room, both were referring to each other as "my sexy husband" and "my goddess wife".


She stirred in her bed, feeling warm, safe, and loved. She looked up, moving her head from her pillow to look at the clock, reading it as 5:17. She placed her head back down, feeling a small beat from her pillow, wishing she could stay where she was for the rest of her life. She felt safe, happy, contented for some reason.

And then it hit her, all the things she had done with him last night, as well as what had happened when they'd reached the hotel room. She opened her eyes as wide as she could; looking directly at her pillow, noticing it was Ranma's chest, his arm wrapped around her like a securing blanket. She slowly sat up, removing his arm so as not to wake him.

Oh my god, what have we done? What have I done?

She looked under the sheets, noticing that both her and Ranma were naked. Ok, maybe we got drunk and ended up in the same bed after stripping off our bed clothes. It could've happened.

But one feel around her crotch told her differently. No! No, please god, no!

She backed off the bed, running to the couch and pulling her legs to her naked chest. We didn't, we couldn't, I mean, he's engaged to my sister, I wouldn't have done that! I wouldn't do that with him, I mean, we are two different people, he isn't even my type. The guy has no potential to make any money, to support me the way I want to live.

So why, why would we have slept together.

Alcohol. A pen pal online once said if it wasn't for alcohol, half of our parents wouldn't have gotten together. (AN: My quote. And yes, my parents got together thanks to alcohol)

She stared at him for almost another hour, finally realizing that they only did what they did because they were drunk, because they had been putting on a show for those asshole soccer players. Neither one of them would have done it if they were sober.

So why do I feel so alone, like I finally found something wonderful only to have it slip away.

Must be the alcohol.

She quickly dressed, as well as placing some boxer shorts on Ranma, hoping to convince him it was a dream nothing more, that he had passed out on the bed and that Nabiki, not wanting to sleep in the same bed as him, slept on the couch. She would have to demand another favor from him when they awoke, as payment for him stealing her bed and forcing her to sleep on the sofa.

I only hope he's stupid enough to believe it. I won't be the reason those two break up.


He had awoken before her, getting a shower in. When he came out, he woke her up, telling her the shower was open and she should get a shower quickly, as they had only a few hours to catch the train back to Nerima. She had asked him what he remembered about last night.

The result: he apologized for kissing her, for slipping her the tongue, and begged her to forgive him.

He doesn't remember, he doesn't remember last night.

I should be mad because I always hoped that I would be unforgettable for my first time, for his first time.

But maybe I only remember because I woke up before the alcohol erased my memory. He didn't.

She forgave him, saying it was part of the favor to get rid of those guys, who she remembered had the shit kicked out of them once they tried to get someone else's girlfriend, and the guy, being friends with some other jocks, made the guys sorry about their little intimidation tactics.

But she also mentioned he owed her for taking the bed and making her sleep on the couch.

She went into the shower, silently crying, and feeling like she had let something wonderful slip through her fingers once again.


About a month later, she was throwing up in the morning, blaming it on some food she ate from the fridge, saying that Akane shouldn't put the leftovers that she tried to feed Ranma into the fridge. Even though this resulted in her hitting Ranma with her mallet, it was the only excuse that made sense at the time.

That was until someone had mentioned she was acting like she was pregnant.

And that was why she was here, in a fast food restaurant far away from anyone she knew in Nerima. She had to be certain that it was food poisoning, that she wasn't pregnant.

So she waited in the restroom, hoping against hope that that one night of drunken passion, that one night where she felt safe to open up and not be the Ice Queen of Furinkan High, was not the night she would regret for the rest of her life. She was hoping that in a few minutes, she would see a negative result on all of the tests and move on, grateful that the fates had been kind enough to let her sister marry the guy she loved, even if Akane didn't want to admit it.

When her watch went off, she slowly turned around and looked at the test, tears welling up in her eyes.

She didn't know whether to be sad or happy, whether to cry tears of joy or tears of sadness. She stared at one of the tests, as well as the two others she had taken as well; hoping that one would make certain she had nothing to fear.

But like Ranma, the fates were not kind to her.

The all three of the tests said the one thing she had not thought of that night, the one thing she never considered when she awoke to find out what she had done with Ranma.

But all three said the same thing.

She was pregnant.


Several families left the restaurant, after hearing the type of words coming out of some girl's mouth inside the women's restroom.


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