DC Elseworlds
Written by: djb21212

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the DC Comics superheroes.

Introduction: For my first story in the DC Comics continuum, I decided to go to a POV never done before. This is a one-shot POV done after the little-known Elseworlds "Superman: Distant Fires", involving the now-grown child of two certain superheroes. It does involve current continuity, in a sense, so don't send flames about "this would never happen" or something like that. To anyone who stays, enjoy and please review!

I can look out over the landscape of my adopted planet, Oa, in stark contrast to the world of my birth. There was so much peace here this time, so quiet now with the Imperiex War behind the heroes of this galaxy. Ganthet says that I spend too much time brooding out here. He only complains because I'd rather explore the rest of the sector than help tend to his reborn brethren and sisters. It's no small task, I'll admit that much. Still, my mind can't concentrate on that right now.

I think a lot about Earth, my true home. Not exactly the same Earth that Kyle Rayner, the current Green Lantern, calls his home. My own world was destroyed in a catastrophe of human design, an apocalypse that killed everything connected to my past... including my parents. I envy Kyle, since he can freely go back to his Earth if he wanted to; back to his friends, loved ones, and peers on the Justice League. He is, fortunately, unaware that I even exist. Good thing, since I would've had to answer some questions I'm not ready to answer yet. I came only a few days before he left to explore the stars. Ganthet recognized me for some reason, helping to make sure that my existence remained hidden for a while. The Guardians were always a strange bunch, very mysterious and cryptic, from what I remembered. For that, I'm grateful for his help.

At one time I wanted so badly to see my real parents, to let them know that I love them and thank them for saving my life. It was spared only at the expense of their own, something that any parent would do for a child they loved. I need to tell them "thank you" in my own way...

...but I can't. Ever.

I can't intrude into their lives just to get what I want. It's not fair to the lives they have here. I already know about Hypertime and the fact that my Earth may never end up being their future. It doesn't matter. It's long since gone anyway. The least I can do is help to protect them, even if they never know I exist.

I exist for them and because of them. That much I will always love them for.



Your son will always be here for you.

I am Bruce Jonathan Kent, a living "Paradox" also called by the name Green Lantern. This is the reason I exist... and why I will never exist...